People Confess Which Rules Were Created Because Of Their Actions
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We all did wild things when we were young. Many of us still do wild things now.

Some of these actions were against the rules. Other actions weren't exactly banned but were frowned upon. And some actions were so crazy, no one thought about having a rule against them at first.

Sometimes, we do something so out of the ordinary that a rule is created so it won't happen again. These are often the best stories.

That's probably why Redditor TheBlackTemplar125 asked:

"What rules were put in place because of you?"

As expected, the answers held some great stories.

Making A Career Out Of It

"In middle school i would use sharpies to tattoo myself, other kids thought it was cool so i started charging $1 per drawing wherever they wanted. Principal found out and after i wouldn’t stop, she put a ban on sharpies for the entire school. even the teachers couldn’t bring them in. i’m a tattoo artist now."

– Orbitalconfusion

Reversing The Joke

"In history class in high school, there was about 10 of us really close friends. We would take every opportunity to make “your mom” jokes. A couple months into class the teacher made us sign a “treaty” promising to stop making fun of each other’s moms. We signed it, and started making fun of each other’s dads."

– MoreMegadeth

Dads Change Diapers Too

"I got the Ryan’s Steak House buffets in Louisville, KY to put baby changing stations in the men’s bathrooms back in the 90’s."

– middleagethreat

"I did the same with a large craft supply store in Canada called Michaels after my first daughter was born and I had to change her diaper in the womens washroom. One message and they were installed within a week or two. I was really impressed with how quickly they took action."

"My daughter is almost 8 and I just told her last week that the change table in the mens room was because of her while we were shopping to make a mother's day present."

– batman1285

Get Out Of School For Free

"My elementary school was located in the center of the neighborhood, and my 5th grade class was the first to get outdoor trailers for classrooms. We'd ask for bathroom passes and then walk home. Next year they built a fence around the school"

– YT4000

Fire In A Crowded Hotel

"I put a croissant in one of those hotel toasters. It soon became engulfed in flames and needed extinguishing. Next day at breakfast they made a sign that said “if you’d like your croissant toasted, please ask a member of staff”"

– thatbitchlol

One Evil Over The Other

"No typewriters in class."

"I was kind of a shit kid and while my school allowed us to use laptops, I would play videogames. Primarily Warcraft 3. In class. No sound or anything so I wasn't being a complete nuisance, but I wasn't doing my work."

"A teacher told me I couldn't use my laptop."

"I happened to have a 1950's Remington Quiet-Riter portable, all-mechanical typewriter. It was anything but quiet, with all of the TAKKA TAKKA TAKKA TAKKA... DING! you'd expect from a typewriter."

"After one full day of studiously taking notes and doing my assignments via typewriter, my teacher said I could use my laptop as long as I didn't bring the typewriter to class."

– HelpfulCherry

The Chicken On Fire

"Military school I went to. After me, an adult is required to check the parade cannon to ensure it is clear, and closely monitor the students as they load it."

"There is to never be another flaming rubber chicken flying over the parade grounds ever again. Circa 1989."

– RjBass3

"Freakin legend!"

– TheeDynamikOne

Changing The Curriculum

"English Media class in Highschool. End of year project was to film a movie. Me and 3 other guys decided to film a “gangster movie”. Long story short, while filming the final shoot out scene behind a local post office, we were swarmed by police and almost got shot. One of the guys got arrested and my teacher almost got fired."

"The following year, the curriculum was changed and the final project was now an essay to be completed on a popular movie."

– Maximo-One

Only Certain Gods Allowed

"freshman year of high school, I had to give an oral presentation on a random Greek god. this was at a Christian school, for context. I got Dionysus, so naturally I spent many hours researching on YouTube how to act drunk (wasn't much of a partier, so I didn't know) and pretended to be absolutely wasted for my presentation. it was a great success but my teacher unsurprisingly banned Dionysus for the following years. it didn't help that Dionysus was basically the god of orgies and bestiality too, if I remember correctly"

– nadirbahama

"Oh man, that teacher f@#$&?d up. How does a teacher assign a project on Dionysus without realizing what the material would be like? The dude was basically the Greek god of crazy parties."

– Suspicious_Duty7434

Road Deaf Traveled

"Finally I get to add a personal story to Reddit. When I was walking home from school, I had to walk next to the road to get to my house. I decided to see if I could walk with my eyes closed."

"I didn’t feel the transition from gravel to road, and the cars didn’t honk at me (as they made a line), because they thought I was deaf. I heard a noise, looked back, and ran off the street into an orchard."

"Two weeks later, they put up Deaf Child Area signs on both sides of the road I live on."

– AlbusLumen

"Why would they have thought you were deaf if your eyes were closed…?"

– angel-aura

"This is my favorite because your eyes were closed and they put up deaf child signs. There goes a goofy but regular child, the cause of all this."

– saturnspritr

That last one was too funny!

Rules are created for various reasons, but sometimes they lead to some great memories.

When I was a kid, I decided to learn to be ambidextrous. I either handed in papers that were illegible or took forever to finish an assignment trying to write neatly with my left hand that my teacher eventually made a rule that only kids who are left-handed could write with their left hand!

It made me angry back then, but now, just like these other Redditors, I have a good story to tell!

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