People Share Safety Tips That Everyone Should Know
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After years and years of television safety and survival episodes, you'd think everyone had a list of "what to do if..."

Alas, we have more learning.

Get out your pencils kids.

Let's do some safety training...

RedditordirectinLAwanted to help us all compile a life list we should already have.

They asked:

"What is a safety tip everyone should know about?"

Don't give dogs chocolate.

That is a LIFE #1.

At least for fur parents.

Mistakes Cost

"Wear safety glasses when working. Wear safety gloves when working. Wear safety boots when working. Do not make excuses, one mistake can cost you your finger, eye, toe." ~ bstefanovic


Listen Close...

"Firefighter here..."

"Sleep with your doors shut at night (helps prevent fire spread/smoke inhalation). Be able to crawl, blindfolded, out of every room in your house. Make sure everyone in your home knows what to do in the event of a fire."

"Where to meet afterwards, etc. If you have kids, explain to them that firefighters may look ‘scary’ in full turnout gear, but they can not be afraid of us. Friendly reminder while I have your attention; check the batteries in your smoke detector. They truly are life savers." ~ CharlieMike12

Car Support

"Put toilet paper in your cars." ~ lodoyox5

"Just walk through a supermarket. There are literally 1000s of food products that are packaged in sturdy, sealed containers that will not deteriorate or spoil in the heat while stored in a car. Canned foods come to mind immediately."

"Get the products that are self opening with pull open can lids to eliminate the need to keep track of a can opener. Juice in large bottles that can be kept as juice or the bottle can become a water container. The list of potential emergency food and water is endless if just given a little thought." ~ memskeptic


"When you cut wood or metal, the chips fly faster than you are able to blink." ~ jesusSaidThat

"Here is a protip. Eye glass material counts. Some cheap eyewear will shatter or not stop anything.. The good ones will deform and are made of polycarbonate. I think 3M makes a good trustworthy one." ~ Specific-Layer

Hello Doc...

"If you you have a skin mole that has blurry edges, isn't symmetrical, is a weird shade of red, weeps fluids or acts like an open wound that won't heal, you might have skin cancer. Go to a doctor IMMEDIATELY. Melanoma kills fast." ~ vivav5


I worry about every skin blemish.

So now I have more mole worry.

Bloody Issues...

"If you're treating a gunshot victim while waiting on an ambulance, the best thing you can do is apply constant pressure to the wound. Bind it if you can. But, whatever you do, absolutely do not remove bandages if they get too bloody. Just add more. Don't give the wound any chances to bleed out more than it already is." ~ bamece3


The Stairs

“It is better to correct an unsafe friend than to bury one." ~ LamarB

"I tried so hard to try and stop a friend from seeing if he could jump an entire flight of stairs. He almost launched me down it trying to push past me. I held him back a lot but he was determined and I wasn't going to get messed up on his account. He broke the crap out of his ankles." ~ khaominer

In Florida...

"As a life long Floridian, I see this all the time here, and else where in the news. In the event of a disaster, stay the hell away from downed power lines!! Don’t walk along the street with them, don’t drive your car over them, don’t take selfies with them. They’re thunder noodles and have been known to kill." ~ kowog1


"The gates on a railroad crossing are meant to break away when driven through. If your car ever stalls out on a crossing don't bother with 911, look for the blue sign posted on the crossing gates themselves and call that number. That number will get you in contact with the train dispatcher who can let oncoming trains know about it immediately." ~ M3T4LL1CA

Stay Thirsty

"You cannot drink the waters from cactuses in emergency due to acidity and toxic alkaloids, which causes vomiting, diarrhea and mass dehydration especially when you're hungry or thirsty." ~ peachie_bongo


I always hated cacti.

I hope everyone has paid attention.

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