People Break Down What Absolutely Ruins An Assigned Gender Reveal Party For Them

When someone announces that they are expecting a baby in the coming months, the leading question amidst all of the excitement has to be whether they're expecting a girl or a boy.

But while trying to answer this question as creatively as possible, many people have wondered if the gender of the baby has been giving much more stage time than it actually needs or deserves.

Redditor Im_bored_and_lazy asked:

"What ruins gender reveal parties for you?"

Skewed Priorities

"I mean, they’re kinda pointless anyway, but the thing that I hate is when the parents get really annoyed. Like, come on. This is your kid. Be happy instead of crying over their genitalia."

- CapableSalamander910

Heart on Their Sleeve

"If there is even a slight chance you will be disappointed with the outcome when you initially find out, maybe don’t find out in front of all of your friends and family (and sometimes the whole internet)."

- gardenofidunn

Over the Top

"The fact that people have to go to increasingly insane lengths and destroy things over it, be it the environment or infrastructure."

"And the fact that it exists, like, why should it matter?"

- ZealousChoice

It's Not a Girl

"My friend and his wife hosted one recently. She’s an event planner so it was quite the production. Beautiful venue with delicious food, decorations, games, etc."

"Finally, the moment came and they each pulled a cord to release a flurry of pink balloons and confetti as their friends and family snapped pictures and videos in an Insta-worthy reveal."

"Everyone was excited, guests were suggesting their favorite girls’ names, and fun times were had by all."

"The wife said, 'We should look at the results from the doctor!' and grabbed the envelope from her purse. She pulled it out, and it has test information including sex: the male sign emoji."

"Apparently, the balloonist mixed up the symbols."

- madpuggin

Attention Seekers

"Maybe I’m just weird, but I don’t give a f**k that you’re having a kid, even less what gender it is. It’s purely a reach for attention."

"When I eventually have kids, the only people that need to know are my family."

- GravitysFallen

Just... the Concept

"The idea of gender reveal parties."

- Uno1983

Too Many Parties

"I already had to go to your Bachelorette, your wedding, maybe some birthday parties, and the baby shower. I'm good."

- sunshinesmiles34

No Invitation, Please

"Being invited at all, ugh."

"I got tricked into a gender reveal party last year. It was supposed to just be a St. Patrick’s Day party, but nope, the cake was pink inside."

- ShoulderSnuggles

Is That Pink or Blue?

"Being colorblind."

"For real, at gender reveals, I have to ask what it is because I can't see the color."

- kyle_617

The Shenanigans

"It's not just the parents wanting attention for me, It's the way they reveal the gender."

"The dad throws a baseball that is supposed to show glitter in the color of what gender it is when caught or on impact with the floor or wall."

"Then the ball hits the wall, revealing it's a boy, but then bounces off the wall and hits Uncle Jerry in the head."

- Waste-Contribution23

Keep It Simple

​"Why can’t people just cut a cake or open an envelope? Does everything need to be some big thing nowadays?"

- gazebo-fan

One Word: Wildfires

"Wildfires. I couldn’t care less if people wanna do a gender reveal party. If that’s what makes them happy, that’s great for them."

"But stay away from the d**n woodlands and use methods that don’t involve fire."

- WhyDoYouCrySmeagol

Save the Environment

"Anyone who uses balloons can get f**ked. Balloons are terrible for the environment, especially when people just let them go off into the atmosphere, and we are running out of helium, so just f**k balloons in general."

- OneGoodRib

No Big Deal

"I’m pregnant, and anyone who’s asked me if I’m going to do a 'reveal,' I respond with jazz hands, saying, 'It’s a boy!' because I just don’t really think it’s a big deal."

- RatherBeAtDisney

She's Got Jokes

"Whenever I was asked, 'What are you having,' I responded by saying, 'Hopefully a human child,' and crossed my fingers..."

- Goorjus

While Redditors were all for people celebrating what makes them happy, including their growing families, they felt everything needed to happen within reason.

Gender reveal parties have largely gotten out of hand regarding safety measures, but many are left to wonder if gender reveal parties need to happen as a separate party at all.

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