People Explain Which Popular Movies They'd Like To See Retold From A Different Perspective
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Often it feels like Hollywood is out of ideas.

We get sequel after sequel.

Prequel and prequel.

And useless reboot after reboot.

There has to be a way to spice up the way stories are getting retold.

Maybe from a different character.

Redditor porcupineapplepieces wanted to compare notes about what movie characters we'd like see tell the story they were in.

So they asked:

"If instead of rebooting movies, retelling them from a different point of view became popular, which movie would you like retold?"

I want to see "Clue" from Madeline Kahn's perspective. HELLO!


Bill Murray Punch GIF by Groundhog DayGiphy

"Groundhog Day: A Day in the Life of Ned Ryerson."


"Except we don't see the repeat. We only see the Ned Ryerson from the timeline in which Phil hugs him and makes him uncomfortable and the rest of the film is Ned trying to figure out his sexuality."


Death Becomes Us

"Final Destination from Death's perspective. I imagine it would just be skeleton hands setting up deadly rude goldberg machine with some classical music in the back."


"Set it up like Miracle Workers, and I think it can be done pretty well. Death has become so mundane, heaven has boiled the department down to a few lazy employees assigned there as a punishment. New guys comes in and, well, now we have death off the rails."


"This is basically the Hitman games, right? You could change the framing device from being a contract killer to literally DEATH personified and very little would actually change gameplay-wise."



"Forest Gump told from Lt. Dan's perspective. Could be really good focusing on his training then getting sent to Vietnam and being in charge of an idiot. Then the struggles of a soldier returning from war and the way the VA treated him. Just for him to reunite with the idiot soldier who saved his life."



"Mean Girls told by the girl who doesn't even go there."


"Why is she there? How did she hear about the assembly? Does she have another school she should be at? Is she homeschooled? Are her parents worried? Has she snuck in before or is this her first time? Does she have friends that go there? Did she used to go there?"

"Did she used to go to elementary or middle school with these kids? Why did she risk saying something? What would have happened if no one called her out? Why was no one worried that a random girl wandered in? Did she go home afterwards?? I'm sure there's more questions that need to be answered."


Hungry Princess And The Frog GIF by Disney PrincessGiphy

"PRINCESS. AND. THE. FROG. We got Maleficent out of Sleeping Beauty, so where the F**K is Dr Facilier’s backstory? He had a debt with literal demons and nobody seems to give a crap!"


Why is that Disney movie so forgotten?


Shark Week GIFGiphy

"Sir David Attenborough’s Jaws."


"Or how about Jaws from the sharks perspective with Attenborough doing the coo d for the sharks inner dialogue ... 'so hungry , so hungry ....'"


Crew Stories

"How about Cloverfield from the view of a professional camera crew?"


"This question instantly made me think of Cloverfield but not for that reason. I remember when it came out people noticed that there’s someone else with a camera in the bridge scene and it became a popular idea that they could do a 'sequel' from that groups perspective."


"It was rumored that a Cloverfield film was being made from the perspective of the military. I don't know whatever happened to it, but that could have been neat."


The Sheriff

"Robin Hood from the Sheriff of Nottingham's perspective. It'd be great to watch a movie about a medieval cop trying to catch a highway man."


"And he honestly believes he's taxing because the realm needs more protection and you can't without paying the soldiers. But this guy keeps stealing the tax revenue and robbing the largest tax bracket."


"Apparently, the Russell Crowe Robin Hood movie was supposed to be this. However, Ridley Scott rewrote the script."


No Night

"Avatar The Last Airbender from the point of view of anyone but M Night Shyamalan."


"I would love to see Azula's story. The series did a good job with her character, but expanding on it would be great. That or give us a story of Iroh's life. Let us see him go from generic fire nation prince to the wise, tea loving, Pai Sho player who guided his nephew."


The Sultan’s Realm...

Aladdin Smile GIF by SkyGiphy

"Aladdin, from Jafar’s perspective. A college theatre group did a very R-rated version that is absolutely hilarious, which can be found on YouTube under 'Twisted: The Story of a Grand Vizier.'"

"What I would really enjoy is a late 80s/early 90s hand-animated Aladdin where Jafar is the defender of the Sultan’s realm against some nefarious interloper who is bent on stealing the princess’ heart and worming his way into the royal family. AND he has a genie."


I want all of these movies. #Jafarforever