"If I cut you off chances are you gave me the scissors" - Anonymous

1. Jeez.

He went out with my female best friend, cheated and hurt her, then proceeded to go out with my crush, cheated and hurt her.


2. You made the right call.

He was going through a bad time with the woman he was living with and they split up. I offered to take him on a snowboard holiday, he accepted but he was struggling for money. So I paid for him to have a place to stay, lift passes, food etc. Basically everything was paid for and all he had to do was get there...I get a call a few weeks before we're going and he says he can't make it, too much work because his workers had let him down (he ran a building and home improvement business) etc blah etc. I say ok...

I go away on holiday and whilst I'm away he puts pictures of himself snowboarding in Bulgaria...with his workers (the ones who apparently had let him down) saying "snowboarding with my mates", "another lovely day up the mountain" etc.

He'd rather go with his workers than the person who met him at 12 years old, who protected him at school and beyond, who lent him money, who was his best man at his wedding, who picked up his stuff when they divorced, who knew him for over 3 decades, etc etc etc etc.

That was the moment I stopped caring for him and refused to speak to him since.



3. Wow... harsh?

Went for my girlfriend right after we broke up, they're married now, I tried to reconcile even, they wouldn't have it. Moved away and blocked me on everything, now we're not friends I guess.


4. NOT a real friend.

On her 21st birthday I went out with her, me and one other were the only people who showed up. She was my best friend for eight years. She rented the duplex next to me when we moved to a new city together.

I got too drunk during the bar crawl, I went to the bathroom to throw up. I come back to the bar and she's gone, the two guys she was speaking to were gone as well. She took my jacket which had my house keys and my wallet.

Hail down a cab, promise the driver I'll pay him when I get my wallet at home. Get home, she's refusing to answer the door. Won't answer her phone. I call this guy I just started seeing and give an explanation, he offers to have the cab driver take me there. 40$ cab fare that he paid, and I had work in five hours (story continues on the next page... ).

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(continued) He drives me home in the morning and my friend pretends like nothing happened.

I realized then our entire friendship was always revolved around her and I couldn't remember a time she was there for me, but always me being there for her. But since then I've never had a friend to talk to everyday like I did with her. My life is much more lonely, it's weird.


5. Good riddance.

Constantly trying to bang any of my girlfriends I brought around him. He always blamed the booze, I blamed his lack of integrity. Huge scars were left on our friendship and we rarely see each other these days.


6. Yeah...

Good friend and I work at the same place. I buy the business, now friend works for me. Friend falls hard for co-worker. She rebuffs him, he starts stalking her and threatens to commit suicide.

Hot mess, have to let him go.



7. He went and died on me.

He was a year older than me and was finishing up his first year of college. It was finals week and he was walking around campus and noticed a man harassing a group of women. He stepped in and ended up getting stabbed multiple times. He died in the hospital that night. His death really hit the county and university hard. They ended up honoring him with an official day of remembrance at the university to be observed yearly on May 11th.



I loaned him $300 to get his dying cat taken care of at the vet. He would constantly buy weed instead of paying me back.



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She turned all our female friends against me at university because she liked our mutual male friend and she thought he liked me instead of her.

He wasn't into her, it wasn't because he liked me, it was because he was gay.

So I lost most of my friends at university in the last year because my moron of a BFF couldn't figure out our other good friend was gay. He literally would say how he didn't like the idea of sex with women and told us how he often sleeps in the same bed with other men.



10. "Became supremely unhappy with himself because he traveled around the world, met some high society people and decided he wanted to join their ranks."

And in his quest to do so, he became an incredibly nasty person to be around. Said things that I hope people wouldn't even think.

So eventually he started thinking he would try to find ways in which he was "better than me," and try to exploit them. For example, at the time he had more money and I was just out of college working a low paying job so he'd constantly berate me for accepting such a job, saying things like "I wouldn't even get out of bed for less than 100k a year".

He was given a few bucks by his parents and it went to his head. Eventually he got this "class" thing in his head where he'd treat people with less money like him like crap and would justify it by saying they were poor and so it didn't matter.

I brought him to a friend's house, she was having a BBQ. And he tried to hit on some girls, and once they shot down his advancements, he would act belligerent to all of them until I had to take him home. My friend took me aside and said very seriously, "never bring him over again." I felt horrible.

It started to very rapidly get into dangerous territory. I tried to steer the friendship into the right direction when he turned the attention on me and basically berated me for my job (but didn't have the guts to do it directly, just in a roundabout way, perhaps thinking I wouldn't be smart enough to notice).

I literally got up, walked to my car and left. And as I was turning on the ignition, I decided the friendship was over. That was a few years ago and I feel much freer now. Though I regret sticking by him and trying to help for so long.


11. "She just... stopped. "

Stopped replying to texts, stopped returning calls. I was worried for a while, thinking something bad happened to her. Then I noticed she had blocked me on Facebook. We had been close friends for almost 10 years. There were no signs, no argument, no conflict, everything was just as it had been for years. Then one day she was suddenly gone from my life. It's been 3 years now and I still have no clue why. I respect her choice, but I really wish I could have some explanation, some kind of closure.



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12. "Well I guess she probably didn't really consider me her friend, but I thought of her as mine."

Overheard her talking to another friend about how much she couldn't stand me when I was in the booth listening to people's mics to make sure they were working before opening night of the musical. That was pretty crushing. I haven't confronted her about it but I just try to avoid her now.



13. Slight overreaction?

Not really my friend but my wife's best friend for 10+ years. I met this guy at work and we had been getting along pretty well for about a year so I decided to invite him and his family over for dinner. As soon as he gets there my wife recognizes him and greets him by name. Turns out he's an ex boyfriend of my wife's bestie from more than five years ago. Wow! Small world, right? So we have a nice little dinner, drink some beers, our kids play and then they go home. The next day my wife's friend comes to visit and I casually mention that he had come over (I honestly forgot they had ever dated).

But this girl just totally LOOSES IT and starts crying and screaming at my wife, "How could you do this I thought we were friends","I can't be around you anymore, you betrayed me." So she leaves and gets on Facebook talking about my wife and I, and how our marriage is doomed to fail because she is so selfish. They haven't talked since and this was about a month ago. My wife is still upset about it and will cry if she has too much to drink. I feel really bad for bringing it up in front of her but how the hell was I supposed to know she would react like that?



14. WHYY?!

Yesterday I found out that my best friend of 4 years has been lying about almost dying in a car crash for a year. I'd say the friendship is ruined.


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15. Scumbag Steve, is that you?

Cheated on his amazing girlfriend with the girl he knew I had a crush on. Rubbed it in my face after the fact too. That friendship lasted way too long.


16. "She never wanted to talk things over like a rational adult."

She started freaking out (over text) out of nowhere about how I never make an effort to see her and how I'm too busy seeing other people to care about hanging out with her. She lives over an hour away, and since I don't drive it's expensive to get to her, and she always wanted to do things last minute anyway. She also started making wild accusations and had nothing to back up her claims with, and then she started bringing my deceased mother into the mix. That was the last straw.

She never wanted to talk things over like a rational adult, and I don't have time for high school drama in my mid-20s, so I walked away. If she wants to come back and discuss things maturely, I'm here, but if not then I'm over it.



17. "Well screw that."

We had been friends for two decades and I finally realized he wasn't a very good friend. He's more of a narcissistic type that prefers friends as long as they center their actions around him. Well screw that. We had some good times brother, but I'm done.



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18. "He got really jealous of my first pregnancy."

I did my best not to become the sort of person who only talks about being pregnant or who totally changes their identity to be a "mom". Didn't matter. Anything I did involving being pregnant was too much for him to handle. He got really upset when I went for my first mandatory ultrasound because it was too "obsessive" of me to want to see my baby that badly. All I did want mention that I was excited to see the fetus for the first time.

I just couldn't talk to him anymore after that. He could rant every single day about how sad he was that he was single and how no woman would talk to him, and I would patiently listen and offer advice where I could, but I can't say I'm excited to see my own child because he felt threatened by that? Screw off.


19. Noooo.

It was 6th grade and I was kinda realizing that I wasn't straight but that I also wasn't gay. I told her that I had a crush on this older girl in 8th grade. I trusted her as my best friend to keep her mouth shut and not to judge me for anything. Instead she told everyone including my parents and the girl that I was a lesbian and then told me she couldn't be my friend because I would "rape her".



20. NOT OK!

Best friend of 8 years; I moved about 6 hours away from home to go to college and every time she'd come to "visit me" she would make the trip and crash somewhere else, just coming to party, wouldn't make any effort to see me. On my 21st she actually surprised me (which was like the nicest thing she's ever done) by coming down but brought her pos boyfriend. We made plans to go out that night so I told my new boyfriend and housemates that I was going out with my best friend and to leave without me while i waited for her. After getting ready for 2 hours, making us apps and cocktails, I tried to get ahold of her for like 5 hours, nothing. Turns out she decided to lay in bed with her bf at someone else's house, never said sorry or talked about it again. Spent my 21st alone, too embarrassed to tell my other friends/bf that my best friend ditched me.


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