People Reveal The Dumbest Thing Their Significant Other Has Said


Can you repeat that? Or not....

Love can make you blind to many things. Or maybe it's sex, let's be honest it's both. Nobody is perfect and our flaws and quirks add to the delicious recipe that create us. So when our significant others do a little something that is odd or just flat out shocking we just go with it if we love them enough. And let's be honest... we'll need them to repay the favor down the road. We all have our "my mind has gone empty" moments.

Redditor u/halcyon_n_on_n_on wanted to hear what things some lovers think is appropriate chatter or behavior by asking.... What's the dumbest thing your significant other has said or done?

Wax on... 

She told me she only waxes her legs, because if you shave one hair, then it splits and two grow back in its place... bleanblanket

Honestly, I met someone who is a hairdresser, owns a salon, and complains about how hairdressers in this country are trained so badly (she is from overseas).

She was having a conversation with someone, telling them that it they pull their grey hairs out, 2 grow back in their place. I didn't argue with her expertise, but I know nothing about hair and even I know that's a myth.

Also, if that's the case you could really thicken up your hair as it thins with age! not_all_cats

Pot-a-toe... Pot-o-toe....

Current GF thought that the movie showings during the day were "Manatee Shows." I had to explain to her that they are in fact "Matinee Shows." 🤦🏻♂️😂

Also convinced my ex-wife that the little pepper balls you grind to make pepper were the seeds from a pepperoni plant and that pepperoni wasn't actually meat and grew straight up out of the ground like an earth penis. illini211

Not the moment Pop....

As I'm in labor with our daughter, my husband asks "Do you want her to have an innie or an outie belly button?" Weird question, but whatever. So I tell him I don't mind either way, both are cute. And then he says "Yeah, but when the Dr asks, which should we pick for her?"

He thought when they clamp the umbilical cord, parents tell the Dr the type of belly button they prefer. He's really smart, I promise. NoThankYouTrebek

Where Am I?


I'll answer for my wife. I had gone to Home Depot to pick up a trailer hitch ball for my truck. I didn't realize that they had different shaft sizes, and I didn't know which size I needed, so I called my wife and this conversation took place:

Me: "Are you at the house?"

Her: "Yeah, why?"

Me: "Can you go out to the driveway and measure the hole in the bumper of my truck? It should be either 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch."

There's a pause...

Her: "Isn't your truck with you?"

Yes. Yes it was. That was how I had gotten to Home Depot. I forgot. PrimarySearcher

Man... MAN!! 

When my wife and I started dating in the mid 1980's she knew I was a huge fan of David Letterman. She said she had a huge surprise for me as she had tickets to see Letterman at a local venue.

I was confused since David Letterman did not tour. I looked at the tickets she purchased and they were for the old 60's band "The Lettermen."

We didn't go, but I married her. 30 years this September... DetroitBreakdown

Be like Lucy....

One time my husband called me at work, "Babe, you're gonna be mad, I made a mess but don't worry I'll fix it!" I didn't even ask, just sighed, because he is basically Lucy from "I Love Lucy." When I got home a little bit later it was to a living room COVERED in gray powder, my husband completely filthy with a trash bag and broom and a super panicked look on his face. Turned out he'd decided to help around the house and wanted to clean the fireplace, he'd just decided the best way to do it would be to stand in front of it with a trash bag and use the leaf blower to blow the ashes in.

Spoiler - that doesn't work. I didn't want to hurt his feelings but I laughed my butt off and it's still one of my favorite weird things he's done. awash907

All the lights.... 

My boyfriend as we were looking up at the beautiful night sky.

"Wow, there's so much we don't know about the universe. Like where the stars go during the day. Are they still there? If not, where do they go?"

He was dead serious. tinbasher97

One mom To-Go! 

My favorite memory of my parents is going to some fast food joint, through the drive thru. Mom is driving and giving our orders to the cashier. Just as she finishes my dad casually says "To go" my mom, and she turns back to the cashier and says "To go." Two seconds of buffering later and she slaps my dad full on in the chest, who is laughing hysterically. Don't think we've ever let her live that down. ZeBootygoon

Oh Lawdy...


My girlfriend in college attended my graduation and afterward says to me, "Man, there were a lot of people with the name 'lawdy'."

Each time someone was given their degree, it was announced whether they were graduating "cum laude" or not. My girlfriend thought America's largest family graduated from university with me that day - the Lawdy family and they all looked unrelated.

Bless your heart dear....


I asked him to plant a baby tree in the back garden. The next day I saw it and thought it looked strange. Walked up and it had been planted upside down. He thought the roots were tiny limp branches. Laughed for days. goaheadblameitonme

Yolks on Her....

I showed her how to crack an egg by tapping it against another egg and she thought this meant any amount of force would be absorbed by only one egg and smashed two eggs together spraying yolk everywhere. chunkyhenrybakes

I love this method, it's the easiest, and I never get any eggshells in the bowl. Plus I like to see which egg becomes the champion of the carton.👑 hellkill

You can try...


My now ex-girlfriend got a Polaroid camera for Christmas. Jokingly one day I said "Does it take videos?" And she very seriously said "I'm sure it does but I haven't tried that feature yet." BeerAintDrinkin

Bird Watcher....

We were on a walk, in a rural area with lots of farmers fields full of sheep and cows. She looks off to a field in the distance, turns around to me and says "Why do they keep birds in a field?"

Edit: Worded badly, they were actually birds in the field but it was in fact an empty field with birds just hanging out and she thought it was some kind of bird farm haha. Nate_Cakes

Very Good... now try Cat...

We were sitting in a bus in the middle of heavy rush hour traffic. I'm kind of a car geek, so I spotted a mint condition 1970s classic Mustang.

I just went and said "Look honey! A car!"

There were hundreds of them.

... I don't think she'll let me live this down. Vakardur

Partners in Duh...

I love my husband but I have watched him empty a vacuum cleaner bag into a wire wastebasket.

I, on the other hand, am frequently unable to remember common words and have to resort to saying things like "The box you put stuff in to make it cold." AugustaScarlett

Did you hit your head?

Once me and my SO went for a walk around a local nature reserve.

On the way in we got a map given to us so we could navigate the area. Later on the walk she is looking at the map and says to me "these maps really need a 'you are here' on them."

It took me a second to realize what she meant, so I explained that it's a hand held map and that it wouldn't be possible, it took 4/5 attempts before it clicked with her. Yazad

Arms of Fury...

One time while dating my now wife, we got into a playful pinching fight while I was driving (probably not a great idea, but we were young). She starts getting frustrated and pinching harder, but my right arm was hooked on her left arm (like when you walk together with your arms hooked in movies). She pinched herself and thought it was me, she pinched so hard she screamed and got mad. Her next reaction was what made me almost crash! She doubled down and did it again harder and screamed even louder.

Somehow she didn't realize it was her arm the way we were hooked together, even though in that position I had no way to touch her. She was getting pissed because I was cracking up. Just remembering her anger then confusing always makes me laugh. devvortex

Bad Boy!

Late to the party but....

My parents have an extremely ugly little dog. Like, this thing is unfortunate. A cross between a Chihuahua and some sort of lesser demon. Buggy eyes, underbite, just ugly. And she picks on my dogs, so she's not my favorite.

But this little creature adores my husband. One day, he came in to my parent's house from work (I was already there) and ugly dog runs up to him like she just won the lottery. He scoops her up, laughing, and completely without thinking, he said, "Ticktockmaven, why is it that only the ugly girls like me?"

There was dead silence, and his expression blanched in slow motion. It was like someone looking down and realizing they had pooped all over the floor. I said nothing, just got up and walked outside, the sounds of his pitiful groveling following me. "Not you!! I didn't mean you!! Oh my God, I am so sorry, I didn't..."

I know he meant nothing by it, but to this day my entire family gives him crap for it. He definitely paid for the faux pas, lol. ticktockmaven

Try Mashed....


Tried to make baked potatoes in the microwave for the first time. Wrapped them in tinfoil. Came to ask me why there were lightning bolts in the microwave and why was it getting very hot. john_wb

An apple a day can get you home....

My boyfriend didn't realize Apple Maps gives directions.

He called me in a panic because he was lost and didn't know how to get home. I calmly told him to open Maps and type in our address and it'll navigate him home. He wouldn't believe me. He insisted that Apple Maps is "just a general map of your nearby area." I pleaded and pleaded with him to just try it and he refused. He eventually made it home an hour later which I then sat him down and showed him how to use Apple Maps. Baby-Got-Books-1989


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