People Share Their Roommate Horror Stories


Co-habitating with another human is always difficult.

Though sometimes nothing could prepare us for the disgusting, awful things that another person just accepts and thinks of as normal. You haven't lived until you've come home to find bugs on your unwashed dishes or smelled something foul emanating from one specific room of the house.

If you've ever been unlucky enough to have to share a room with someone, there is a whole set of horror stories that come with that territory.

u/IGO95 asked:

What are your worst roommate experiences?

Here were some of those answers.

Is There A Problem Here

In 2001 I was living in a short term apartment with two random dudes while I was in Toronto for a university co-op job. I came home to my apartment with my girlfriend around 11pm open my bedroom door. Naked roommate sitting in my leather office chair cruising adult videos. He was like "what, you're the only one with an internet connection!"



Would turn the wifi off every night at 9 despite me also paying for it. Would rat me out to the landlord if I had my girlfriend over for the night but she would have her boyfriend over. And finally she would scold me for using her tv that was in the common living room space.


Kinda Gross On Your Part Bro

Both 19. Both worked in the same industry at the time but for different companies. Friday night he threw a party. I had to work the next morning and he didn't. No big deal 19 year olds party. Around midnight the party was winding down and I was in bed. All of a sudden i hear a dirt bike kick off and start doing burnouts in our kitchen.

My dumb ass roommate pulled his dirt bike into the kitchen and was power braking the f out of the linoleum. This was a little 2 bedroom house and WE SHARED A DRIVEWAY WITH OUR LANDLORD. Nothing I could do about it at the time.

I figured if I said or did anything it would probably end in a fist fight and I had to be up in 4 hours. Woke up sometime later and everybody was gone including my roommate. Dirt bike is still parked in the kitchen. I pissed in the gas tank and went to work for 9 hours.

Came home from work and he had it partially apart in the garage and was working on it. I asked him what was wrong with it and he said " I don't know its acting like it has water in the fuel tank". I still laugh about it sometimes almost 20 years later


Commune Life

Three of us lived in a house, all men in our early twenties. My friend's girlfriend moved in and didn't pay rent because she said she was too broke. Then after a couple of weeks I find out she's selling hash out of our house. They were shocked when I told them that she had to go.

My other roommate moves out to live with his girlfriend. After about a year he cheats on her and they break up. I come home to him building a make shift room in our basement.

He told me the other guys all agreed. They didn't. Then he finds a dog in the neighborhood and keeps it, also without asking despite our landlord not allowing it. Then his girlfriend discreetly moves in. Shortly after the other roommates girlfriend moved in.

Now I am livid so here's my reaction. A friend of ours is in need of a place for her and her 3 cats to live so I tell her she can move in. I help move her in and on one quiet Sunday I move all of my stuff out and go live with my mom. Leaving my 3 roomies, 2 girlfriends, a dog, and my friend with her 3 cats. Lesson learned don't make friends with hippies.


How To Deal With Aggression

Not roommate but college suite mate. She'd have people over until well after midnight and I could hear them laughing/being noisy through the walls. Then she'd complain about me being too noisy really early in the mornings. I was making coffee at 8am. Then she went on to post a ton of passive aggressive stuff on social media.


Just Setting The House On Fire, NBD

He was rather reclusive and would only come out to use the facilities and feed (we never really saw him going to class, which might explain why he left after a semester...). He'd cook simple meals, pasta and the like, but had the worst habit of leaving the burner on high when he retreated back to his cave. We had to have about 3-4 discussions of increasing intensity before it finally stopped.


Ferreting Out

Not my story but my current roommate(/landlord) rented out a room to this girl with a pet ferret. [A bit of info: my roommate/landlord didn't put her on a lease or contract which was her mistake] This girl never cleaned the ferret's cage or her room or her sheets. And within 1-2 months her room's floor was caked with ferret poo and reeked. The girl had a boyfriend who would come by sometimes to clean up for her but would spend the night vomiting in the bathroom because of how badly the room smelled. (A bit of backstory on this girl: she grew up pampered by her mom, who did everything for her, this girl never had to clean a day in her life. She didn't even know how to use a can opener or boil an egg)

My roommate/landlord had to hire a cleaner to bleach the whole room and scrub the whole thing on their hands and knees because the ferret poo was caked in all the floor's cracks.


Cause And Effect

This is my favorite of their crimes. So past roommate left opened pasta sauce in the cupboard. Didn't realize it should be refrigerated.

I noticed when I went, "Ooh, pasta sauce!" and discovered the inch of mold over it. Mmmmmh mouthfeel.

So since they'd done other terrible things, I decided they needed a firsthand lesson on how to live life. So I left the moldy pasta sauce where I'd found it. (I know, you expected something atrocious from me there. I just wanted them to understand what needs to be refrigerated, so i only washed my hands of the moldy sauce.)

Two months later, I noticed the pasta sauce was still there. But... they'd just scraped the mold out and used it anyway.

Also, this roommate was always sick hmmmm.


An Accusation Out Of Left Field

I moved into a bachelor apartment with a girl that just turned 18 (i was 23). I didn't know her well but she seemed nice and i felt bad for her because she didn't have a place to stay and was sleeping on the floor of some guys apartment. Things started out fine and we split the apartment down the middle for privacy. A few weeks in she asks if her mom can come stay with us for a week or 2 because she's in an unsafe environment and i'm like sure ok.

Well three months later and the mom is still there. And they fight constantly. Smoke weed constantly. And the girl has her boyfriend spending the night all the time too. At this point it's getting to much to handle and i'm getting sick and then i get the news that my boyfriend passed away. I have no reason to stay in that city so i talk to the apartment manager and the mom about signing the lease over to her. Give them my keys and move out.

Cut to a month later. I just get out of the hospital after a week stay. I haven't had my phone on me and had no access to the outside world (it was a psychiatric hospital as i had a break down because of my boyfriends death). My mailbox on my phone was full and i had like 100+ texts from the mom and girl. They accused me of breaking into the apartment and stealing their rent money while i was in the hospital. They claimed they had me on video in the lobby of the apartment and they hired a private detective who dusted for finger prints and found my finger prints all over the apartment and they "scrubbed all trace of me away". I asked them how they could afford a private dic when they couldn't afford rent and they had no answer.

They were absolutely insane and i still an "friends" with the girl on Instagram and she is still crazy.



My wife's former roommate left some stuff, including a can of dog food. A large can of dog food. It was hidden in the back of the food pantry. The thing is nobody had a dog there, ever. So who knows how long it had been there. Well they discovered it after finding small meal worms in the flour after they made crepes. Turns out they had infested the dog food and then subsequently everything else in the pantry. I'm talking webs and silk strands everywhere is was a horror nest.


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