People Break Down The Most Satisfying Television Finales Of All-Time
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I love TV!

Some television shows are a part of my DNA. That's why an ending is so important.

In the end we want to be forever satisfied. Which is a near impossible ask. Not everyone is going to love the chosen ending.

But sometimes writers really get it right... Buffy the Vampire Slayer... (save for *@#*'s death!!) is EVERYTHING.

But then they can get it really wrong... Game Of Thrones fans are STILL fuming apparently.

Redditorslice29wanted to discuss all the best entertainment endings we've ever watched.

They asked:

"In your opinion, what TV show had the most satisfying ending?"

I hate and love endings of shows. I love them when they're done well. I hate that it's over. Let's start with one of my favs!!

End of Life

"Six Feet Under."


"Watched this in real time with my mom. The whole show. Every episode. As they aired. I grew up along with it, and the ending felt like the opposite of a death - I was a grown up. You're right."


six feet under GIF by HBOGiphy

Dirty Harry-style...

"Sledge Hammer! For those too young to remember this gem from the 80s, it was a show that satirized the Dirty Harry-style bad cop dramas that were in at the time. The show ended with Sledge trying to defuse a nuke ('Trust me, I know what I'm doing...'), failing."

"And then the camera slow-pans across the charred landscape of the ruined city and you hear the distant voice of the long-suffering police chief yelling 'HHHAAAAMMMMMMMEEERRRRR!!!!!!' Priceless."


We Live!

"Blackadder Goes Forth The ending of a comedy set in WWI trenches to end with everyone dying after going over the wall is both sobering and satisfying."


"When Darling thinks the war is over because all the guns stopped firing. 'Thank God! We lived through it! The Great War: 1914-1917.' But we know there was still another whole year of war to go through."



"Newhart. No one in America saw that plot twist coming."


"And with the rise of the internet, I doubt any show could pull off a twist like that again and take people by surprise. The Season 1 finale to 'The Good Place"'was a rare exception of this happening post-internet."


"The twist is that good, and so few people saw the show during its original run, that there are probably tons of people discovering it every week. I don't want to ruin it for anybody."


Last Call

"Cheers. 'We're closed.'"


"Thought the same thing. Have been going through the series again, usually one a day and about to start the last season."


Cbs Cheers GIF by Paramount+Giphy

Ah 'Cheers.' Not my favorite show, but a great end. And 'Six Feet Under?' GENIUS!


"The Good Place."


"I need to rewatch that show. If someone told me to watch a show about the afterlife, philosophy, morality, interspersed with d*ck jokes I wouldn't be able to take it seriously but somehow they pulled it off."


Season 1 Nbc GIF by The Good PlaceGiphy

The Tie Up

"Gravity Falls. Tied everything up nicely, but left me wanting more, but what good show doesn't?"


"I want more so bad, but we all know it's better to die a hero than a 25 seasons show nobody wants to watch."


"Agreed. Whether Alex Hirsch does something new in the future or just sods off with his residual checks, I couldn't be more proud."


"why we fight"

"'Cherish the memory of a question my grandson asked me the other day when he said, ‘Grandpa were you a hero in the war?’ Grandpa said ‘No... But I served in a company of heroes.'"


"Band of brothers is GOAT. Even reading that line gave me goosebumps I stumbled across 'why we fight' the other day, must have seen it 20 odd times, watched it again, still amazing. In fact, my missus is out tmrw, you've inspired me to start episode one again."



"M*A*S*H, still the greatest final episode in TV history. It made it clear that nobody would be the same after the war. Winchester couldn't love music like he had before without being reminded of the war. Father Mulcahy lost his hearing as a result of the war. Hawkeye lost some of his sanity."

"Margaret had to lose her self-reliance and realize that it is okay to accept help. Potter had to lose his beloved horse, which was his #1 way to stay sane. BJ had to learn to say goodbye. And, of course, Klinger had to give up his dream of leaving Korea at least for the foreseeable future."

"There are times (most times for me) when being in the military totally sucks. Living in deplorable conditions, spending 24 hours a day with the same people; working, playing, and sleeping together with people you like and people you hate. Missing your family and loved ones. Yet, when you have to separate, the feeling of loss is like nothing else that I have experienced in civilian life."



"Star Trek TNG. The episode itself was great, but that ending scene was phenomenal."

"'Nothing is wild and the sky is the limit.'"


annoyed star trek GIFGiphy

Those are definitely some incredible endings. And endings are hard to pull off.

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