People Share The One Rule Of Etiquette They Always Follow

People Share The One Rule Of Etiquette They Always Follow
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The rules of society. That is something that is engrained in all of us from the time we're children.

Act proper, be respectable, be ready to present in public. What does all of that even mean?

And why do we still care what Emily Post thinks in 2021?! Etiquette is a lost art form for sure. It used to be the earmarkings of good breeding. Now... its just dull.

But... still essential. Ahh, the cultural divide.

Redditor u/rubber_duck_of_deathwanted to hear how to our best selves, especially in public by asking:

Reddit, what is one rule/etiquette that you always follow?

Let's chat about how we make the best impressions and why the heck do we care. It all ties together, so we really should find a way to make it all work. Start with the basics...

Going Up?

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"Wait for people to exit the elevator before getting into the freaking elevator."

- PomegranateDust


"I always say "Thank you"- "Please" and "Excuse me"- I just got so used to saying it it just comes out of my mouth without me even noticing."

- WaveCandid906

"I once was in high school and tried to squeeze past someone and hit my shoulder on my locker. Without thinking, I literally said "sorry" to my locker bc I was so used to saying it whenever I bumped into someone."

- jimhalpertmeetschris


"Keep my trash on me when I'm out until I find a garbage bin. I never throw anything on the ground."

- Yankthebandaid

"I find it very hard to believe that people don't put their trash in their pockets until they find a trash can. Why do people throw trash in the streets anyway?"

- Salty-Tortoise

Eat Quiet!

"Eat your mouth closed and let people finish when they're talking."

- drDjausdr

"I was constantly having to raise my voice in conversation to let the person interrupting me know I'm not finished. I've stopped because they don't actually learn, but a really petty part of me just stops engaging as well because they obviously don't actually care for what I have to say."

- InterestingPseudonym

be common

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"Common decency. Say thank you to simple gestures, it's not hard but a lot of people have lost the ability to be kind and/or polite."

- chevinlavee

Why would anyone need to be taught these things. These rules always apply. Basic human decency should always be obvious and apply.


Wash Hands Nicksplat GIF by Hey ArnoldGiphy

"Wash your hands after using the toilet. It pains me that people need to be told this."

- modfather84


"I remember my grandpa reading about gays or atheists or hippies and he'd say, "Oh, well - live and let live." Live and let live."

- p38-lightning

"Oh dear God, decent people do exist. Almost none of my family members seem to understand this for some reason, always judging and talking crap about others and their choices. Your grandpa sounds like the best."

- Xander_Ich

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"The person at the other end of your phone call is not responsible for your problem and will most likely help you if you are nice to her rather than yelling at her."

- ToineMP

"This. So much this. I've been in food for so long, that I can tell you, don't be a do**he and we will go out of our way to help you."

- mregg000

basic decency...

"Return your damn shopping cart."

- boobiehug

"I do this out of basic principle, sure there are people who have the job of it, but that is just rude to me. it's like leaving your table a freaking pigsty at a restaurant, especially if they are busy, or leaving items all over a store because your too lazy to put it back where it goes. Unless you have a valid excuse, it doesn't take that long."

- BansheeTK

While Shopping

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"Keep my grocery cart on one side of an aisle while shopping instead of blocking the whole monkey fluffin' aisle so no one can get through."

- Jillette12

Shop kind, shop smart. That is a big one for me, especially in New York. Etiquette is easy if we apply it as just common kindness and basic, decent behavior. Is that really hard? Let's try...

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