At this point in life... what isn't scary?

I have a shock or two on the regular.

Whether it's that late night walk home alone or the thunder roar that can be heard from miles away; so many things can get the heart racing.

You hear on the news stories of stray dead bodies and people being chased by psychos.

At this point... why leave the house?

\RedditorMlltrwas hoping everyone would be willing to share some stories about the times they were left shooketh! They asked:

"What is the scariest thing you have experienced?"

What was that?!

poop woods GIF by WreckedGiphy

"Being out in the woods at night and hearing the noises some of the animals make can really raise your hackles."



"I got rear-ended stopped at a light on my motorcycle. I flew right over the guy that hit me, easily ten, fifteen feet in the air, and landed on my back. Watched my bike get smushed into a pancake between the car that hit me and the car in front of me. I was shocked at the amount of people that came out of their cars to ask if I was alright."

"It took me a while to get my breath back. Had to throw off my helmet, felt like a fish out of water. Something about the way the bike got crushed, and I realized I would most certainly not be alive had I not gotten thrown off the bike. The driver that hit me was on his phone."


Nothing is Possible

"Biking in the woods with my Dad. We stopped to rest at his request and he complained about chest pain. Then he lost consciousness and became unresponsive. He stopped breathing and I started CPR. We were about two miles into the trail and it was getting late. I called 911 and continued CPR with 911 on speaker. It took about 25 minutes for first responders to to find us."

"I continued CPR the entire time until EMS showed up, I didn't think I could continue I was getting so exhausted. It was by far the most afraid I've ever been. I felt alone and completely helpless, I even considered hoisting him on my bike and thought maybe I could run him out of the trail to find help. But realized that wasn't really possible."

"He didn't make it and it effected me for awhile afterwards. It was thought at the time he had a heart attack and the autopsy later confirmed it was. I'm at peace with it now. I gave him the best chance I could. I will never forget the complete and total helplessness I felt."



"I was in a motorcycle crash just last week and I’ve been trying to tell myself it wasn’t a big deal. A car turned on their left blinker and started to cross the yellow line, and began to pass on the right. They quickly swerved back to the right to instead take a right hand turn and I impacted their drivers side door and was thrown from the bike."

"It didn’t hit me how I could’ve died until the claim adjuster showed up a week later and pointed to damage points on the bike and where they had impacted the car. It was very lonely experience. The police never asked if I was okay, and neither did the bystanders. I felt so alone."



GIF by onmilwaukeeGiphy

"Coming face to face with a diamond back rattle snake when I was 11 years old. Climbing up on huge boulders in central Texas."


Snakes are a HARD NO! I would be out so fast!

Please Breathe

"This was also my answer to what was the happiest I have ever been. My son had a massive seizure and stopped breathing in the emergency room. The nurses had to 'bag' him for over an hour to keep him alive. When I finally heard him cry I was happier than I have words to explain."


That Night

"When I first moved into my new house in 2016, very night I would hear random bangs during the night. It horrified me but I just took the guess that it was my dog. Well one night at around 4am I hear a huge bang and then my door opening, see I have no freaking clue what it was so I pretend to be asleep and let it be."

"So after a few minutes my door closes and I run to grab my phone. As I'm walking across the house I go and look under the couch. Can you guess what I saw? A freaking chipmunk, I've been terrorized by a chipmunk for 3 months. Probably the scariest night of my life."


The Storm

"A tornado warning, I was only 12, But tornados terrified me, And still do, I remember my grandparents waking me up, They had known about the tornado before we did. And we apparently took a long time to actually wake up, my family was rushing around the house in a panic to grab clothes, shoes, pets etc."

"I also remember running to my grandma's house as it was the safest place we could get to in the storm, I wasn't dressed in very warm clothing. And tripped into a puddle of mud, So I was cold. Wet and afraid Luckily it passed us."


Fly High

"It wasn't scary at the time, but... I was on vacation in Greece, visiting family. We board a plane in Athens bound for JFK. Twas TWA flight 881. If you are not aware, the flight number is indicative of a route. Anyway, we land, disembark, get our luggage, hop on the BQE, then the GWB."

"Meanwhile, the airplane refueled, boarded new passengers, and it changed callsign... to TWA flight 800. We were somewhere in Jersey when it blew up over the long island sound. That same airplane we had just landed in... So... yeah. I hate flying now."


Denny's First


"East Tennessee Waffle House at 3 am."


Any Waffle House at anytime can bring about nightmares. This list is a mess.

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