Disney fans only complain because they're very passionate people.

The tumblr Walt Disney Confessions draws in the most passionate Disney fans from all over the internet to share their thoughts on what they wish the Disney films and parks would do--just to make everything that much better.  Here are some of the true confessions.

Costumes Make The Man

I really want Disney to do Disney Princess with Historically Accurate costumes. Cause I really want Belle in a Marie Antoinette dress. Or even Snow White in a French Hood. [x]      

Quality Across The Board

I understand Descendants is the New High School Musical franchise for Disney, but I think its so lame and one-dimensional. I also feel like everyone is so auto-tuned I cant get into the songs. Why cant Disney treat its TV movies like their theatrical releases? [x]


No Matter How Your Heart Is Grieving

I wish so many Disney characters were real just so I could embrace them when Im lonely and suffering from my severe depressive disorder, like Genie, Cheshire cat and Mad Hatter, Flora Fauna and Merryweather, Pongo and Perdita, Duchess and O'Malley, Sebastian, the list goes on. It breaks my heart that such memorable characters are fiction, an many of their voice actors are dead and gone. [x]

God Help The Outcasts

I'm really, really salty that Esmeralda isn't a Disney Princess.  I know that she used to be, but she honestly needs to be back in the franchise.  As a Romani woman, she means a lot to me. [x]


My Name Is Knowable And You're Watching Disney Channel

I wish Disney Channel would do what Nickelodeon did and make a Throwback channel or even a throwback time block where shows like Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens and movies like Smart House and A Ring of Endless Light. I feel like I can never find those shows to re-watch on my own, especially the films. I miss them! [x]

Why Should I Worry

I wish there was more love for the underrated Disney movies. Not just Treasure Planet or Atlantis, I mean Fox and the Hound, Oliver and Company, Hercules, all of them. Because even though theyre not about princesses, they still have great lessons in the end, beautiful animation, and amazing songs. [x]

When Hinges Creak In Doorless Chambers

Its been 7 years sense Guillermo Del Toro announced his Haunted Mansion Reboot and yet Disney (and Del Toro himself) has not given us Disney fans any sort of update on when its going to go into full production, its frustrates me because this is the only Live-Action remake out of all the other Live-Action Remakes Disney is making that I want to see! [x]


You'll Never Have A Friend Like Him

I cried when they announced Will Smith as the genie in the live-action Aladdin. I mean, Im sure hell be fantastic, and I love Will Smith as an actor and role model, but Robin Williams. Man, he was my childhood. He was literally the embodiment of my soul when he said comedians are usually the most depressed people but they still want to make others laugh. He was my encouragement and light. Regardless of the great job Smith will do, it will be too hard for me to watch the new Aladdin. [x]

Goodbye Hans, Hello Hades

I wish Disney could take a break from surprise villains because I miss the villain songs. That was something I would look forward to every new movie and now that Disney has done mostly surprise villains, Ive gotten a little disappointed. I loved Shiny and all, but I miss the intense songs like Be Prepared and Poor Unfortunate Souls. [x


Unexpected/Unwanted Crossovers

It really bothers me that the director of Frozen confirmed that Anna and Elsas parents are Tarzans parents. First of all, hes the director, not the writer, the character designer, or anybody else who has any authority on the characters, just the director. Second of all, all the facts are coincidence or flat-out lies. Anna and Elsas parents ship got capsized and sank, Tarzans parents ship caught fire. Not to mention the two sets of parents LOOK ENTIRELY DIFFERENT! It drives me crazy.[ x]

Tales As Old As Time

I understand that Disney is a business and that money has always been their main priority. That said, I dont think this recent trend of live action remakes is based only on that. Rather, I think it shows Disneys realization that none of the companys newer releases will ever truly be as iconic or as groundbreaking as their older movies. So all thats left to do is to try recreating the classics. This disappoints me. [x]


It Means No Worries

When I found out that the cast of 'Beauty And The Beast' had to sing Hakuna Matata as their audition song I got really irritated.  That song isn't even hard to sing! Almost anyone can sing it and sound good.  They should have made each character sing something they would have had to sing in the film. [x]

Neglected Spin-Offs

I hate how Disney treats 'Gargoyles.'  It's a really popular series, and they keep on giving it the short stick, like what happened with the comic book series or the DVDs.  They give it no promotion so the casual fans don't even know about it, and then wonder why it underperforms.  I've seen plenty of people who love the series whenever it gets brought up, and half of them don't even know about the DVDs or the comics. [x]

In The Beginning

I'm so disappointed that Disney never opened the 'Legendary Years' section of the Pop Century Resort.  Vintage is such a big part of who I am so I wanted to see the 'Legendary Years' so badly.  Disney has the power of making me feel like I'm being transported to various times/places and I just wish I could have experienced being transported to the 1900s-1940s while at the resort. [x]


See The Line Where The Sky Meets The Sea

I honestly ache when I look at the backgrounds and scenery in 'Moana.'  I've always wanted to visit too-good-to-be-true, fantastically beautiful tropical islands and sit in the warm water beside smooth sandy shores.  'Moana' makes it look so real, and I'm kind of saddened to know I'll never be able to visit her world. [x]

No Ohana For You

I really can't stand Stitch and wish he wasn't so popular and Disney would stop using him as a mascot. [x]


I (Don't) Wanna Be Like You

I wish Pixar would stop making films about white males and their problems.  It's getting bland and stale.  Like, it's the 21st Century.  They could use some diversity. [x]

The Twi-Ride Zone

Im still pretty upset about the Tower of Terror going down in DCA. Its especially upsetting since the Parisian version looks to be going down as well, so I can only wonder how safe the original Florida attraction truly is. [x]


Mr. Toad And Friends

I wish J. Thaddeus Toad from 'The Wind In The Willows' was a meetable character at the Disney parks.  Knowing how beloved Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is at Disneyland and formerly Walt Disney World.  He would be the most fun and entertaining character to meet, along with the Mad Hatter. [x]

Mickey's (Not So Scary) Halloween Short

Oddly my favorite Mickey Mouse cartoon is 'Runaway Brain.' I think the animation looks gorgeous and the humor is actually really hilarious.  It's too bad that it's hardly shown or mentioned anywhere due to the 'Evil Mickey' controversy (which is understandable.) And it's a shame because, despite the controversy, the cartoon is really good.  I just wish Disney would make Mickey Mouse cartoons like this, of course, minus the scary stuff.  [x]



Ratatouille is my favorite Pixar movie, I relate to Remy, my parents didnt want me to leave home but once I did I found who I was and my love for cooking. [x]

Out With The New, In With The Old

I lost every ounce of respect I had for Disney when they began doing the live-action remakes and destroyed Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast so completely. Both films LOOK great, but are awful in almost every other way possible. [x]

90s DCOM/DCOS Life

I wish Disney Channel gave more love to The Famous Jett Jackson. It had a great cast and was one of my favorite shows growing up, but Disney doesnt seem to acknowledge much from before Lizzie McGuire. The only time they do is if they play the DCOM and even that usually airs late at night. [x]


What I've Been Looking For

As a live-theater veteran, High School Musical makes me so angry for giving kids some really terrible ideas about how stage shows work. No, you cant just show up late for an audition and get the lead. No, you cant have the entire world jam out to your call back. Troy and Gabi acted so unprofessionally that in real live theater, they wouldnt be taken seriously and kicked the hell out. Sharpay may have been a diva, but she took theater seriously. Shed win the part in my show before Gabriella. [x]


Simply A Former Figment

I hope someday somebody might convince Disney to make a fully animated film based on the original Journey Into Imagination attraction. That way it will give more exposure to Dreamfinder and Figment to the general public outside the Disney community. [x]

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