People Reveal The Scariest Thing That's Happened To Them In Someone Else's House


Being at someone else's house can be uncomfortable enough, even when there isn't anything particularly creepy going on.

Add in the mix of different family customs, cultural differences, and just being somewhere new, and you can end up with a pretty off-putting situation. Also, people are just weird, and that's bound to turn into some misunderstandings.

Reddit user PhoenixScribe asked:

"What's the scariest thing that happened to you at someone else's house?"


I once spent the night at a friend's house. His drunken uncle shook me awake and then my friend as well with all the noise he was making. I opened my eyes starlted to see a gun to my face and he demanding who the F I was. I was scared speechless and just looked at my friend hoping he'd chip in for me. He did. He said, "Uncle! That's my friend! Chill! Uncle! That's my friend!" His uncle then put it down and just walked away as if nothing had happened. He was drunk...


Unexpected Gifts

I was at this strangers house to give him some money for accidentally hitting him on his bike (I was also on a bike), and the first thing I notice is that his house is really dark. Not in that his lights weren't on; his house didn't have lights at all. No ceiling lights or lamps or anything. Homeboy legit used a flashlight around his own house to get around and find things

Next thing I know, this guy who I've spoken maybe 100 words or less to is showing me a straight up two handed sword and matching dagger that are both RAZOR SHARP. This is one of those people who have a harder time being quiet than thinking of things to say, and next thing you know I've been into every room in his place and met his pet parrot the size of a f*cking eagle.

The reason I was there in the first place was to replace a handmade Italian seat for his bike, and he ended up giving me: a pair of $30 gloves, the old gloves that got a few scratches on them when I hit him, 5-10 high end protein/power bars, and a glass of strawberry lemonade. Definitely a strange experience.

- ErrorNumber3437

Stay Still

The first time meeting my boyfriend's family, who live in another country, we stayed in his old attic bedroom. In the middle of the night, he reaches over and shakes me awake. "Huh?" I mumble and he says, "shhh... be very still...I think there is someone else in the house." I lay motionless, thinking that someone has broken in and I'm about to be psycho murdered. Listening to the sounds of the old creaky attic, convinced every gust of wind is a foot step. He puts his arm around my head, covering my ears. I don't move for hours in fear... until I hear him snoring.

And that was the night I discovered, for the first time, he talks in his sleep.



I was watching a friends kids when I was in the Army. I was crashed out on the couch early one morning when the door flung open and 3 kids that didn't live there entered the house, the one in front had a gun.

They were making a b line for the kids bedrooms and had not noticed me on the couch.
Scared as sh*t but not gonna let them just kill the kids I was watching I jumped up and barreled into the lead kid and took the gun.

There was screaming and the kids I was watching came running out into the front room.
Turns out it was a BB gun, the kid with the gun had just received it as a gift and wanted to show the kids I was watching. The visiting kids had been told by the resident kids that their rents were away for the weekend so they just bardged in.
Of note they were all like 13 so it wasn't exactly hard to take the BB gun, still scared she sh*t out of me.


Just A Small Leak 

I was house sitting for an aunt of mine while she was on holiday - she told me there was a leak in the lounge area but it was fixed, so if there were any issues to let her know.

A massive storm happened a couple nights in. I heard some trickling in the early hours so I went to go check that there wasn't a leak.

The entire wall was flooding with water, like an actual waterfall. Turns out the spouting was blocked and the water was just forcing its way through the cracks in the wall.

I knew it wasn't my fault, but it was so terrifying watching someone's house fall apart on your watch, just piling towels on the floor and shifting furniture to keep everything dry.



I was 11yo and at my friend's house, his parents and all of his siblings were home. Everyone but his dad was in the front room of the house. His dad was doing yard work in the backyard. I got up to go to the bathroom, and while passing the backdoor saw that my friend's dad was on a ladder with an electric tree trimmer. Before I looked away and continued on, his dad fell off the top rung of the ladder and crashed *hard* on the ground. The tree trimmer was still somehow on and landed next to his body. The trimmer was going full horror movie and slowly moving towards him and he was not getting up. I'm the only one who saw this happen. So I yelled, "Friend, Friend's mom! Your dad fell, come quick!", and ran outside to pick the trimmer up and move it away. By the time I turned it off and started focusing on him, everyone else was outside. We helped him up, the mom took him to the hospital for back pain and a mild concussion, the older siblings watched us while they were gone, and everyone was very thankful I had to pee.


Why Did She Have A Sword?

I was 18 and my friend and I were alone at her house. Her parents were going through a nasty divorce and her dad (who had anger problems) was not allowed to come near the house because the mom had a restraining order. He ended up banging on the door and trying to break in since he knew the mom wasn't home. We hid in my friend's room with a samurai sword while she called her mom to come home.



A friend was doing some long-term house sitting, and invited me over to hang (the owners were aware and okay with this). We went down into the basement, since that's where the TV was. We got about halfway down the stairs, and see this *thing* sitting on a shelf. It was about the size of a small dog, and kind of fuzzy. It didn't look alive, but the prospect of a dead thing was even worse. We noped out and went back upstairs to watch Netflix on the laptop instead.

About a week later, my friend texted me. The thing was a mushroom garden that they'd put down there and apparently completely forgotten about.


Ugh, Bloody Mary

This happened when I was like 8. I went over to this girl's house, really liked her. Her older brother told us about "Bloody Marry", and she was ecstatic to try and summon her, so she asked me to come with her, and of course I said yeah. So we go in there, turn off the lights, shut the door, she starts chanting it, and the brother starts pounding on the door, screaming. When we tried to open the door, it was locked, and he kept pounding and screaming "OH GOD SHE'S GOT A KNIFE HELP!"

After like a while he finally let us out, laughing his a** off. Mirrors f*cking scared the sh*t out of me until I was 16. And I am still wary of them to this day.

Gotta Love Jersey 

My cousin brings me to his friends house. We all hang out in the basement, my cousin forgets his cigarettes and asks if I can grab them from his car outside. I think nothing of it, go grab the cigs and start making my way back to the house. I walk in the house by myself when I run into the friends dad. This guys father (who I've never met) just looks me up and down & goes "WHO THE F*CK ARE YOU! WHY ARE YOU IN MY HOUSE!".

Mind you we're in New Jersey and this is an Italian guido family, so I'm basically getting yelled at by discount Tony Soprano. This guys flipping out and I'm scared sh*tless, until my cousin comes storming upstairs and clears everything up. All my cousin had to say was, "Frank this is my cousin" and just like that, crisis averted. Love you, New Jersey.


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