Rihanna Voguing To Random Songs Is The Viral Meme That We All Deserve 😂

Rihanna is already a global superstar, but now she'll go down in history as the subject of a dynamite meme.

A video of Rihanna voguing with two of her background dancers during a 2016 performance of "Take Care" and "We Found Love" has resurfaced. In a style similar to the infamous "Party Rock Anthem" meme, fans quickly discovered Rihanna's dance fit many different pieces of music, some more appropriate for her dance moves than others.

Here's the dance Rihanna did with its original music:


Things started to look different pretty quickly once Twitter got its hands on the clip, however.

How far could Rihanna's dancing be pushed? Would it truly fit under anything?

The answer is yes.

What a journey! If you're feeling untethered from reality, that's perfectly understandable. To reground yourself in the real world, here's some clips of Rihanna breaking it down to her own music. Enjoy!

H/T - Billboard, Mashable

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