People Reveal Which Rules Had To Be Changed Because Of That One Person

Thanks for messing it up for everyone else.

People Reveal Which Rules Had To Be Changed Because Of That One Person


Most of us have no problem following the rules, but there are few out there that test every restriction, bend each policy, or outright break a rule without thinking of the consequences. Usually it's someone just acting the fool or doing something profoundly idiotic. When it's so bad that a new rule not only has to be applied to them, but to everyone else after them, we can't help but be bitter. Just remember, behind every ridiculous rule is a village idiot who made it necessary.

Redditor u/rochelleskincareasli asks:

What rule was changed because of ONE stupid person?

Can't Handle Being An Adult

We just lost remote working privileges cuz someone in a different office can't handle being an adult.


Same here. Used to be that I could pack up my laptop, tell my supervisor I'd be online remote tomorrow, and just work from home.

Then some f*ckwit confused his work laptop with his personal and watched a sh*t ton of porn on his work laptopon the clock. A week later and all of our laptops and docking stations are gone and replaced with towers.


What A Pain In The Class

My university dorm orientation meeting was full of weirdly specific rules. The ones I can remember are:

  • No pickaxes (some student attacked another student with a pickaxe)
  • No piranhas (other fish were allowed but it turns out dangling sensitive ... parts into piranha tanks is irresistible to certain college students)
  • No pooping in the showers
  • No lowering/raising things into your room via the window (my best friend's dad turned out to possibly be the reason for this one, he used to sneak beer in via rope and bucket)
  • Please for the love of god don't poop in the showers


Please for the love of god don't poop in the showers

WTF!! Why won't they allow you to waffle stomp?


Excellent! Came here to see just this phrase.


The Wrong Girl

Valentine's Day is newly not allowed at my school because last year kids kept cutting girls' balloons. One kid did that to the wrong girl, and the next day she came to school with a knife and stabbed him.


holy sh*t, that went from 0 to 100 real f*ckin' fast.


The Long And Shorts Of It

I work in a warehouse I'm not allowed to wear shorts in because one day the bosses came around and decided it didn't look professional for the shippers to be wearing shorts. Keep in mind there are only 4 of us here and the boss only comes to visit once a year or so, we also only sell to stores and very rarely have to deal with the end user. Makes +30C days kinda suck.

Edit: ok guys I'm taking you up on your suggestions and buying a kilt.


Does Their Case For Safety Hold Water?

I can't bring my water bottle on the plane because someone decided that it'll be a good idea to hijack some planes back in 2001.


Nooo no no that was from a different guy who tried to assemble a bomb in the airplane bathroom. They looked at his ingredients and were like "WE ARE BANNING ALL OF THIS! WHAT IS THAT? IS THAT A LIQUID?? WE ARE BANNING THAT PHASE OF MATTER"

I gotta mention Hannibal Buress' bit about TSA, a classic. I wrote the all-caps quote with his inflection in mind.


It's even worse: there was never even any concrete evidence that the plot ever even existed, and it can't actually work in real life.

Oh, and even if it did, the existing security regulations at the time were enough to stop it.


It Only Takes One Guy

I work for a government office through a dispatch company. Half of the people who work in my same position are through the same dispatch company, and the other half are private hires. Due to a rule with the dispatch company, we're not allowed to own or operate vehicles to go to/from work, but private hires can. Until recently this was fine, since the government office reimbursed the people who HAVE to use public transport, as well as any private hires who opt to use public transport. The people with cars were also compensated, but often to a lesser degree since it tends to cost them less to go to work.

Last winter, one private hire was in a car crash (on personal time/weekend, not en route to work) and DEMANDED that the government office pay for the repairs his vehicle needed, citing how it wasn't fair that the dispatch employees/public transport users were reimbursed more for travel when he had to "pay for his car's upkeep out of pocket." He was so aggressive about it that they changed the rule, and now they will only reimburse up to $3 a DAY, with a monthly cap of $70.

It costs me $240 to get to work every month, and this was a big hit for me financially. So, f*ck that guy.


If You Drop Too Much, They Drop The Policy

Someone told me this story. At one factory where they make Coke, they let you keep any of the bottles that dropped. So, meaning it was free. When they let this happen people would intentionally drop the bottles to take home. Then they took away the generous policy.

[username deleted]

they let you keep any of the bottles that dropped.

Yeah, I don't know how they didn't see that one coming though.


Even Google had to stop their "free dinner delivery when working late" policy because people were staying just late enough for the policy, ordering enough for their whole families, and promptly leaving when the food arrived. A small minority of people just f*ck everything up for everyone.


Benny Hill Chicken

No backpacks in the gym, ever. Because of one guy.

It was the homecoming pep rally and the principal had come up to the mic for his speech. Suddenly there was a sound of wings flapping and squawking. As if out of nowhere, a live chicken was released onto the gym floor. The principal, vice principal, and several staff members began attempting to catch the chicken. Then it got better.

The kid in charge of the music was in cahoots with the chicken kid. He immediately switched the music to the Benny Hill theme. So the administration is literally chasing a chicken around the gym to the Benny Hill music. It was chaos.

No more backpacks in the gym.


In fairness, those kids won, so there's really no need for any more backpacks in the gym.


absolute legend. totally with it.


If The Pants Fit...

In the Teletech company handbook it clearly states that vintage golf pants from a thrift store are NOT considered dress casual because of one *sshole. I am that *sshole.


👏👏👏 I worked for an office that tie and jacket were required and this old hippie guy I worked with would go to goodwill and thrift stores and buy the worst looking they had just to prove a point 😁


It's All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets Hurt

Everyone played Runescape in the computer lab when I was in middle school. One kid would try to look over your shoulder at your hands as you typed your password. This caused a couple fist fights. Runescape was promptly banned.


RuneScape was gang life back then.


Still is man.


Unappreciative Much?

My husband's work used to give each worker a $50 grocery gift card to use toward their Christmas dinner. People complained about having to pay tax on that gift card so they took it away, now we get nothing. What an improvement, thanks guys!


Yup. Some people will complain about anything. Somehow people procreate with these people and I will never understand why.


You Can't Make This Stuffed Up

You ever looked at the US tax code? Probably not. But if you looked closely, you'd see it's the ultimate example of rules being changed due to one stupid/clever/greedy person.

My favorite example is the age old practice of Taxidermy ( Did you know you can write off the cost of having an animal preserved, provided you then donated the animal to a museum or university? Still to this day!

I told you that so I could tell you that specific portion of the tax code used to be a lot less specific. So much so, that a number of people opted to book 12+ person, 2 week long safari excursions, complete with lodging, airfare, meals, booze and more, then would shoot a lion on the final day, send it to a taxidermist, donate the now preserved corpse to a museum or university, and write off the entire 14 day trip, and all expenses, under that specific provision of the tax code. So a $500 write off became a $50,000 write off.


It Was Cold That Day, We Could Tell

My company no longer has a Halloween costume contest among the locations in the area because of me. We all dressed up as X-Men. I was Mystique. We got complaints.


You just body painted your d*ck and thought that was enough, didn't you?


Uhh we need to see some pics to make further judgments.


Fake It Until You Break It

Local bar had wooden nickels that got you free drinks or could be used later if you didn't finish a bucket. Someone made counterfeits. They were good counterfeits, but just the same.

Ruined it for the entire bar! All for a $2.50 beer.


A bar I used to frequent (sadly long gone) had a weekday happy hour special: buy a drink at regular price, get a ticket for a second drink free. They were just your typical carnival tickets that came off a massive roll.

Lots of us regulars would not even use the ticket the same day, but hoard them for later (which was allowed, they could be used at any time before midnight on any day). We were broke college kids and the hoarded tickets were used on days when our money was thin. Had probably a couple dozen or so in my apartment at any given time.

Some *sswipe bought a roll of tickets at the Dollar Tree, didn't even bother to try and get the same colour/design, didn't bother to try forging the owner's signature on the back of each ticket, didn't bother to try roughing them up (the real tickets were re-used and in bad shape).


A Cold-Hearted Lesson

So I was around 11/12 years old. It was winter here in Sweden, and often around -10C or colder. When arriving to school, most of us would rush inside to escape the cold. Well, some mannerless b*tches kept misbehaving, so the teachers decided to lock the doors until the first class started. All of us had to wait outside in the cold.

I distinctively remember one day when it was so cold that even my friend's dark brown hair and nearly black eyelashes turned white. Yet the damn teachers Still. Would. Not. Let. Us. Inside.


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