Cops Recount The Saddest Thing A Criminal Has Ever Said To Them
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With more and more unfortunate stories about misconduct in the news, there is an understandably low opinion of police officers in the United States.

Though we should always remember that the corrupt or ill-suited cops we read about in the news do not represent all police officers.

For law enforcement is by all means necessary, and can be an extremely taxing job, both physically and emotionally.

With many police officers coming in contact with people who have gone through experiences no one deserves to go through.

Redditor Fish_f*cker12300 was curious to hear some of the most unfortunate things police officers have been told by convicts they've come in contact with, leading them to ask:

"Cops of Reddit what is the saddest thing a criminal has said?"

Cold Comfort At It's Worst

"I nicked a guy for attempted murder once."

"I had met him before a few times, usually when he was a suspect."

"He just said 'even now, you're still the closest thing I've got to a proper friend'."- ConsTisi

They Learn At A Young Age, For Better Or Worse

"Work security in a town's retail supermarket."

"Watched the local drug dealer force his son of about 8 to shoplift some pastries."

"Nothing about this boy would have made him stand out as this man's son, just an ordinary looking kid but his father wanted to make him into a man by teaching him how to steal."

"Four years later and this boy is clearly his fathers son."- Seoirse82

Their Fate Is Already In the Cards

"Ex cop."

"Speaking to a juvenile in the cells with a butt load of warrants for stealing cars and armed robberies."

"Told me the only way he could get toys is if he stole them, and his parents would never help him with his homework but showed him what to say to get free McDonald's and how to avoid getting caught shop lifting."

"Some kids have no hope and are just going to end up in the system."- Terror_Tanuki

Some Rob Out Of Necessity

"A lot of stores were looted, and people were walking off with multiple TVs, appliances etc."

"Some citizen journalist was out on the streets, stopping looters, and interviewing them."

"It's winter, it's dark, and suddenly this little kid appears, holding a single bag."

"All alone."

"Couldn't have been more than 8."

"The citizen journalist stops him, and demands to see what's in the bag."

"He opens it up."

"One t-shirt."

"One jersey."

"One pair of pants."

"One pair of shoes."

"A three pack of underwear."

"This little kid had followed a group of adults into a chaotic situation and taken what he needed, and only what he needed."

"I can't watch the clip without sobbing."

"The interviewer sent the kid off with his little bag of one single, looted outfit."

"The final shot is of this tiny little thing, walking into the darkness, barefoot and alone."

"It was absolutely heartbreaking."- GCB78

Victims Of Circumstance

"Afghan in 2011-2012."

"Was on patrol pretty much doing cop work sometimes."

"We’d go door to door or compound to compound and our Lieutenant would talk to locals with our translator."

"During one of the meetings I was inside working as a sort of guard for my Lt."

"The guy he was talking to came up positive for gun trace residue and was a confirmed Taliban in the eye scanner thing we had."

"When my Lt questioned him before we detained him, he told my Lt that he didn’t want to fight us, but if he didn’t the Taliban would kill his family."

"I was 18-19 and my Lt was 24-25, now I’m 29 and I realize that war was all f*cked."-

Desperate To Change Their Circumstance

"I worked in a day program and a prevocational program."

"My clients came from institutions and were doing program as part of their conditions of release."

"One of my groups ran a hotdogs cart and they profit shared, after cart expenses."

"They made very little, they were on assistance so it wasn't an income supplement it was more of a perk."

"Anyways I had this one woman, she had been a sex worker since she 12, she was in her 40s."

"Her first week was a nightmare."

"She was late."

"Struggled to cut the onions."

"Spilt everything."

"But she showed up each day late, frantic and crying to not be fired."

"She worked for 1 hour each day."

"The following week when she came to pick up her pay, a whole whopping $11.50, she burst into tears."

"I thought it was because it was it was so little money."

"She acted as if I had given her a thousand dollars and an Oscar."

"She clutched the little envelope and cried."

"She said 'it's the first money I ever made not on my back'."

"'Never thought I could'."

"We hugged she skipped off happily."

"Then I sobbed in the bathroom for 5 minutes."- MoxieAndSass

A Warning For Others...

"Sex worker asked if I had a daughter & likely could tell by my face that I did before I could answer."

"Tell her she's two bad choices away."- jjreason

Day in and day out, cops and others working in criminal justice are forced to come face to face with the fact that not everyone is dealt an equal hand in life.

And learn that some people break the law, not for self-gain, but because they truly and utterly feel that they have no other choice.

Making the need for programs to help them find a better path forward all the more important.

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