Why do people cheat?

One of life's eternal questions.

I've always said if you're cheating, you're clearly not happy.

We all know that some folks stray in a relationship, but what happens after someone cheats?

Sometimes life calls for a little comeuppance.

Redditor Big-Bell6898 wanted to hear about all the scandalous ideas to pay back a cheater and asked:

"What is the best revenge on a cheating partner?"

My first instinct is to set fire to their belongings... Angela Bassett style.

That hasn't always worked for me.

I own you...

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"Seduce and marry one of the parents and become their new step parent. Then ground them."


"This made me laugh pretty hard."


Whip It

"My wife left after I had a health issue so she could enjoy her life. I recovered, joined a gym, joined a whip dancing club and got out with friends at least four nights a week, took my grown kids out fishing on the weekends. Dated some but more importantly made a lot of lady friends that really helped raise my self worth. 11 years later I married a fantastic woman who makes my life wonderful."

"We’ve been together for almost 30 years now and she told me she owes my ex a debt of gratitude for making me available. My ex quickly married a bar hookup who refused to work and she had to support them both. She’s still unhappy with her life. So as far as I’m concerned the best revenge is to forget they even exist and enjoy your life."


Just Don't

"From a person who's been cheated on by two different partners, the best revenge is no revenge. Start taking care of yourself more. Go to a movie or dinner by yourself, maybe pick up an exercise plan, and begin appreciating the fact that you can find happiness all by yourself."

"They may never regret their behavior, and that's not for you to ponder. going to bed every night with a clear conscience knowing that you did your best and still have love in your heart is a beautiful thing."

"Be well friend. :) "


Don't Engage...

"Acting like they never existed. If you find out they cheat, don't engage. Ignoring people is the most effective, most painful mental trick you can play with someone. You'd be surprised how many people you can manipulate if you just simply pretend they're not there. Egos are fragile."


"My mom once told me that the opposite of love is not hate. It is indifference."


Tell All...

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"Some will say nothing. Some will say airing that dirty laundry across as many social media and content sharing platforms as possible.

"Depends on how nice you are."


Telling the secrets... not always a great idea.

Surprise Food!


"Rip the tags/paper (whatever it’s called) off of all of their canned food, the only way to find out what it is is by opening them."


"please talk to me"

"So when I was in my 20s I was with this girl I really really cared about. Thought it was really going to last forever. Beautiful, sweet, smart, independent. I mean i got a real sense she wanted to be with me and not needed to be with someone. Made me feel great. I one day caught her f**king another dude."

"I was absolutely devastated. But instead of yelling, screaming and acting violent or angry I just said 'oh crap. Sorry' and left. Never picked up the phone. Again. Never went to 'get my stuff' or any other nonsense. Just cut her off. She called and left voice-mails and texted me."

"They started out as 'you have to let me explain' to 'please give me another chance' to 'the fact that you showed no emotion or anything and have just cut me off shows you never cared about me anyway' eventually she said she hated me and was glad she did it."

"Then she would apologize and say 'please talk to me' it was pretty obvious that my reaction was eating her up inside. It hurt, but you move on. It's fine. In the end she wasn't the right one. I'm happily married with 2 kids and 2 dogs and a house now. Life is full of ups and downs. Don't let them define you."


Girl Bye

"Instead of focusing on revenge, put all of your energy into improving your life. Stay sober, stay focused, get therapy, start a journal, exercise, and if you have a job get serious about your work. These are the things I did after my partner of 12 years cheated on me. I'm proud to say that as a result I've lost 40 pounds."

"I've had several promotions, upgraded my house, bought a new jeep, built a hot tub fort in my back yard, and I now take regular vacations. Now she's very unhappy with her choices, and unfortunately stuck in an unhealthy relationship with the man she left me for. I almost feel sorry for... Nah, not really lol. Girl bye!!"


best gifts...

"My wife was abusive and a complete narcissist. She then admitted to me one day of having an affair with a married guy from work for years."

"Fast forward 5 years, I haven’t spoken to her since, I make 5 times what I made when I was with her, I’m in the best shape of my life, relocated to a new area, and I’m re-married to an amazing woman."

"Calling it quits with that loser was the best gift I could have ever received."


The Best

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"Leaving and living a life so good you forget they exist."


"I do this in practice because my 'bucket of crabs' trick is very high effort and moving on is just a lot easier and less messy."


It's hard to move on. But moving on is the best medicine.