People Reveal The Nicest Thing Someone Can Do For Them


Always lead with kindness. It's free.

In this time of darkness when the world seems lost and humanity's soul depleted it's always uplifting to hear stories about simple acts of kindness. Simple acts of kindness and smile can change the course of a person's life. Try it sometime.

Redditor u/Aurallius wanted to give us all a little hope in humanity by asking.... What's the nicest thing someone can do for you?

You ok?


Honestly I had a pretty crap night tonight, and as I was walking, drunk, some guy across the street was like "hey man, you good?" and I gave him a thumbs up and said yeah I was fine. And just the fact that a stranger cared enough to even ask something like that made my night. And boy was it a hard night to make. SOwED

Have a Cake pop... 

Just thinking of me/keeping me in mind.

When my boyfriend and I were in college, he knew I really had a thing for Starbucks cake pops. And when I was working on a paper or studying for a test (or even just having a bad day), he'd grab one for me on his way back to the dorms. Little things like that really make my day because it shows that someone appreciates me and thinks about me. sleepyhollow_101

The Basics....

Thanks for being honest and upfront. That's the nicest thing you could do for me. umeduskfox

Listen to me when I need it. WhiskyCat89

Hold Me...

Give me a tight hug and let me cry in their arms. God do I need that. BetelgeuseFox

I am a great hugger, if I was anywhere near you I would hug you.

I needed one of those hugs once and it can be freeing, sometimes it's all you need to keep going, someone provided it for me. I know how important it is to you. Coldfreeze-Zero

You scratch mine and....


A really, really light back scratch. Like even lighter than you think. Lighter. Yes. flipper_babies

Who needs drugs when you can have your back scratched. one_brow


Don't exploit my kindness or generosity. I like to be kind to people who don't expect it but deserve it. I hate it when d***heads get manipulative and I really only come to realize it when its getting dangerously toxic. IIIpl4sm4III

Share the Silence. 

Just enjoy the silence with me. Currently my mom and two younger siblings are living with me because of personal reasons. It's always loud and I can't stand loudness around me all the time. If I have the chance to sit in silence with someone I appreciate it so much. Tibbersbear

Be Present!

Show interest in what I'm saying and include me in conversation. I always feel like I'm a pretty boring person, so its genuinely heart-warming when people include me in discussions. Brihadeeshwara

Tears are healthy....

Tell me crying isn't for babies and that it's normal to be emotional. People always mocked me for that. Gucci-Nerb12

Hey, It's okay to cry and be emotional.

Crying isn't for babies, it's for people.

Regarding those mocking you... They don't matter.

Stay true to yourself and your feelings. That's what makes you human. :) ZDeight



Be with me when I'm not doing okay. Sometimes I need a lot of verbal affirmation and it can be really annoying and so when someone sticks with it it's the nicest feeling ever. applejuicekitten

So much this!!! My SO is a great person who loves me, but I'm very insecure and he doesn't seem to get that I need reassurance that he wont leave or abandon me, not that he has ever given me reason to think so. I'm just.... I need confirmation that I'm loved, sometimes more then others. heartofthenorthsky


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