People Reveal Why They Only Have A Minimal Amount Of Friends


You got to have FRIENDS!!!

It's about quality not quantity! Friendship is sacred. Friends are our inner circle, our ride or die. We get to choose our friends... that is worth more than gold. So let's discuss what makes a friend a friend......

Redditor u/HMSalesman wanted everyone to discuss their relationships with friends by asking... People who don't have a lot of friends, what is the reason that you don't have a lot of friends?

All by Myself...


I'm an introvert and enjoy just being at home. SJ548

Me too but sometimes I feel a bit too lonely. HMSalesman

You Got to gave Friends! 

I'm not very good at being around people I don't know and that makes it hard to meet people to become friends with. Iggy363

Same here. Also, I cannot converse as well as my current friends. I can't imagine trying to speak with a new person for a long period of time. ScratchedTree

There are pills....

I used to have dozens then I fell into an endless bout of depression and secluded myself and drifted apart from every single one of them. Jar_Jar_R_Martin

Hey, some of them still probably think of you and care about you! I know that's true for some of my old friends who did that too. You got this! MeLoveMilan

With Each Passing Year...

The older I get, the less I want to interact with people and be social. I don't enjoy going out and meeting people anymore, I like being alone. _Clever___Username_

That's me. I used to be an extreme extrovert. Now the energy to meet new people and form relationships doesn't seem worth it. I don't consider them friends, as I never talk to them outside of the confines of the situation that i met them (church, tennis, work, etc.). I have a few friends that I've known for 10-20 years, and I'm good with that. Jethris

Stay Straight.


Went sober, realized I only saw a lot of my 'friends' at the bar/parties. pleasegiveusmorehype

I Can't Say....

Embarrassed about my situation to really open up to anyone. lostoompa

OOooooh. This right here. I remember when I was working this shit job and had bills coming out of everywhere. People wanted to hang out but I didn't have any money and they took it as a personal insult that I couldn't/wouldn't hang out. In hindsight I kinda wonder what would have happened had I been more blunt in my poorness and suggested activities that were more... accessible. Probably would still not be friends with them but it would have made the process a lot quicker/less stressful. TrainedITMonkey


I'm quite good at initially making friends, but after 4 or 5 meet ups people quickly realize I'm a boring vacuous person with no hobbies or interests who doesn't really care about anything they have to say. TwiceWritten


I was a pretty big nerd growing up, and all my high school friends were huge gamers. I would hang out with them online. They never wanted to go anywhere. Flash forward 15 years and I got a wife and had kids. I lost interest in gaming. My friends are still the same way, always gaming, constantly. So while I technically have friends, I really don't since they never want to hang out IRL and I don't game. bluecheetahmonkey


I can't control my emotions, that's why people keep distance from only few who can keep up become my close friend. And because of that i lack social skill and mostly afraid to socialize. stevenzx33

Bless the Kids....


I have a kid with special needs and another with epilepsy. For some reason that makes people think our kids can't play with theirs the same way and it certainly doesn't make people want to babysit so we can go out. It sucks. Even grandparents don't want to watch the kids. sendmeabook


Who else has chosen quality over quantity?

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