On October 18, passenger David Lawrence captured video of a heated conflict onboard RyanAir flight FR9015 from Barcelona to London. The video shows another passenger who is irate because he was sat next to an elderly black woman. The man becomes more and more incensed, shouting racial epithets and causing a scene. When RyanAir staff intervened, they asked the woman if she would move, instead of removing the blatantly racist man.

As passengers tried to calm the situation and a relative of the black pensioner implored the man to "give her a chance," the man called the woman an "ugly black b*****d" and shouted at her:

Don't talk to me in a foreign language, you stupid ugly cow!

The man even went so far as to threaten the woman, saying:

I'll tell you this. If you don't go to another seat, I'll put you into another seat.

After those words, the woman, who was later identified as "Mrs Gayle, a 77 year-old pensioner from London" whose husband has recently passed away, asked to be relocated.

RyanAir is facing harsh criticism over their handling of the incident—they essentially gave the racist man exactly what he wanted at the expense of the innocent woman's seat.

RyanAir offered this statement when asked for comment by Indy 100:

We have reported this to the police in Essex and as this is now a police matter, we cannot comment further.

That was far from enough for Twitter.

Many are calling for a boycott of RyanAir to protest their inaction.

Though RyanAir reported the incident to local police, no consequences have yet to befall the racist man in the video. Despite his outpouring of hatred and refusal to respect any rules, he was given exactly what he wanted, and allowed to stay in his seat while the innocent people around him were inconvenienced for no reason. Perhaps European customers should take this into account when booking their flights for the future.

H/T - Indy 100, CNN

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