People Reveal Which Common Warning Signs People Don't Take Seriously


Listen to your gut... RUN!!

LOOK OUT BELOW!! STOP!!! It seems like the only way humans listen to warnings are if life threatening danger and exclamation points are involved. But there are so many signs, smaller and more poignant, that we ignore that would save us on the everyday. All we have to do is pay attention.

Redditor u/Yesmaybeiagreemaybe wanted us all to share the warning signs we ignore but we shouldn't in order to survive.... What is a common warning people don't take seriously or dismiss too easily?

Hot. Hot. HOT!

"Caution: Hot!"

Source: My tongue. Infranto

And yet every time I'm like, "I'm sure it won't be too ba... OH GOD IT'S SO HOT!" LogicalBike

The Knees Have It! 

Lift with your knees. You'll be fine until the one time it's not and your back will give out. ZhouDa

If you wear your knees out eventually, well, knee replacements these days are pretty good and tons of people have a good quality of life after total knee replacements.

Can't say the same for wrecking your back. hairyholepatrol

Too Loud... 

Wear ear protection if you work in loud environments. A lot of people I work with won't wear ear protection when using the band saw right quick or something. But it adds up.

It takes years and years to really become noticeable. But you're going to regret it if you don't wear it. Hearing loss is exhausting, for you and the people around you. kotkaiser

It takes 7 Years....

Do not walk on black rocks near the ocean. Tourists keep dying at Peggy's Cove because they want to get close to the water, no matter how many warning signs there are. People who didn't grow up near water (me) maybe don't know why this is a thing, but living near here for 7 years now I get it. They are black because they are wet, meaning you could be swept away in a matter of seconds. l23456

Make it Rain....


Bring water if you go hiking.

It's easy to not think about how important water is when living in easy reach of a tap and a controlled environment. Dehydration and heat injuries are serious stuff. tagged2high

There is a limit to loss....

Sudden, unexpected and especially rapid weight loss.

If you suddenly start losing, and keep losing, body weight despite not making any significant dietary or lifestyle changes then see a doctor as soon as possible. Moratamor

Check on it....

When you're a guy older than 55 and have to pee several times during the night.

I've been with my 2nd husband for 10 years. He's not quite 60. I've told him "get that checked out" a kabillion times. Nope. He just... wouldn't.

He finally did last week. He has prostate cancer. Stabfacenotback

Love is Stupid! 

When more then 1 friend tells you to not go out with someone. DerpysealzVI

Was gonna write the same thing. Dated this girl for 5 months, literally none of my friends thought it was a good idea because of how she treated me. I was in stupidly in love and kept seeing her even if it made me feel really bad. Now that Im over her I think back and get afraid of how stupid love makes me. I should've listened. fiddz0r

The Blind Spot....

Checking your blind spot. ButterfingersIV

Omg yes.

Also if you are in someone's blind spot either speed up or slow down to get out of it. That could save your life. jonquillejaune

Watch your diet.... 

Don't eat before surgery. Seriously. Like you could die. People ignore this all the time. surgerygeek

And don't lie to the anesthesiologist when they ask you if you ate or drank anything. Laser_Lens_4

Don't Stroke out...


As someone who works in a ER, slurred speech or any other neurological symptom. People think it's nothing and a lot of times it is but I've personally seen too many "he was just having trouble getting his words out" and it it turns out to be a huge brain bleed or a massive stroke. Always remember FAST, Facial drop, Arms (can't lift one arm or feels numb) Speech (slurred speech or talking non sensical), Time (if any of those symptoms are present call EMS NOW). Time is the biggest factor in strokes and other neurological issues. I've seen strokes that come within the golden 3 hours and get reversed with Tpa treatment and have little to no long term deficits. ColeV_2

Beyond the Sea....

"When in doubt, don't go out!" (pertaining to the ocean).

No matter how good of a swimmer you are, the sea will always be stronger. schwenomorph

Never Mix.... 

Mixing certain pills with alcohol i.e benzos and opioids. DerpressionNaps


If acetaminophen (generic Tylenol) were brought to market today, it would be very unlikely to be sold over the counter, without prescription. Its therapeutic window is VERY small and an overdose has minimal symptoms until your liver is shutting down.

I'm an ER nurse. I've seen more accidental Tylenol ODs than I can count- without getting the antidote in a timely manner, the patient may require a liver transplant or suffer a very painful death by liver failure. adeonsine

Eyes on the road....

If there's an accident up ahead slow down and proceed with caution. There are A LOT of poopheads who want to look at it, take photos/videos, etc and end up causing other crashes with their negligence/ignorance. A_Wild_VelociFaptor

Beware the Red Flags...


When red flags are up at the beach (or however they indicate dangerous conditions).

Yes the waves may not look that big from the beach but I can promise you that they look much bigger once you're out in the water. Also, rip currents and strong currents in general aren't always visible. The people that post these warnings live at the beach and know their stuff so you should probably respect what they say. gangalang69

Drive Safely!!! 

Don't text and drive. during my last year of high school the bus driver texted while driving everyday. I'm glad she didn't crash the bus filled with kids. verylargeandhumomges

Don't drink and drive. Mr_Abe_Froman

Tread Lightly....

Possibly the whole "Don't push someone when they seem unstable." For some it might be funny and entertaining, but if they actually hurt themselves or someone else, it immediately becomes not funny and scary. lunchesandbentos

Buckle Up! 

Wear a seatbelt. People who don't wear seatbelts die, even in slow speed collisions. They get thrown out the windshield or out the side if there is a rollover. The 2nd worst is when a bunch of people pile into a car to be silly and then everyone without a seatbelt dies or is paralyzed. The 1st worst is when someone holds a child instead of placing them on a seat buckled. type40_2

Hide the Funds....

Have emergency funds. fejprgj9

for a true emergency, not stuff like gifts or a vacation

And not for regular consumer-over-purchasing when you just lost your job. You need to nail down necessity expenses and cut the other crap out if that happens. Phillip__Fry



To check if the elevator is actually there before getting in. Leticia_the_bookworm

RIP Dr Drake Ramoray. nolep

Follow your gut!

If your gut is telling you a situation is wrong or a person is "off" leave. Don't worry about politeness. There are lots of people out there who have been abducted, and even killed because they ignored their gut out of a fear of not being polite. I was one of those people. Risk being seen as rude, don't risk your life. safeathome1

Get the Res ready! 

Anything to do with bad performance at work. "Performance Improvement Plan" is an early warning sign that they are building a case to dump you, going through the formalities and legal steps to ensure you don't have any recourse.

A bad performance rating means that you'll probably find your internal promotion prospects are at least temporarily in tatters - which is even more reason to quit. Eddie_Hitler


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