We all know that person who can't stop themselves from screaming every time they're slightly startled. For YouTuber ViralHog, that person is his mother, and he decided to prove just how susceptible she is to fear by posting a supercut of him surprising her what feels like hundreds of delightful times.

Son Scares His Mom Again and Again || ViralHog youtu.be

For some people on Twitter, there's nothing more entertaining than a good scare.

Others, however, thought no one should ever scare their mother!

The argument surrounding the video raged on, even while thousands of people laughed over the clips.

YouTube: ViralHog

YouTube: ViralHog

YouTube: ViralHog

YouTube: ViralHog

Of course, this is far from the first video where a young person repeatedly shocks their parent.

LMAO: Guy Scares His Mom For Three Years Straight 😂😄😁 www.youtube.com

SCARE CAM MOM COMPILATION 2017 - Try Not To Laugh www.youtube.com

I Scared My Mom Every Day For a Month Straight youtu.be

If there's one thing the internet can't seem to get enough of, it's scaring each other. Sleep with one eye open, everybody.



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