Savvy People Reveal What Seems Worth Buying But Isn't

It can be hard to decide the best way to spend our money (especially for those of us who have especially limited funds). There are lots of things that seem like a great investment at first glance, but turn out to be totally useless once you have them.

Anything in the "As Seen On TV" section is likely a bust, no matter how many minutes you think that egg cracker will save you in your morning routine (hint: it won't save you any time because you will most likely still end up picking shell pieces out of your eggs).

Reddit user Tyyyyyyyyyym asked:

"What's something that seems worth buying, but really isn't?"

They Just Need To Look Nice

Expensive wedding centerpieces. The best advice I got from some bridesmaids who had been through some shit was "No one cares about your centerpieces. No one will say a thing, Don't spend your money there." I think in total I ended up spending $300 on centerpieces. Floating Candles, thrifted florist cylindrical varies, and fake flowers on branches. Combine, add water, light candle. These actually proved useful because the venue was kind of dark otherwise and added a lot of ambience. Plus, they went on to be used in about 3-4 different weddings after ours (a friend asked if she could have the vases and flowers....she does a lot of event planning).

More money went to having an open bar.

Note to the newly engaged: candles are cheaper than flowers.


And They Will Spit Up On ALL Of Them


Expensive baby clothes for an infant who has no concept of fashion and will outgrow them in mere months. Total waste of money.


My friend went nuts getting us baby clothes from Janie and Jack (really expensive baby clothes store, but holy shit is their stuff cute). My son outgrew the stuff after wearing it just once... Some stuff he didn't even get to wear. Probably $3-400 worth of clothes. Wasted.


$20 a baby shirt? How about $20 for a garbage bag of baby shirts?


Sometimes It Is Totally Worth It

Cheap $1 charging cables. They die within two tangles and two swears at it.

I give up.


They can damage the device you're charging too. It's just better to pay a little and get good stuff.


Yeah, don't cheap out on your phone charger. There are some really crappy chargers out there that if they fail, they run the mains through your phone. Or catch fire.


A "smart" version of something that doesn't need to be.


My husband bought a trashcan that is voice activated and motion activated and I hate that thing. It is supposed to open when you say "Open can" but that fu%ker opens randomly and scares the shit out of me all the time. Nothing like hearing that thing open and close when no one is around and I'm alone in the house.

*Wow guys! I made this comment and then watched a movie with the hubs(trashcan opened and closed while we were in living room watching movie BTW) and went to bed and woke up to all these likes and comments. My husband knows I HATE those trashcans and I give him a hard time about them constantly! I can't wait to show him all of this!


As soon as something had a sensor, it's not going to work.


Savings Account At A Local Credit Union

Gerber life insurance/ "grow up plan".

This appears in everyone's mailbox immediately after they have a child. Either the baby formula companies share your information with Gerber Life, or you end up signing up for some mailing lists inadvertently. In the sleep deprived haze of new - parenthood, it seems like a terrific idea.

Unfortunately, the Gerber company makes money on your account as it accrues interest. Your account is only ever worth the money you put into it. So it's an interest bearing account, you retain your principle, but the company keeps the interest your money earned while it was in the account. You would make more money for yourself and your kids if you simply put it in any interest bearing savings account.


Most Of Us Are Pretty Boring

A GoPro. It's not a purchase I regret, but it's hard to forget that your own life is pretty damn boring and doesn't need an action camera to capture the lack of action.


I used to go cliff diving all the time. I bought a Gropro thinking I'd be able to film all of the jumps. Then the SoCal drought hit a couple years ago and all the good spots dry up. Now the GoPro just sits on my desk most of the time.

On the bright side I still use the GoPro for road trips. Whenever I go somewhere beautiful I attach it to the front bumper of my car. Driving though snow covered Yosemite in 4k looked gorgeous.


It's A "Handyman's Secret Weapon" After All

Any kind of shelf or product that is attached with a suction cup. Sure it looks great in theory - you don't have to hammer any nails - but it's just a matter of when, not if, it will all come crashing to the ground. Suction cups are the opposite of duct tape. Suction cup products look sexy but you can't count on them. Duct tape is very plain but it always comes through for you.


You Don't Always Need The Best There Is

This was probably said but expensive tools if you're not a professional mechanic. You probably don't need Snapon or Matco tools, if you just work on a project car as a hobby or want to fix your own car Kobalt, Pittsburg, and craftsman, are going to be fine 99% of the time. Hell even if you are a professional there's some things that are okay to get from harbor freight.


It's The Same, Literally

Premium brands of food over house brands. I have a friend who has worked in a factory for years under various contracts. At one point he was processing various canned and bagged veggies.

When they went from canning or bagging premium or house brands and back literally the only thing they did was change the bags or the labels on the cans.

This isn't a 100% common practice, but it is WAY more common than you might think.


Then I'll Just Get Creative

If you're a younger person, having more dishes can be a problem. Dishes will tend to pile up. Having a few dishes will force you wash them.


Or you're a degenerate f*ck like me and once you run out of plates you just start eating off of random kitchen items.


Ah, the rare "spaghetti off a clipboard" move. Very dangerous!


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