Back in the 90's, one of the world's biggest rising movie stars was Demi Moore. She had already become wildly heralded for Ghost.

But the movie that really put her in another stratosphere was a little flick called... Indecent Proposal. It was a MASSIVE hit and her star exploded.

In it she stars as a housewife (married to the fabulous Woody Harrelson) who is offered $1,000,000 for a night of passion with a billionaire (Robert Redford).

She and her husband take the deal and then life falls apart.

That movie set off a chain reaction of certain types of questions and conversations in relationships, that still reverberates today.

What would you compromise for yourself and your partner? And for how much?

Redditor JurpleNurplewanted to see who could handle a little scandal for some extra coin, by asking:

"Someone pays your significant other $20 million to have sex with them, they tell you immediately afterwards and split the money with you; how do you react? Why?"

Me personally?


Where do you want me to meet you?

Or where shall my partner meet you?

Enough said...

Changing Funds

"Now ask the same question but change the amount from $20 mil to $1000 if you want to see some actual interesting answers. Nobody is ever going to offer $20 mil to f**k someone, but plenty of people will pay $1000." ~ txr23


Just Tell Me...

"I mean, we're supposed to talk about it before, but y'know what? cool." ~ DementedJ23

"Think about it — (s)he really didn’t have to share, or to tell anything. Could’ve just kept the whole thing and f**ked right off. Now you’re rich and you know you’re worth 10 million to him/her — I’d take it. Except if you have very strong feelings against your wife prostituting herself on one occasion, but I guess many would sacrifice more of their integrity for less." ~ himmelundhoelle

Just Do It!

"Once you start getting in the millions there are not a lot of things I wouldn't do." ~ AlertWar2945

"Had this conversation the other day with some friends. My rule was basically I'll do almost anything for a mil as long as it's not seriously hurting someone." ~ readytofall

No brainer...

"I think here you are going to get varied answers based on how badly a family needs money. My partner and I make more than double that in a week. $10,000 would a month for us. Would I feel bad that they were unfaithful for a month's wage? Probable. $100,000? That's nearly a year for us. That's both of our student debt wiped out."

"That's a downpayment on a house. That's 4 year's rent. We begin to be in an interesting territory. At that point I'd probably go "I am deeply uncomfortable but I know you did this for us and that's a year or more earlier we can each retire. Add another zero? $1m? No brainer. Screw anyone you want for 1m. Just don't bring any diseases home." ~ jadedflames

Who are you?

"I ask them who the hell this person is and if they could get that $20 million regularly." ~ Asleep_Finish7533


Yeah, that is just a lot of money.

You can't get around it.

If nothing else it makes you think...


"We've talked this over as a hypothetical, we agreed each of us will do it for any amount in the six figures and up." ~ BerzerkBoulderer


All of Us

"This is everyone. This hypothetical comes up plenty of times during down time at work. Everyone is hypothetically only willing to do these things for millions, but at the end of the day if you were confident you'd get paid, there's a lot of things, a lot of people would do, for a shockingly low price." ~ Arinvar

These Low Effort Jobs Have Surprisingly High Salaries | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

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"How do I react? I'd probably try to fight the urge to hug our benefactor. I would offer to set up a camera. Shout encouragement from the sidelines. If it's a dude I'll happily fluff him up. I'll tickle his places with a feather... crap whatever this rich motherf**ker wants. For $20 MILLION??? Heeeeeeeellllll." ~ our_dads_flat_butt

They're a Keeper!!

"Hang onto that person!!! They just had 20 million in their possession and you didn’t know. They could have just disappeared with all of it, but instead they were honest with you and even gave you half in spite of your having done none of the work. That person is loyal! Do not throw it away." ~ letsgetrandy

All the good things...

"That amount of money would be so life changing for me and my children. College. A safe home. Never have to worry about how to pay the power bill. No more feeling like garbage because some birthdays and Christmases I can't afford presents." ~ Midwest_Guy1984


"$20M is a crapload of money, I would understand exactly why they did it, I would respect that they told me immediately, and I would also be very moved by the fact that they were willing to split this much money with me. I can't say it wouldn't bother me at all to picture them with someone else, but in this case it wouldn't be difficult to get over it." ~ ILikeBakingCookies

faithful and happy...

"My partner and I are not rich by any stretch (I work two jobs and study), but I have enough money to get by. While $20 million would be fantastic, we'd be just fine without it. I don't think extra (but unnecessary) luxuries would be worth the pain that would come with something like that - I'd rather just continue our faithful and happy relationship." ~ AreYouSomeone11

Do IT!

"My wife and I have had this conversation already, and frankly, we’d want a divorce if the other didn’t take advantage of this opportunity." ~ da_choppa


"Fine I’ll bite, idk I always liked monogamous sex and it felt special when my ex and I were together. I feel like the money wouldn’t be worth it. Like I’d rather be in my current financial situation and just be happy with someone than compromise morals for money. I know my feelings would be hurt lol, if that makes me a wussy, then I guess I am." ~ SteeztheSleaze

The Split

"$20 mill and we splitting it??? I’d be bringing them water and snacks 'n crap while they freakin'. 'Anything else you guys need?? No?? Ok I’ll be downstairs let me know if you need anything.' I’d be cheering the dude on. And once I get that 10 mil I’m out. Can’t be dating no freakin' cheater." ~ MADWOKE

Can't hide it...

"I would be upset that they hadn't told me about it first. If they told me first, I would feel better about trusting them to make their own decision to do that, the money would just be an added bonus. The fact they they told me afterward would make me wonder if they had been sleeping with other people all along and only told me about this one because they had no way to hide that much money from me." ~ ChocolatMintChipmunk

How about for $50,000?

"When I was in college we joked about how people would say 'not for a million dollars!' And then I'd say 'OK, how about for $50,000?' And people would stop and think about how you could earn your entire college tuition for 4 years in one night. Eventually the going rate dropped to about $700, or about $1500 in today's $." ~ ultralame


"I’d be extremely upset. He would know I don’t care about money. And no amount of money would make cheating forgivable for me. Let me add since people can’t take into account that some people have trauma from past relationships. My SO has sat there and listened to me as I tell him about my fears about relationships and being with him."

"He knows how much trust means to me. He knows how badly it messed me up and how worthless I felt when a man I was with at 17 cheated on me constantly and broke me and made me feel ugly and worthless. If the man I’m with now did this to me it would be the biggest betrayal he could do. And it would hurt way more than if he just left me." ~ LessEnthusiasmPlz

Be Protected...

"Honestly I don't think he would. But if he did, I'd be pretty excited. Like, it seems like the logical choice to make. 20 million dollars??? Yes, sleep with that person, as long as y'all use protection." ~ HELLOhappyshop

We seem to all be on the same page.

But mostly we're all only thinking about the coin, and not the consequence.

Which is exactly what happened to Demi & Woody.

And that didn't go well.

Just saying...

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