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Life is really just a game of survivor, but not the reality series.

Being scared is a part of being alive. Being scared and living to tell about it.

Everyday occurrences can easily turn into a dance with death. Just try driving in Manhattan.

Redditor Luca_F123 wanted to hear about all the things and experiences that have left people shook to the core, by asking:

"People of Reddit, what’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you?"

Driving anywhere is a scary situation for me. Unless it's an empty city. Everyone acts like we're in Mad Max: Thunderdome.

50 Seconds

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"I worked at a credit union and got robbed. He jumped the counter and robbed me first then the other 3 people working. Scariest 50 seconds of my life." ~ green_eyedblonde_

The Doctor is in...

"Three months ago I went to the doctor for bloating and constipation. The symptoms had been coming and going over the previous two months and then finally getting progressively worse in the last couple weeks. One CT scan later, I learned I have advanced ovarian cancer. Terrifying statistics regarding prognosis. Living with gratitude everyday that I have access to excellent care and tons of loving support from family, friends, and neighbors." ~ thismagicalbeauty

Emergency Stomach Pain

"My wife was 30+ weeks pregnant when her stomach began to hurt to the point she really couldn’t talk. It was extremely intense pain. The hospital (one of the best in the world) had a difficult time figuring out what it was so they sent her down to imaging. By the time she came back to the room, they realized my wife and the baby were really starting to struggle."

"They did an emergency C section and realized most of my wife’s intestines were black and dead. It ended up being intestinal malrotation - My wife was apparently born with her intestines not fully anchored and supported so they were more prone to twist."

"We had no idea.Our baby passed away and my wife almost did. That was scary, still is. Especially if she gets a stomach ache it’s difficult not to think of the worst case scenario. Also losing a child is 'scary' so I guess I got two for this question - yay me." ~ SmokyToots37

'knew a guy'

"Was already on the worst date of my life with a barely coherent guy who smelled like he hadn’t showered in a week. I was dropping him off at his bike after a glass of wine at a fancy wine bar where he 'knew a guy' who wasn’t working that night, so guess who has two thumbs and paid for both drinks? 👍👍 this guy."

"Suddenly dude yells 'LOOK OUT!' and I slam the brakes. I missed getting demolished by inches by a speeding SUV blasting through a stop sign and across an arterial road at 70+ mph. I later found out that it crashed into someone’s house shortly thereafter. Anyways I was shaking like a leaf after that, that guy saved both our lives. Wish I could say it was a meet cute but I never saw him again." ~ SasquatchIsMyHomie

Head Gear

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"Getting hit by a car at 45mph and I was on a push bike no helmet or anything, and had a head on collision with it, massive head and brain injury, died once, brought back and here I am. The lesson is, always wear a helmet when on a bike." ~ MrBreaker187

Always have a helmet. Always be prepared. Well, as prepared as possible.

Get Down!

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"Being in a store when a tornado went directly over the store without touching down. I'll never forget that noise." ~ DeathSpiral321


"I was in bed when I heard a rustle. Looked around. Saw nothing. Lay back down. Heard a louder rustle. Looked around. Looked under the bed. Lay back down with my heart in my throat. Something large landed on my face and chest… it was the stupid poster over my bed. To this day I’m proud I didn’t soil myself." ~ hootyowlscissors

On the Intercoastal...

"I was snorkeling on the outside of an intercoastal in South Florida. I had no real experience doing it before. There's a big wall of rocks separating the area we were snorkeling and jet skiing in from ships and boats entering and exiting the intercoastal. We climbed up on the rocks for fun and I had to take off my flippers to do so."

"I jumped into the intercoastal area and without my flippers on, I was instantly sucked out into the middle of the intercoastal as a cruise ship was coming through. The details about how close I was to getting hit and exactly how much danger I was in are a bit blurry. But I absolutely thought to myself I could die right now. My friends dad swooped in on his jet ski and saved me." ~ ClockNo4364

Outside the Restroom...

"Back in university I went to the restroom. When I came out there was this guy I’d never seen before waiting in the hall by the women’s restroom. He started talking to me as if he knew me and kept asking for help on a specific assignment. I kept telling him that I wasn’t in that class while trying to get away."

"Every time I took a step to the side to walk past him he would block me and walk towards me, cornering me back into the bathroom with every step. Even though it was broad daylight, I was terrified and I could tell by his demeanor that something wasn’t right."

"My back was to the bathroom door when he began to pull something out of his backpack. I never saw what it was because at that very moment another guy walked past and asked if everything was alright and the first guy left very quickly." ~pocky-town

Oh Hell No!

"One I was about to have a shower and looked in the mirror then I saw that absolute massive huntsman in the reflection. Like so big I could see each of its eyes from decently far away." ~ a_singular_fish

See, I always knew spiders were minions of the devil. Them and palmetto bugs.

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