People Share The Worst Experience They've Ever Had At A Restaurant


Sometimes the food isn't worth the anxiety.

Restaurants are meant to be a whole experience. They're not technically just about the food, they also include atmosphere, ambience, and a feeling of welcoming...most of the time. Sometimes, it gets completely derailed.

u/UnknownEmotion asked:

What is the worst restaurant experience you ever had?

Here were some of the answers.

A Pizza Hut


When I worked at Pizza Hut there was a woman who insisted on buying a meat lover's pizza with no meat. That's how she said it.

And if you offered her a cheese pizza, you'd better have plugged your butthole because here comes the thunder.

Try to explain to her it's a cheese pizza? Nope.

Try to explain to her it's more expensive the way she's ordering it? Nope.

Nothing worked.


Lunch Time

Went to a place with my boyfriend and sister. The waitress got my order wrong, but it was no problem. I'm not picky so I was just going to settle for the burger she gave me.

She said "No we can cook you a new one. I'll eat the one you have now."

I said no I'll eat it and not only that I already put my hands on it. She grabbed the burger from me anyway. I didn't want my boyfriend and sister's food to get cold so I told them to eat.

I waited another 20 minutes for my new burger. Our waitress stood in the kitchen doorway eating the burger she took from me. By the time my new burger came out, everyone was done eating and I found a hair in the food.


Yo Quiero

When I was in High School my friends and I went to Taco Bell. We ordered and paid and sat down. They called our names and handed us a tray.

Sat down and start eating. All the sudden the manager came over and looked at my friend and says "You didn't pay for that" while he was in the middle of taking a bite out of a burrito.

He said "What?" and again she said "You didn't pay for that" and proceeds to snatch the burrito out of his hands right while he was in the middle of eating it.

She didn't explain, didn't ask for a receipt, didn't give him the opportunity to pay for it. Just snatched it.

My other friend calls Taco Bell corporate headquarters right there in the store and complained about her. She just sat behind the counter and gave us her name. No apology or anything.


Germs, Germs Everywhere

Friendly's. Went to a birthday party when I was maybe 12. One of the kids at the table got a large strawberry Fribble (shake). About 3/4 of the way through, he managed to puke it up with the rest of his meal. It covered most of the table. The waitress came over, cleaned it up, then proceeded to the next table and wiped it down with the same cloth.


They're Everywhere

At a Don Pablo's, the first table we were seated at had chicken strips covered in ants under the table. We politely ask to be moved to a new table. Drinks come, my sister has a fly inside one of her ice cubes. We stay just long enough to tell our sever. A few months later some friends of ours go to a different location, and their son orders milk as his drink. Once he drinks all his milk, he looks in the bottom of the cup to see ants.



If you don't know what shakshuka is, it basically tomato sauce with cooked sunny-side up in it (you break the eggs in to the sauce and they get cooked inside)

I went to a coffee shop with my mom and I ordered shakshuka, she ordered yogurt with fruit or what ever. Now, as I mentioned before, the eggs MUST be COOKED in the sauce. I got raw eggs, like, transparent raw. You cannot and shouldn't eat it! I told the waitress to take it back to get it cooked and after a while she brings it back slightly cooked... it was still pretty transparent. It's the one of the most common foods in my country and who ever was in the kitchen couldn't make it. It's like getting raw spaghetti. Also, the fruit my mom ordered was obviously cut yesterday or even before. Nasty!

This place is now closed.


But Why The Spite?

My old college Bible study group liked to go to Applebee's A LOT. I honestly never really liked eating there myself but tagged along. This night I got their club sandwich. First go around the damn cheese still had the paper on it. I let our server know and she went to get me a new one. The damn meat still had the paper on it. I again let the server know and again she heads back to get a new one. I kid you not, both the meat and cheese this time had paper still on it.

It was at this point the server started getting frustrated with whole situation and started getting passive aggressive with me. She "took" the sandwich back again and a few minutes later brought out the same sandwich which still had my bite taken out of it and the paper had not been removed. I flagged down the server again and she stormed over and just said in a rude tone "what?" and I explained the sandwich still had paper on the meat and cheese.

She flipped out on me and said "remove it yourself and eat the effing sandwich already!" I stood up, walked to the front and asked to speak with the manager. After I explained what was going on he went to get the cook and servers side and was surprised to hear that the 3rd time the cook (preparer?) had done it on purpose out of spite. I'm not sure what happened to the server and cook but our entire meal that night was comped.


Bye Bye Bye

We went to a very busy restaurant in Paris. There was a huge line outside with people waiting to get in. When we finally got in, the waiter immediately started rushing us to order and got very upset when we didn't instantly know what we wanted. He came back about 10 seconds later and told us that "there are people waiting outside and that we're wasting the restaurant's time". We quickly ordered something without even knowing what it was.

When the waiter left we looked at each other and just said "let's get the heck out of here" so we got up and left. The people around us nodded in approval, they probably had to go through the same ish and they seemed like they wished they had left too while they still could.

I mean, if the people outside are more important than the people inside, then by all means, let them take our place!


Hell To the No

Passing through a small town in Arkansas, stopped at a local Mexican restaurant for lunch. Waitress comes out with a bowl of salsa and chips. As soon as the salsa bowl hits the table, a cockroach makes a break for it, scampering across the table.

He may have even given me the finger as he strode by. We immediately left.


Too Fancy, No Dance-y

Grated cheese and grater

I was once at a fancy italian restaurant and pretty much all of us ordered pasta. The server came over to offer grated parmesan and started going around to everyone. He gave me, my mom, my older brother and sister all parmesan but skipped over my 6 year old brother. So my mom said "oh you missed him, he'd love some cheese"

The waiter then informed us that because he had ordered the seafood pasta they could not put cheese on it. We asked to speak to a manager and the manager came over and very rudely informed us that it was insulting to the chef and the cuisine to put cheese on the seafood pasta. While all this was going on my brother had eating all the shrimps that were on top of the pasta so my mom was like okay but there's no seafood now, it's just essentially an alfredo linguini, but they wouldn't budge.

I think all the time about how much of a pompous jerk you have to be to refuse to put a bit of cheese on a little kid's pasta.


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