People Share Their Most Satisfying 'I Called It' Moments
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Don't lie - you love the feeling of being right. We all do. Even when we kind of wish we weren't right, there's that satisfying little twinge when we get to tell someone "I told you so!"

Of course, there are times when it's entirely inappropriate to actually tell someone you told them so - but that's why we have Reddit!

Reddit user The-Most-Sour-Lemon asked:

Whats your greatest most satisfying "I f*cking called it" moment?

Bust out the celebratory snacks, people! Here are people's most satisfying (even if they hated it) moments when they totally called something.

Dear John

Boyfriend's best friend, let's call him John, started asking me for favors and texting me at odd hours of the night. I felt uneasy about John's actions and informed my boyfriend every time I was contacted as soon as it happened. I explained to boyfriend that John was acting suspiciously and making me uncomfortable but I couldn't pinpoint why. Cut to a month or so later, John claims I cheated on my boyfriend WITH JOHN.

I f*ckin' knew it. I didnt do sh*t with John and because boyfriend knew about everything from the beginning he knew the truth.

John has been demoted from "best friend" to "no-longer-acknowledged-person-on-earth." I don't know why John did what he did and I likely will never know. However, his actions were a reflection of who he is as a person and have very little to do with me. Boyfriend and I are still going strong. Its an honor and privilege to spend my days with my boyfriend, I hit the jackpot by getting to be in a relationship with him and I wouldn't risk it for anything.

- hamster_butts

Red Lobster Baby


My wife and I went to Red Lobster one day.

My wife likes the shrimp and lobster pasta with Parmesan cheese.

They sat her plate down, she got a weird look on her face.

She told me it smelled weird, but it smelled normal to me so I straight up asked her if she could be pregnant.

Her eyes got wide as she starts doing some math in her head. We went afterwords and got a pregnancy test.

Sure enough, she didn't even know yet. All because I remember some random tidbit about some foods smelling off to pregnant women.

- ITworksGuys

Brianna's Dad

When I was in sixth grade, I became friends with a couple other girls in my neighborhood. We each had completely different backgrounds, but we just clicked. For years, we three did all the things good friends do. The only thing I, personally, didn't like was to stay over at the house of one of these girls, I'll call her Brianna. I'd sleep over at the other girl's house, they could sleep at mine, but I always came up with an excuse not to stay at Brianna's. She started to get her feelings hurt but I ignored it.

Then when we were all about 16, somebody got a hold of liquor, and we all sat around drinking. Being drunk, we got into a little debate about who is better friends with who, and I was somehow accused of not "liking" Brianna as much as the other friend because I wouldn't spend much time at her house. Since I had zero filter at that moment, I blurted out:
"Brianna. It isn't you. It's your dad. I can tell he's weird just by looking at him."

As soon as I said it, everything changed. I apologized, that didn't work of course. Both of my best girlfriends dumped me that day. I still had a solid best friend, but I had to get myself a new group for sure. Also, they started bullying me a bit, but I just took it because of the horrible thing I said about Brianna's dad. I felt super guilty.

Three years later, I was out of high school, living with my best friend who was still friends with Brianna. I got home from class and there was Brianna sitting on the living room couch. It was SO uncomfortable. I decided to try to apologize again.

"Hey, I know you are probably sick of hearing this, but I am so very sorry for what I said about your dad, Brianna. Please forgive me, I still don't know why I'd say such a thing."

She sort of chuckled and said, "It's no big deal, he assaulted all of us."

I never questioned my intuition again, because I f*cking called it the second I saw that perv. I felt horrible for her and her sisters, but vindicated because I knew I was right.

- obscurityknocks

The Future Wife

Caught up with a high school friend on a university campus. Pretty quiet guy, subtle good looks but never showed any interest in relationships. We were waiting for separate buses when he runs into one of his classmates, and she joins us in the bus line.

We were having pretty good conversation, but I saw her eyes repeatedly flickering over to his face. Soon after, my bus pulled up, so I smiled and waved goodbye to my friend, and said to the girl "It was great meeting you! I'm sure I'll see you a lot more in the future." She looked puzzled, but smiled and waved back.

I totally called it. They're in a common law marriage now, and getting officially married next year. They've been valuable friends to my fiance and I for the last 6 years.

- lasteclipse

Aunt K

Kept finding small cut up straws in my Grandma's bathroom. So many straws. I let my Grandmother know that someone is using her bathroom to use drugs. She freaks out saying I'm accusing her of using drugs and that it's impossible.

A year later my uncle divorces his wife, K, due to her cocaine addiction. Grandma says:
"Well K always stopped by in the afternoon to use the restroom and then she would clean my whole house and I just didn't think anything of it!"

My favorite story at Thanksgiving.

- nonopenerp

Not Worth My Time

My husband once got a thing in the mail regarding unclaimed funds. I told him to fill it out, he said:
"It's probably for like $200. Not worth my time."

I reminded him that it takes me forever to earn that much, so I did the work- filled it out, notarized, sent it in.

Forgot about it until one night, he was home before me. Something was on the coffee table. He pointed to it and said, "THAT came in the mail today."

It was a check for around $20k.

- Chevymonza

Happy New Year


It was New Year's Eve, we were about to do the fireworks and me and my friend wanted to set up the box for them. Nothing major, just putting 4 bricks around it to keep it safe. Then this girl came and said she was going to set them off because she bought them.

We told her how to do set up the box and she said "Nah ill just start it up."

We warned her again and eventually gave up. I told her "Dont blame me when it tips over and starts shooting at us."

She said it would't happen.

That's exactly what happened. The fireworks just tipped over and started shooting at cars and people, I just calmly walked up to her and said "I told you so."

- fjaka123

You Can't Be Right!

That my sister is gay. Growing up she'd develop what was very obviously (to me) a crush on different girls. In high school I finally said, "Girl, have you considered that these feelings you have for so-and-so might be romantic?"

She flipped the f*ck out on me, we didn't talk for weeks. She'd date any guy that asked her out because she was supposed to like guys but never really felt anything for them. Finally in college she called me and went, "Yeah, so anyway, you're right. I'm totally gay."

We joke that it took her so long to come to out not because she was in denial - she just didn't want me to be right.

- voice_of_craisin

How 'Bout That Duggar Family? 

I still relish that I was right about this.

That show "19 kids and counting"

Over Thanksgiving one year two of my aunts got talking about it and were just raving about how amazing they thought it was and what a great family they had. I pretty much said something to the degree of "Nope, that's not normal, those kids are essentially raising each other and I guarantee you that something is not right."

They completely dismissed me, said I didn't know what I was talking about because I don't watch the show, etc. When the news eventually broke that one was molesting some of the others I felt so vindicated.

But my absolute favorite moment was the next Thanksgiving where at the dinner table I got to say "So how about that Duggar family huh?"

Dead silence from my aunts. But I had a sh!t eating grin on my face from ear to ear.

- JohnnyUtah_

10:30 PM

The last few months of my wife's pregnancy with my daughter, the little baby would regular as clockwork, around 1030pm, put her feet against my wife's ribs and try to straighten her legs so she could head butt her way out of my wife.

BAM - headbutt to the inside of your ... whatever. My wife would f*cking jump up cursing like a sailor every time.

It was painful, but also hilarious, reliable, and I guess we knew she'd be an active little kid well before she was born.

Cut to the evening of her birth - the doctor is telling us around 9pm that things are going well, but he's going to go get dinner because he has't eaten and there's no way this kid is coming out before midnight.

I look at my wife, look at the doc, and say "Don't go far, the kid is going to deliver herself around 1030pm, I promise you. You're just going to have to catch her."

He laughed, told us he's been doing this a long time, and he wasn't worried.

1025 he's rushing in and barely gets his gloves and scrubs on before my daughter shoots herself out of mommy like a greased bullet.

Direct quote from the doctor looking at me as he holds my little darling, "Well, I guess even I can learn things still."

I don't blame him at all - who would believe parents about something like that? But that kid had done so many test runs, on such a regular schedule, I knew there was no stopping her. And fair game, getting headbutted daily for a month or whatever as a trade off to having a very short and easy labor? There are worse deals!

- Allisade

Game Of Thrones

2 years ago when I said to myself "There is no f*cking way Game of Thrones can come to a proper conclusion in only 6 episodes."

- StrawGlasses



I told my brother than Hans from Frozen was shady af and when he revealed his true colours I nearly screamed in the theatre.

- Monsterbingle

Never Want To Be Right Again

In high school. My senior year, I was standing by my locker hanging out before home room. One of the girls in my class ran by crying. I immediately said to myself "Did something happen to JW?"

JW was one of the more popular guys in the school, this girl and him were friends. About 2 minutes later a friend of mine came up to me and said "Did you hear what happened to JW?"

Instant dread.

"No, what?"

"Dude... He was in a car accident last night. Got T-boned by a semi trailer."

"Sh*t... Is he ok?"

"He died on impact."

I never wanted to be right about a feeling again.

- Durimdead


I once went to the mall with my dad as he was looking for a walnut cracker. He said he was going try a particular store. I said (without knowing the price) "It's too expensive even though it's on special."

He asked how I could possibly know. I confidently said "I don't know, but it's $33.50"

He just laughed. He went to the store while I browsed a video game shop and later he came back with a shocked expression saying the only nutcracker they had was $33.50 on sale for 20% off.

I shrugged and said I told you so.

- Ooftimus-Prime


Not at all satisfying, but a student at my high school suddenly vanished from the face of the Earth. Nobody had any idea what happened or where she could be.

I was watching Forensic Files and when I returned from the bathroom unbeknownst to me my grandmother switched it to the news just as a man was asking for help finding his stepdaughter. I took one look at him, thinking it was still Forensic Files, and said:
"He killed her and probably buried her in concrete."

His clothes looked like he worked in construction.

Fast forward a few months later not only did I learn that man was my classmate's stepdad, but he was arrested for her murder. The only reason he got caught was because he sold his house and the new owners dug up the new concrete in the backyard (they wanted grass) and found her naked body.

- Token_Geek

I Call Bonkers When I See It

It was the summer leading into my freshman year of high school, and I had a crush on this guy who was in my friend group. It was kind of obvious, we had been fooling around over the summer, but nothing really relationship-y was being requested on his end. I, on the other hand, was head over heels for this dude.

Anyways, at our school we had the option of getting our physical education credit done over the summer. Our entire friend group enrolled, and we met a bunch of other kids funneling in from other schools at the program. One girl in particular, let's call her Julia, had REALLY caught my guy friends eye.

They had begun to hang out more and more and the attraction was obviously mutual, but the energy I caught off of her was just. f*ckin. crazy.

For example: After a close play in kick ball, she just loses it on this other guy. They disagreed with the play, she started poking fingers in his chest, yelling, all that stuff. He eventually backed off because she was so unwilling to let herself get tagged out. Chill broski, just a game of kickball.

There were several incidents of over-reaction and explosive anger like that.

Anyways, I pull my guy friend aside at one point and tell him: "Look, I'm glad you've found someone who you really like but I think that her personality can be kind of... intense."

Yeah, it was kind of ouch because I was definitely crushing, but I knew I needed to warn him. I didn't say anything bad, just a subtle warning. I kept kind of asking around and seeing if other people were noticing the same things I did, but the ones who knew I liked him just told me "Oh, you're just jealous because Julia is with him."

I was brushed off, and Julia dated him for quite a few months. Me and the guy friend went cold turkey on contact for a long while, too, because he knew I was interested and thought I was being weird.

Well, they broke up. Why? Because she was crazy, exactly like I said.

I tend to think of myself as a pretty relaxed person and I don't want to cause tensions between me and my homies if I don't have to. But dude, I can call bonkers when I see it.

- Gizalu

"Frothy" Is Not Good. 

Had this guy friend, total man-whore. SUPER attractive, too. I liked him a lot but never pursued anything with him because I knew he probably had an STD.

One of my new college girlfriends met him and I could tell she really wanted to get with him. I warned her every time she mentioned it, that he's not clean, and you'll probably get something.

"You're just jealous he doesn't want to sleep with you, he's a great guy!"

Two weeks later I hear from a mutual friend she got really bad gonorrhea from him and was having frothy vagina issues. We haven't spoke since. Told you so.

- yuhawnee

Mom Called It

Not my my moment, but this happened to me back in October.

I was going out with this one guy and we were very close. Always talking, hanging out, etc. My mom thought he was nice, but one day she told me:
"You guys are probably not gonna even be friends in two weeks."

She said this completely randomly as I came home one evening. I shrugged it off and ignored her, but fast forward exactly two weeks and I was ghosted on Halloweekend🤩(ironic).

So she's the one who f*cking called it. Quite an L for me but I'm over it. Saw this post and it reminded me of that situation lol

- ifanny02

Puppy Blues


Friend is a first time dog owner. All her other dog having friends warn her about the puppy blues and that owning a super young puppy is exactly like having an infant because routine care for a young pup is super intense and they have to be in eyesight at all times. We recommended maybe an older 6mo- 1year old pup for a beginner.

Cue to three months later, she loves this pup to death, but she's still got the puppy blues. She was adamant about a certain high energy breed. Dog is super smart and active, so she needs the physical outlet plus SO MUCH mental stimulation. Or she acts like a demon.

We say it lovingly, but, it's a big "told you so" moment. She's a great mom though, and this dog is shaping up to be a really great companion. It's all worth it in the end.

I'm about to get another puppy. Turnabout is fair play, so I'm waiting for them all to say this about me lol.

- marjie09

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