Retail Workers Reveal Their Least Favorite Kinds of Customer


The customer is not always right.

Oh customer service... what a way to make a living. It's a miracle we don't hear on the daily that employees in retail aren't holding people hostage or being carted off to sanitariums. It takes the patience of the Lord himself to deal with customers on the regular. Patience and a TON of libation. (I'd have a flask with me!) Because people tend to lose their minds and their human decency when they shop.

Redditor Notasupervillan wanted retail people to divulge their most cringeworthy customer tales by asking... Retail/service employees, what's your least favorite kind of customer?

Oh Aunt Em...


The "tornado." They come through the store, handle everything, put nothing back where it was, probably damage something, almost certainly ruin product (leaving cold items on a shelf, etc).


Very classy...

The kind that do drugs in the restroom.


Especially when they do a little to much drugs and overdose, then I need to do CPR on them. I've had 5 of them in the last year.


Get it together ladies...

Middle age women who never had to work a day in their lives. So glad I am not in retail anymore.


Why so Serious?


Neurotic old people who don't have real problems and try to make slight inconveniences catastrophic.


Oh yeah, they're the worst. I had an elderly lady freak out because I accidentally charged her for organic cauliflower instead of conventional. Just lost her cool, did an exchange and the difference was 12 cents. She kept going on and on all the way out the door. Like for real lady? Your life is that boring that you freak out on people for 12 cents?



Mine are the ones that talk down to you, even when you're the one who is trying to help them. It is a really big problem in tech support especially- everyone always wants to scream when everything isn't going exactly their way.


Back off Brenda!


Ones that straight up don't believe what I'm telling them, like when I say "oh sorry they're out of stock" it doesn't mean "They aren't on the shelves because I'm hoarding everything out back for the apocalypse Brenda."

A little etiquette...

The kind who, when we close at 10 and they walk in at 9:55 wanting service, walk out afterwards without a tip or a thank you.

On the flip side, had a bunch of kids come in at 9:55 last week and they ended up tipping me $20, and for that, I am HAPPY to do a little extra cleaning up and clock out a few minutes later than expected.


Chain of Command

"The options you gave me aren't what I want. Give me a different answer." Do you really think I'm just trying to be difficult and not give you the most simple solution? If I say I can't do it, I can't do it. Moving up the chain doesn't change that, it just shows more people that you're a b***h.



The people who hold it personally against the employee when things don't go their way. I had a lady come in before I was a manager, whose coupon wasn't for the item variation she was getting. I began to explain that I couldn't override it but I'd be happy to get a manager, when she cut me off and started screaming about how DARE I not take her coupon.

When I called the manager up, the lady was sweet as pie to her. I explained that the coupon wasn't scanning and tried to ask her to override it, when the lady cut me off again to say how I "refused to ring it up." Manager overrode it and at the end of the transaction she gave me a dirty look, turned to the manager, and said, "YOU!! have a nice day!!"



All of them.


Yup. The moment a customer walks into the building is when I start hating them.



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