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People Reveal The Scariest Person They've Ever Met

Reddit user sludge_factory_777 asked: 'Who is the scariest person you have ever met?'

Content Warning: True Crime Topics

It's hard to know what's going on in someone's head without having their mind ourselves, but we can make assumptions based on how they behave.

Some people have a serious vibe about them that other people know better than to mess with, with some of those vibes downright terrifying.

Redditor sludge_factory_777 asked:

"Who is the scariest person you have ever met?"

Jail Besties

"I got a DUI back in 2009 and was taken to the Placer County drunk tank. A guy with tattoos all over his face approached me..."

"He wanted to offer me his roll of toilet paper for a pillow. He introduced himself as the 'Sac City Psycho,' and he told me he would watch over me to make sure nobody f**ked with me, because he could tell I did not have much experience in jail."

"Now looking back on it, I guess for a few hours there, I was his b***h."

"Super nice guy, though. I 10 out of 10 would be his b***h again."

- NagoGmo

Innocent Until Feeling the Vibes

"I did an internship at a jail and met a dude awaiting trial on a triple homicide."

"The guy just had that vibe around him that just made you feel uncomfortable. Just being in his presence, you could feel the air change around you."

"Everyone in that room felt and respected it."

- throughthequad

The Magnetic Personality Type

"I once did one of those corporate mock jury panels. The little scientist analytics guy came out halfway through to shoot the breeze and holy h**l, I never understood what people meant by having a magnetic personality until then."

"We were clamoring over this dude. It was completely involuntary. He asked me a question and it was an out-of-body experience watching myself act like a golden retriever."

"I was so freaked out that I avoided him like the plague the rest of the panel. Nice dude. Seemed chill, but he could have started a cult with a snap of his fingers. Absolutely terrifying."

- Bridge-etti

Top-Notch Security

"I once as a medical student was doing a rotation in the state mental prison. We had to do a basic physical on this guy."

"There was a chair in the middle of the room, bolted to the floor. He had cuffs on his wrists and feet secured to the chair. Nine guards were in the room surrounding us, not more than five feet from the chair in a circle."

"He was off, just not there, and didn't want to cooperate. He looked at me, saw my coat, and said, 'That guy is from the university. I want to talk to him.'"

"I still don't know what he had done, but after a few months of the rotation, no one else had that degree of security for medical visits. No one else was even close."

- rykh7

Biker Aesthetic

"My cousin. He's a high-ranking member of a pretty well-known one-percent motorcycle club. The dude stands maybe five feet, seven inches tall, and he is of average build. He has no visible tattoos and is super soft-spoken."

"Everything about him says he should be a banker, not a biker. I have never seen him even raise his voice once but that dude scares the absolute s**t out of me. He gives off strong psycho energy."

- SignificantFix8218

Scary Dude with a Big Heart

"I live in New Mexico and met 'Big Dragon' from 'Beyond Scared Straight.' He does outreach like that with troubled kids."

"I was working as a teacher at YDDC, and they brought him down. The dude is no joke."

"I shook his hand, and you could just tell, the only reason he was not killing people was he didn't want to, because if he did, the guards would have not been able to do anything about it."

- Soundwave-1976

Murderous Besties

"I got arrested for public intoxication in the mid-to-late 90's and was put in a normal cell because the drunk tank was full. About ten minutes later, I was woken up and hastily moved to an adjoining cell."

"I visited with the guy in the first cell I was in for a few hours. When I was bailed out, I bumped knuckles with Gary, the guy in the second cell, and left."

"I later found out he was Gary Kleypas, and he was being held on first-degree murder... of a college student."

- TheJonnieP

Completely Out of Place

​"I was working at a bar in a pretty small town when we had a drifter come in on a random midweek night. The second he walked through the door, everyone I worked with and was at the bar said they felt cold."

"The dude had incredibly sunken eyes, pale white skin, dingy dirty hair, and visibly sharp-looking teeth. If I were to explain what a mako shark as a human would be, that’s this guy."

"He said he was passing through and was looking for 'stuff ordinary people can’t find' and then proceeded to show photos on his phone of odd areas he had been to previously. Nothing was off about the photos, but everyone I saw gave me more chills."

"Nothing was happening, no one was there, but everything had this feeling of 'I’m not supposed to be here.'"

" The dude left and asked me to follow him on Instagram, which I did. He posted last a few years ago up in Jackson Hole and said he’d be staying off for a while. Odd dude. We all were quite relieved when his cab showed up."

- Expensive_Change_893

The Doll Whisperer

"My grandpa's second wife, Angie. She was a hateful woman. I don't believe in people being 100% anything, but she was pure evil."

"She had a collection of porcelain dolls in a corner of their house when I was very young, and she would always try to talk to me through them, giving each of them their own creepy voices. One time, I touched a Pillsbury dough boy figure on her shelf, and she swatted my hand with a metal ruler."

"She was in her 70s when I was a young kid, and I'm 30 now. I heard from my aunt that she's still alive somewhere near where she lived with my grandpa (which makes me believe she is some kind of hag witch) and that she's committed insurance fraud, like, a lot."

- LepreConArtist

Constant High-Alert

​"I was at a bar and this guy walked in and immediately it felt like I was on alert. My spine turned to ice when I saw his eyes look at me, they were almost sunken into his face as if he was peeking out from behind a portrait. He moved like a cat stalking prey."

"Over time, he made his way over to me and made polite conversation, but his words felt disjointed, almost like he was translating them before speaking them. There was nothing aggressive or insulting about anything he was doing."

"In fact, he was quite polite. but everything about this guy was setting off every nerve I had. He was even smiling through most of it, but it felt as if his lips were stapled back."

- Cyanora

Reverse 'Breaking Bad'

"When I was pretty young, I was hanging out with an older friend, and I found out one of her close friends from school became a high-ranking member of a cartel. He got cancer and was allowed to sort of 'retire' from the cartel to spend the last few years with his family."

"I met him at a party of hers...He was very polite, but I had no intention of spending more time around him!"

- xain_the_id**t

Soldier Vibes

"A dude who hung out with a friend of mine back in the 1980s was a Vietnam vet, one of the advance forces guys or whatever they called them."

"He looked like he could bite the top off of a fire hydrant."

- Earthling1a

A Good Egg. Or Rock.

​"A p**sed off Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson."

"Let me explain A few years ago, I was part of a charity event with Power of Pain (a family friend who I call my aunt, Barby, owns the charity for neuropathy and other immune disorders), and funnily enough, we somehow got Dwayne Johnson as a guest (we had contacted him but didn't expect him to actually come)."

"He was a f**king great guy. Honestly, best f**king dude in the world."

"Anyway, after the event, a lot of us went to a Denny's down the road to celebrate, not expecting him to be there, though he was invited. He showed up like 20 minutes after we all got there and he was having a blast hanging out eating Pancakes."

"Unbeknownst to the rest of us, there was a domestic dispute across the Dennys, a couple who seemed like they were about to break up, but more like the guy was just an abusive a**hole screaming at his girlfriend the whole time and her just in tears."

"Dwayne caught wind of what was going on, stood up, put on his 'Rock' persona, and had a f**king screaming match with this guy. The guy was just receding further and further into his shell and eventually he just f**king left."

"Dwayne paid the girl's bill, helped her stop crying, and walked her out to her car. He then came back in with a smile and continued having a good night and finished his Pancakes."

"He's a beautiful, kind-hearted man, but if you p**s him off, he WILL make you s**t yourself. Remember, they call him 'The Rock' for a reason."

"Best night of my life. Moral of the story: Be nice to people, because if you're not, you may find yourself in a situation you just can't win."

- Ok_Experience_6877

It's easy to see how these are the people that Redditors viewed as the scariest and most intimidating people that they had met. Even if a person hasn't done terrible things, sometimes people just have a vibe about them that makes you think they have the potential, or at least the power.

You're Dead To Me: Why People Killed Off A Friendship With Their Bestie

Reddit user No_Dependent4663 asked: 'People who fell out with their best/close friend, what killed it?'

Silhouette of a man anda woman having an argument
Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

Having a best friend doesn't always mean we see eye to eye with them.

Indeed, every now and again we find ourselves having a possibly fundamental difference with them.

Sometimes, we can let these differences and disagreements go with a deep breath, other times, letting things slide isn't so easy.

In the most extreme cases, it could even lead to the first person we call when we're feeling down being cut from our life completely.

Redditor No_Dependent4663 was curious to hear from people who cut ties with their best friend, and what led them to do it, asking:

"People who fell out with their best/close friend, what killed it?"

Wasn't There When They Needed Them...

"Friends for 20 years."

"Helped her with rides, money, cloths ect."

"The first time I asked her for anything was after my husband had brain surgery and needed meds the local pharmacy didn't have."

"I couldn't leave him alone and could not take him with me so I asked her to watch him for an hour."

"She said no she wanted to go to the store with her bf."

"I never talked to her again."

"And thank goodness she didn't have the balls to show up to my husband's funeral."- softshoulder313

Ignoring The Warnings...

"Well it ended but was repaired."

"She got into a relationship with a walking red flag, and I told her as much."

"Things kept getting worse with him until I wasn’t able to watch it anymore."

"Then he convinced her that I was the toxic one and trying to control her so she didn’t want to be friends anymore."

"I said I respected her decision to choose him over me, but please don’t delete my number and to call me when it came time to run."

"She did and she’s out, learned from it, and we’re friends again."- Successful-Snow-562

...Goes Both Ways

"She warned me about my fiancé at the time, now ex-wife, and I didn't listen to her."

"My fiancé didn't like that and told me to pick her or my friend."

"I picked my fiancé and then she eventually cheated on me multiple times including while we had an infant at home."

"Never been more wrong in my life."- thegodfaubel

Ink On Their Face...

"I worked with them."

"They were very lazy and constantly started drama between myself and our coworkers."

"Lost pretty much all the respect I had for them."- AmericanTitan07

Who Knows?

"Nothing at all, and that is the saddest part."

"No big fight, no disagreement, no nothing."

"One day they met their now spouse and suddenly that was it."

"Since then radio silence."- Showfina

"I have no idea, but she stopped responding to texts or reaching out."- wei-ohara

Sensing A Spouse/Partner Theme...

"Best friends for 12 years."

"She was a complete bridezilla."

'Long story short, I was maid of honor and was expected to pay for multiple showers, ended up paying for part of her dress, and was asked to plan/pay for the entire bachelorette trip."

"I was in the process of building a house so I said no to the parties and trip (paying not planning/attending) and was swiftly booted from the wedding."

"Funny part was, the guy had been cheating on her and she knew and told me she was gonna leave him."

"She didn’t."

"She cheated on him back."

"He found out while I was with them, they broke up."

"Couple weeks later I got a call they were engaged."

"So bizarre."- accomplishedswan44

Were They Ever A Friend?

"Realizing that he was a shit friend who saw me as lesser than him, and he used that as justification to try and completely control my life."- yeetgodmcnechass

Lack Of Quid Pro Quo

"I cared more about the relationship than she did."

"I’m not gonna beg anyone to be my friend."- Superkittymeowmeow

Making Life A Competition

"My son was delayed."

"Hers was not."

"Her son was roughly a year younger and there were constant snide comments about how much sooner her son hit milestones than mine did."

"I gave her the benefit of the doubt that maybe she didn't mean it the way it came across and I was just touchy."

"And then she called my 2 year old stupid because he was mostly nonverbal."

"She got told to f*ck off."- TransportationOk4914

Absence Did Not Make The Heart Grow Fonder...

"They moved and stopped putting any effort into the relationship whatsoever."

"I offered to go there, I offered to fly them here (they hadn’t secured work yet) and they never made time."

"They never reached out."

"When I finally wrote and said it seemed apparent they’d lost interest in the relationship and I respected that but needed to move on rather than wait indefinitely, they refused to acknowledge anything had changed, and told me I sounded crazy."

"I asked why I hadn’t heard from them or seen them in a year and a half."

"No response."

"Reality is subjective, as they say."- testcase_sincere

Couldn't Meet Their Standards...

"She literally turned into her mother, only caring about appearances."

"At 23."

"I couldn’t take the judgment anymore."- Obi1NotWan

Wanted To Be More Than Friends

"We were best friends in high school."

"I moved in with him in 2015 because I needed a place to stay, and his father offered to let me rent out a spare bedroom for super cheap."

"Within five months, my friend made a romantic/sexual pass at me."

"I was not interested."

"I left that night and have never looked back."- allycatraz

They say to err is human, to forgive is divine.

But sometimes, the only way to forgive someone who hurt or betrayed you more than you thought was possible, is to let go, and move on.

As much as we know about the world around us, we can't know everything. This is especially true when we think about a field or profession we're not directly involved in or with,

The film industry is a good example. Unless we're directly involved, we really know nothing about what it's like to make movies. How much of that computer hacking scene is based in reality? Is that a real disease? Did the actor do that entire stunt himself, or was there a stunt double helping?

Reddit is full of professionals who know the secrets of their industries and are ready to share.

It all started when Redditor pocketcrackers asked:

"What fact is common knowledge in your field, but almost unknown to the rest of the population?"

Let's Get Out Of Here!

"People almost always try to exit through the same door they entered. In a crowded venue ALWAYS take a second to find your exit and then find a second exit. Mark them in your brain just in case. In an emergency most of the crowd is going to go for the main door they came in through. Knowing where another exit is can save your life."

– Spiritual_Worth

Be Aware Of Symptoms

"UTIs will often cause confusion in people over 70."

– silly-billy-goat

"I work in the mental health field. Often I’m told a loved one has dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc. I will ask about symptom onset and they’ll say “a couple days” or something similar. A round of antibiotics later and the loved one is usually back to their baseline. UTIs in older folks are wild."

– ChicagoOwls

Stronger Than You Think

"When you're taking Imodium you're actually taking an opioid. But it's designed to only interact with the opioid receptors in your digestive tract to slow down your intestines. Scientists were like hey. You know that anti-diarrhea medication heroin? Well what if we made a version of that without the pesky side effects of getting you high?"

– NotMyDogPaul

Come On, Stand

"Your calf muscles act as a pump for your lymph fluid, which is basically the garbage pick-up and immunity doordash of your body. Without flexing your calf, the fluid has no way of moving against gravity. Each time we walk, the muscles contract, squeezing the fluid back up towards the core for processing.That's why sitting for long periods causes swelling in the legs."

– Orange-Enough

If We Could Only Speed Up...

"Trucker here and we don't want to be anywhere near you either."

"Go around or stay back don't just ride right beside us. We can't see you very well when you are beside us and if sh*t happens you're gonna go splat."

"It is very very very rare that any driver wants to slow you down it's not like we get our rocks off on making you late. We work extremely long hours on very little sleep and we just wanna get where we are going without getting in an accident and killing someone."

"Trust me if we could go faster we damn sure would."

"Also if you give us the fist pump to honk our horn you just made our whole week. That's one of the greatest joys in a truckers life."

"Be safe out there!!"

– MissPatricia024

Not Your Fault

"Bed bugs don’t make you a nasty person with a nasty home. An infestation isn’t due to a sanitation issue. They’re an imported pest, which means they hitched a ride on something you brought into the house. Usually luggage or furniture."

– LosPetty1992

Real Or Not Real

"In any given nature documentary, the protagonist animal you’re rooting for is ‘played’ by several different ‘actors’ - i.e. that one brown bear’s story is patched together from footage of a bunch of different bears. And in about 90% of the ‘animal reacting’ shots they’re reacting to the camera crew. Nature documentaries are heavily constructed."

– BootsyRootsy

"Also all those amazing closeups of bugs and small critters burrowing and stuff are done on a set in a studio."

"Honestly, when you learn about all the work that goes into creating such a documentary, it's even more impressive."

– donkeyhawt

"I refuse to believe that one iguana running from all those snakes was multiple iguanas. Little man (woman?) ran its little heart out and earned its place in this world!"

– nozer12168

Gathering Info

"The point of most loyalty programs isn't to give you points so you'll shop more (though that isn't a bad thing) it's to gather data (i.e. where do you shop, how often, how much do you buy there, what sort of things at what price points, etc etc.). For us marketing types, data is king (even small things like if a cashier asks for your zip code)."


Grey's Anatomy Lied

"When a person “flat lines” you cannot shock them out of it."

– unassumingtoaster

"Chest compressions!! Chest compressions!! Chest compressions!!"

"- Dr. Mike"

– thedanishgirl02

The Movies Also Lied

"Movie hacking: "I've decrypted the firewall and begun a brute force method on the internal systems, but they have a quantum lock on the googleplex, I'll be sure to upload a dinglehopper and slay the Jabberwocky.""

"Real hacking: "I called a random employee and pretended to be IT, they gave me admin privileges in 5 minutes.""

– wererat2000


"When I worked as a barista: how much f**king syrup is in flavored drinks. At the cafe I worked at, we measured flavoring by grams. If you got a large mocha, that motherf**ker would have like 110 grams of chocolate sauce in it."

"If you want a little bit of flavor, I suggest only 1 pump. 2 max."

– miss_queeferson

Verify, Don't Trust

"Historian here: everything you read, regardless of source, has the biases of whoever wrote it woven throughout. I will tell a much different account of a Roman Battle if I am a Roman citizen than if I am a Gaul. Same goes for modern times, I will tell a much different account of an event as a liberal woman than if I was a conservative man. That's why checking and vetting sources is our biggest advice, remember the context that the author is writing from when you're reading!"

– Chutzpah3

"The world runs on MS Excel."

– Boulavogue

How very true!

Do you have any tea to spill? Let us know in the comment below.

A blonde woman with sunglasses poses into the camera against a red background
Photo by Daria Volkova

One day with a celebrity.

How could that not be a good time?

To be able to spend one entire duration of 24 hours with one of the people who inspires you most is a memory you take to the grave.

So if given the chance, how do you pick?

Is there that ONE person, or are there several?

It may be hard to pick just one.

Redditor Beneficial-Course69 wanted to hear about how everyone would share time with their favorite famous person, so they asked:

"You have one day to spend with one celebrity of your choice. Who do you choose and what will you do?"


Dear Adele... if you're listening...

You and me... and gelato.

Well that is for starters.

Let's Pump

arnold schwarzenegger vintage GIF by Okkult Motion PicturesGiphy

"Arnold Schwarzenegger, we'll go to a gym and he's gonna teach me how to really do everything properly. Then go over to his place and watch 'Predator' or something."


He's Nice

"Paul Rudd and I play disc golf."


"I was thinking Paul Rudd too because he seems nice and easy to talk to."


"This but Ryan Reynolds dressed as Deadpool."


One Wish

"I don't really go into celeb culture."

"But I want to be with Robin Williams. Just bring him back for a day and let him decide what he wants to do... He was just the voice of my childhood and teens. His shows and voice were always on replay."

"If he wants to just talk about his life, or go surfing (I can't surf) or go bicycling (I can't cycle). I'll be cool with it. RIP Robin, you will always be Genie."


It's You!

"Bruce Campbell. It doesn’t matter what we are doing. It’s Bruce Campbell!"


"One magic evening about a decade ago, me and several friends attended a conference in Southern Oregon. We were out at a local Oasis, and frankly, throwing down. After a few rounds, the door opens with a flood of light into the dark bar. A shadow fills the door, then comes into focus."

"Because it could not possibly be Bruce Campbell walking into a bar I'm getting s**t-faced at, I say 'Hey, it's Bruce Campbell' he walks by, makes eye contact, and gives me the 'sup nod. It's actually Bruce. He lives nearby. My drunk starstruck a** is stunned into silence. He gets a table with some women he comes in with. I try to play it cool, but I'm sure my furtive glances are noticed."

"My group continues pounding drinks and somehow manages to leave him alone. I wish I could tell you he came over and partied with us, but the truth is he left after 90 minutes, as he probably recognized the vibe was going to shift to him at some point. I didn't slobber on him, and that's probably for the best. My wife saved the progressively drunker voicemails I left about seeing 'brooscamblll.' Fun time."


Ride High

Love You GIF by SkyGiphy

"Keanu Reeves, we'll go motorcycling."


"Keanu was my pick too, but since I don't know how to ride a motorcycle, I figured we'd just go do something good like go volunteer at one of those pet adoption events or give people free ice cream or something."


Long live Keanu.

We love you Keanu.

Does it Fit?

Happy Jeff Goldblum GIF by Apartments.comGiphy

"Clothes shopping with Jeff Goldblum. I can imagine he'd be so positive and share his style too so overall would be a great hang."


In the Track

"David Gilmour (Pink Floyd). Would love to sit and talk and play guitar. He’d teach me some stuff. Now that would be a great day."


"I was Gilmour in a decently popular Floyd tribute band. We played Shine On You Crazy Diamond as our opener every night. I can substitute for him in a pinch if you don’t hear from him. In all seriousness, no one else sits 'in the track' as far as spatial awareness and attack as Gilmour has. Ever."

"We can talk about Clapton, page, and Jimi soaring above the mix and right in your face, but no one ever knows exactly when to play, what and how to play like David. His genius is in the spaces. It took so long to realize that gear isn’t going to get the job done alone."



"Chase Utley. I feel like I can call him Chase because he and I are so alike. I'd like to meet him one day, it would be great to have a catch. I know I can't throw as fast as him but I think he’d be impressed with my speed. I love his hair, he runs fast. Did he have a good relationship with his father? Me neither."

"These are all things we can talk about and more. I know he hasn’t been getting my letters because I know he would write back if he did. I hope he writes back this time, and we can become good friends. I am sure our relationship would be a real homerun!"



"Bryan Cranston. We spent the day with him pretending to be my dad. He makes me breakfast. We play catch, and some board games, ice cream for lunch, and go on rides at West Edmonton Mall. Pizza for dinner. Then get drunk on shots at a dive bar where we swap work stories. It ends with him telling me he's proud of me then we never speak of it again to anyone. We are both old men so it will be ridiculous."


Just Hanging

Happy Stephen Colbert GIF by The Late Show With Stephen ColbertGiphy

"Pedro Pascal. I wanna take him hiking. I don't know why, he just seems like he'd be a fun hiking buddy. Then we can hit a diner in the middle of nowhere and have the best food of our lives because an old lady runs the place and uses all her family recipes."


Pedro is the future.

Who wouldn't want to spend the day with him?

Well, dear readers, who would you want to spend the day with?

Woman at peace with her hand over her heart
Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

Let's be honest: We're all human here, and we all have our limits for how much we can take.

At some point, something will happen where we'll say, "That's it! I'm out!" But for some people, there will be something that will happen that will lead them to feel that way about... everything.

Curious how others felt, Redditor 33-9 asked:

"What age did you stop giving a f**k, and what situation triggered it?"

An Eye-Opening Moment

"Age 56."

"I had a heart attack with greater than 95 percent blockage. I was a dead man walking."

"Every day is a gift now. I refuse to get stressed."

- graibeard

Putting Themselves First

"Age 37."

"I finally pulled my head out of my @ss and realized that I need to put me first, and not be concerned about what others think of the things I say or do."

"All relationships with others are voluntary and conditional, so don't sacrifice yourself to preserve any of them."

"For context, I am currently 37."

- Macbookaroniandchez

Life-Risking Priorities

"Age 16."

"I overdosed at a kickback, and nobody called for help because they were scared of getting in trouble, making it clear that, ultimately, nobody gives a f**k about you or anything you do! They only care about themselves!"

- angelicaaf

Never the Same Again

"Age 24."

"My dad died, and I stopped caring about anyone’s opinion of me and my life after he passed."

- littlegremlinsparky

No Growth Mindset

"The biggest thing for me is people seeing you in the same light forever despite any changes or personal growth. It makes it difficult to actually take their opinion seriously."

- avidpretender

No Work-Life Balance

"Age 24…"

"My boss at the time asked me if I was coming into work the day after I had an emergency major abdominal surgery."

"I quit the day I was released by doctors to come back."

- TheWhiteSheep3

A Very Sci-Fi Take

"I had the strange epiphany at 24 or 25 years old that everyone I encounter on a daily basis is just a meat suit that’s gonna die someday. Including mine. I drastically stopped giving a f**k about what people thought about me and my life after that."

- Ahungryhippopotamus

On the Bonus Level

"Age 58."

"I got the virus during the pandemic. I was in the hospital for 85 days. The doctors told my brother to prepare for my death."

"I'm living my bonus life. I did a lot of traveling the year after when I regained most of my health. I still get winded easily. I don't worry what strangers think when I dress like a slob. I don't let comments from strangers online bother me anymore."

"I'm direct with friends when they disrespect me rather than fret about it. I'm trying to be more kind and patient with others."

"A positive attitude helped me overcome that virus."

- Adventurous-Sell9358

Cannot Keep Up the Charade

"It's hard to pin down because it happened so gradually. I can say that I was in my 40s when I started losing my ability to pretend to give a f**k, though."

- Salarian_American

A Coping Mechanism

"Like, I don't know, maybe 10 or 11 years old."

"As soon as I moved on from primary school, my mom doubled down on controlling everything about me and forced me to do all this work and sign on for s**t I didn't want to participate in, and I used apathy as a coping mechanism and haven't looked back since."

"Since she punished me for everything I did, I might as well become immune to the punishment and everything else along with it."

- 4rtiphi5hal

Prioritizing the Baby's Happiness

​"When I had my baby."

"I’d never wear a one-piece because I thought I wouldn’t look nice, but then I took her swimming and wore it, and I didn’t give a s**t because the swimming made her happy."

"I didn’t smile too much before because of my teeth, but I do now constantly because my smiling makes her smile."

"A lot of things I used to be self-conscious about, I don’t have the time or worry for."

- MaccasDriveThru

Imposter Syndrome: Over

"Age 48."

"I gave a talk at a conference, and all my imposter syndrome evaporated. And since then, I have no f**ks left to give. Just doing my thing."

- flamingofast

Them Against the World

"Three days ago. I got married."

"I worried too much about the wedding and the people in it but in the middle of it, I was just focusing on my wife being happy, so I gave no f**ks about what other people thought."

"It was our day, and I'm keeping this mentality up forever. It's her and me. That's it."

- CaseVirtual

No F**ks From Birth

"I don't know if I ever gave a f**k. I’m a very no f**ks person."

"I think my mom tells this story when I was five, I said something like, 'Why does that matter? We all gonna die anyway.' She was kind of concerned that her five-year-old looked at life that way."

"However, life is too short to give any f**ks."

- MadamFutureWhatEver

Just Not Worth It

"Various points between ages 17 and 19."

"People around me would criticize me for the dumbest things and/or things they also did, and I realized that for all the things they do to make my life harder, I only bent further backward to avoid problems."

"I could use some restored faith in humanity. But for now, while I look for that, if someone wants to mess with me, they have proven themselves unworthy of my energy. Screw them and their screwed-up, self-centered worldviews."

"Maybe someday I’ll find some genuinely good people who don’t give me panic attacks or cross boundaries on purpose. They have to be out there. I hope I can find them."

- AutisticAcademic

We've all had those moments of feeling like, "I have no f**ks left to give," but in some cases, it can feel like that applies to literally everything.

We can totally understand how these Redditors saw these as turning moments, and for many of them, it was overwhelmingly for the better.

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