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School is a chaotic zoo of adolescences jammed into a building day in and day out no matter how different their lives outside the school day might be.

But every once in a while, a tragedy strikes and it sheds light on someone's home or personal life. Suddenly, a school peer becomes the object of some very heavy emotions across their fellow students and teachers.

A recent Reddit thread asked users to share the saddest thing that they ever witness or heard about during their time at school.

SINFULOfficial asked, "What's the scariest or saddest thing you ever dealt with or saw at school?"

Completely Changed 

"An old school friend found his mother dead due to a heart attack in his bathroom. From one moment to another he was like a whole different person."

"He became very emotional, dropped out of school a few years later, began doing drugs, even went to jail."

"Hope he is doing better today."

-- JeXXaY

Tragic Exploring 

"In college a student went missing for months until he was found by a custodian. Turns out he was alone drunk and stumbled into an electrical room."

"He electrocuted himself to death."

-- Trustme_im_a_doctor

Holding It All In 

"Saddest: Junior High. Kid was getting mercilessly picked on because he was wearing the same clothes for like the 3rd or 4th day straight. Super quiet kid didn't say anything back."

"We later found out he hadn't changed because his older brother who was his only caretaker had killed himself the prior weekend."

"This 7th grader was the only one left who knew and he was so emotionally f***ed he just silently carried on with school until a neighbor figured out something was wrong."

-- Vi1eOne

Irreparable Blow to Reputation 

"Saddest thing... In High School, a girl came to school and got stomach sick during class and literally sh** herself and had it come out the back of her pants. You just don't ever have people NOT think of that about you for the rest of your life."

"She was a nice girl and it was sad because she never had hardly any friends after that and eventually transferred to another school."

-- wlane13

Discovering the Conclusion as a Group 

"Kelsey Smith."

"She was a year ahead of me in high school. I didn't know her very well but had a couple classes with her and chatted maybe a handful of times. She was one of those people that pretty much everyone knew."

"Then one morning shortly after the end of the year my dad told me that "some girl" from school had gone missing. I did what any teenager in 2007 would have done and jumped on Facebook, and found a whole deluge of posts from my friends asking for any information about Kelsey."

"Then I remember I was in the airport with a bunch of school friends getting ready to go on a class trip to Germany when we saw on the news in the terminal that a body had been found."

-- Magicmechanic103

Out of Her Control  

"The saddest was probably my neighbor. When she was in 5th grade, early middle school, she was trying to save up money for something, I don't remember what. Her parents were huge stoners, had enormous weed plants growing in their back yard, I could see them clear as day."

"One day she brought a gallon size bag full of weed to school and was planning on selling it to one of the older kids. The school found out and called the police."

"I remember coming home and watching them raid their house taking out plant after plant. Both the girls ended up in foster care for a long while after that."

-- Fuginshet

A Strong Presence Lost 

"There was a severely disabled kid who had several physical and mental disabilities such as extra fingers and confined to a stroller. He had the mental capacity of a infant. Unable to make speech but incoherent noises."

"That kid always had a smile on and was gleeful and no one said anything bad about him. They'd read to him or greet him as his liaison would push him about."

"One day I saw an ambulance leaving, his liaison was crying and running to her car. He had gone into cardiac arrest and died upon arrival to the hospital. He was only 9."

"I was in special ed at the time and the hardest news to break to the more severe kids was our friend had passed away. The staff breaking the news to the kids."

"Sadly the school didn't do a day of morning for him because the principal was tired of kids using them as excuses to skip class and f*** around."

"I still can hear my friend smiling making his loud cooing noise."

-- rickrolo24

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