People Imagine What They'd Leave In Someone's Home If They Were A Reverse Robber


A reverse robber? What's that?

Well, imagine that instead of breaking into somebody's house to steal their things, you instead break into that person's house and leave something behind. Why would you do that, you ask? Because you're a reverse robber, duh.

Also, it might be fun! You never know what will come of leaving something behind.

u/Uncle_Donk asked:

You're a reverse robber. You break into peoples home and leave stuff to confuse families. What things do you leave?

Here were people's thought experiments.


My cooking pots once cloned themselves. When we once had one of each type we suddenly had two identical pots of each.

Turns out my in-laws got new pots and decided to give us their old ones by secretly leaving them in our cupboard. That was really confusing.

Greasy Fruit

A single Vaseline covered watermelon in the bathtub

But like, enough that you can't tell there's a watermelon hidden inside that 3 gallon pile of vaseline. And guess what, the last .5 gallon is Vicks vaporub.

Useful Yet Useless

Chargers that don't match any of their electronics.

1st gen mini usb chargers. Not microusb like everything takes noe. Mini usb. Just a LITTLE too big to fit anything

The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street

Stuff I stole from the previous house. You never run out of items!

Neighborhood riots begin to break out as people notice neighbors and friends with their stolen goods. People stop trusting each other. The whole town slowly becomes just a bunch of people who won't talk to each other.

First Lite I See Tonite

Lite Brite, and everyone gets a different picture.

For the longest time I was trying to figure out why you would leave diet soda .. and what picture that would make. Then I finally remembered what a damn lite brite actually is. GD can I go back to childhood? I've been "adulting" too long- I should not be forgetting something like that.

Is It Passive Or Just Aggressive

Each house would get a second hand self-help book left on the back of the toilet.

Everyone would think a different family member did it. That they'd read it themselves and felt they needed to give it to said person. Even of they lived alone they'd think family or friends snuck in. They'd be wondering why no one said anything directly but feel too uncomfortable to ask. You could destroy entire families with just this!

I Want To Believe

Someone broke into my garage once, didn't take any of my good tools, or anything at all. Left a decent flashlight. I was pretty confused.

Deliberately Misleading

A remote control

I think it would be similarly humorous to install a new light switch. Put it in such an inconspicuous place that they would be asking themselves, "has that switch always been there?" But then they would shrug and laugh quietly to themselves, because of course it's always been there, light switches don't just pop up out of nowhere! And then they'd forever wonder what the hell it does, which is of course, absolutely nothing.

Hard Money

Pennies. Just get thousands of pennies and hide them all around the house. They open a container in the fridge and find pennies. They look under their pillow and find pennies. They find pennies in their shoes. The possibilities are endless.

Chaotic Or Lawful

If I'm being a jerk, I'd leave another woman's jewelry or something in the master bedroom.

If I'm being helpful, I'd want to be year round Santa. Little Timmy's been wanting a bike? What? The family woke up to a new bike in the living room with a fancy bow on it? Been craving some pizza lately? What? Who put the digiornios in the oven? Ding dong. Who's there? there's a delivery guy with a xlarge supreme with a 2 liter coke? Been struggling to pay the bills? Why is there 10k in cash inside a man's mouth in the freezer with a note attached on careful disposal instructions?

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