People Reveal Their All-Time Biggest Regrets

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Humans make mistakes.

It's part of the deal with life.

But some mistakes and choices can have huge repercussions.

The trick is to not dwell on the outcomes.

That dwelling leads to a lot of regret.

Redditor FroyoNecessary5999 wanted to hear about the things we could all change about the past, so they asked:

"What is something you did that you deeply regret doing?"

Sometimes I feel like my whole life is one big regret.


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"Putting time and efforts into relationships/friendships that I should have just let go the first chance I had."


"Alternatively, not putting enough time and effort into relationships/friendships that actually were worth it."


We just can't...

"Probably rejecting my grandpa when he wanted to play chess, he then fell from a roof like a week later and I never had the chance to play chess with him again, still bothers me that I kinda never had this moment with him.."


"I have this fear now, while my parents are still alive. And my psychologist says the most sensible thing: we can't spend every moment with the people that love us. We just can't. And they don't expect us to. It wouldn't be healthy. And so we will ALL have SOME moments where we have said no. And that's okay. Or else we'd be resentful."


Good Night

"I was seven years of age, I had an argument with my mother the night before she died. Before I went to bed she asked me for a hug I told her NO and stormed off to bed. The next morning I woke up to find everyone in the house was gone, it was very surreal and confusing. My father came back in that morning crying and told me my mother had died of a brain hemorrhage."

"Never go to bed on an argument."


Gift Horse

"When I was 7 or 8 years old, I snapped at my dad for getting me the wrong video game and I can still see the disappointment in his face. Haunts me to this day."


"I remember my grandma taking me to the mall as a kid, and I was getting super upset I couldn’t get this $50 Pacsun hoodie. $50 hoodies are common now, but it was very expensive then. I freaked out and even said I pay her back. We ended up going back for it. What haunts me most is I didn’t even wear it. I really don’t know why I acted that way and still feel terrible."


Too Young to Know

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"Not opening a retirement account when I was 18 like I was told to."

"That and not investing my money I made bartending in my 20s. When you're that young you don't think about things like that unfortunately."


I'm still at a loss about investing.

I need to figure that out.


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"Use my credit card too much to buy things I didn’t need. Now I’m dealing with a maxed out credit card that’s killing me every month."


Practice is Perfect

"I deeply regret letting my creative writing and piano playing skills go to sh*t. Ever since I entered the corporate world 19 years ago, it has consumed me, and I no longer feel passionate about those things. I stopped practicing everything. When I try to make myself do them, it feels like just that, like I am forcing myself and it is no longer fun. I feel like I’ve become a shell of my former self in so many ways."


Too Young

"Getting married to my first girlfriend at 19. I rushed the relationship because it felt good to not be alone and I thought that I could help her with her depression and anxiety, was hoping to have kid with her as well. However as time went on she just got worse and worse and kept using her depression as a crutch to justify every shi**y thing she did."

"When I started experiencing depression I stopped trying to keep things together and we got divorced a few years ago. I still haven't recovered mentally from it and between that and the pandemic I feel like a shell of the man I used to be."


Peace Out

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"Being too loyal and putting up with poor treatment from so called friends to the detriment of my mental health... not anymore *itches."

"Cut them all out when I realized they were unable to respond to me in a healthy way and still expected me to be on default fawning mode."


Biggest Lesson? Don't let life slip by.

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