People Imagine How They'd Ruin The Mood If Someone Was Having Loud Sex In The Next Hotel Room
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People sure do love to use hotels and motels to set the mood.

But sometimes those escapades get out of hand and disrupt the people around them.

So how would you get them to stop?

Redditorsaxonn_88wanted to hear how people would ruin carnal activites. They asked:

"The people in the hotel room next to you are having really loud obnoxious sex, how do you ruin the mood?"

I just put in headphones when people are going at it.

"don't stop, I need this!"

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"Had this happen to a buddy while in college. Not a hotel but thin apartment walls. They kept having loud, obnoxious sex until he yelled, 'don't stop, I need this!' They quit after that."


My bowels...

"A few years ago I did it by getting food poisoning. The walls were thin so when I had to vomit I did it really really loudly. Stopped them immediately."


"Yooo me too. Except mine was the opposite situation -- I may have saved a friend's relationship. He and his girlfriend were having some really serious discussion in his room, like may have been on the verge of breaking up, and my crazy loud food-poisoning shits echoed through the apartment, followed by muffled laughter from my friend's room."



"Blast circus music. No one can be in the bone zone to that kinda soundtrack."


"My college roommate had a sex CD with a bunch of hard techno on it. We had vicious prank wars in our house so one day, I took his sex CD, copied tracks 1-3 with reduced gain and dropped in circus music with really high gain as track 4… queue hilarious sexual exploit."


Yo Rick!

"This happened while on a road trip with some friends in college. It ended with a dramatic 'OH RICK YES!' We let the silence sit for moment before cheering and yelling 'that a boy Rick!'"


"My freshman year of college a dude on our floor had a very vocal girlfriend, one day they were going at it and we rounded up everyone on the floor. Then we sat around the hall outside his door and cheery and clapped when they finished. They didn't meet in his dorm room anymore."


Tell me more...

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"Talk into the wall about their sex, and ask questions about their positions."


People have some interesting ideas when trying to impede other's "lovemaking."

Loop It

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"Repeat every moan and sound they make, but louder."


"Repeat every moan and sound but in very load robot deadpan."


"Death's door"

"College, we had not-your-average-dorms, it was an old building that used to house workers for a nearby big-name fancy hotel. Anyway, lots of odd doors everywhere and paper thin walls. There was a very super goth girl on our floor (and this was an art school, so very super goth even for there is saying something). She actively and literally would turn her nose up at anyone trying to say hi, including other women."

"Her door had a sign on it 'Death's door.' So she was quickly nicknamed Death. She has an older boyfriend who comes over, and they have marathon bouts of super loud sex, where she is the one making all the noise and progressively gets louder and deeper as she goes. And thus we coined the term death-sex."

"One day, it's particularly bad. It starts very early in the morning. By the mid afternoon (yes, seriously) it had gotten so loud people from other floors came down to figure out what the hell was going on. My roommate, clearly drained and pissed at the day he's had, comes home, sees a handful of folks from the other floors, sees me, asks 'tell me they'd stopped and have just restarted' and when I tell him amazingly no, they have been going all day."

"He goes up to the door rests his forehead on it, and yells 'YOUR SEX IS JUST.... TOO LOUD FOR ME' They shut up immediately and that was the last time any of us heard death sex. Sometimes you just gotta let em know they're being too loud!"


Full Volume

"Play the song 'baby shark' on full volume. My freaking roommates used to do this in college, it was a terrible inside joke."


"We used to put the Mortal Kombat theme tune on full volume. One time we even managed to get it playing from the guys own computer after he brought a girl back. He just powered through."


"They'll be hearing that on repeat in 9 months time if they're not careful and if they don't like it they can stop what they're doing. Nice."



"Just start laughing hysterically. I was in the shower when I could hear a couple having sex. When I finished, I started to laugh hysterically. The walls were very thin. They heard me and couldn't understand why I was laughing. They did tone it down. The next morning I saw this couple as they were leaving the next morning. We all avoided eye contact. It was all I could do not to burst into laughter. They probably thought I was a strange person."


What have we learned? Know your surroundings when it's sexy time.

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