Republicans Who Will Not Be Voting For Trump In 2020 Share Their Breaking Point


We've all made mistakes.

Sometimes, we drink too much while out with friends and we need to be at work the next day by 7am. Other times, we over eat at a family get together then spend the rest of the time on the couch with a stomach ache, unable to enjoy other's company. Finally, some of us have gotten THAT haircut. You know the one.

The following entries aren't as bright and cheery as what we just discussed, but thankfully it is people coming to grips with a mistake they hope to come back from.

Reddit user, u/BenTCinco, wanted to hear what broke you when they asked:

Republicans who will not be voting for Trump this time around, what was the breaking point for you?

That's Not The Way Windmills Work, Sir.

I don't know if the rally took place before or after he was elected, but I didn't see it until after. It was the one where he talked about how he hates windmills, and I believe he said he knows more about wind than anybody. Then did a bit about not being able to watch tv because it's not a windy day. That was when I became embarrassed about my vote and started to regret it. It only got worse after that.


People Really Respected Mattis, Sir.

Withdrawal from Syria, thus turning our back on our Kurdish allies and destroying our credibility in the region, and the subsequent resignation of Gen. Mattis as defense secretary.


That's Something A Child Can Do, Sir.

When he made fun of that disabled reporter. Everything Donald has done since then has just driven me back into the democratic party. I want no association with people who would support that disgusting loser.


There Are Most Certainly Not Good People On Both Sides, Sir.

"Both sides" was the red line.

He has since incrementally and methodically exposed himself as a bonafide white supremacist autocrat.

USA now faces the greatest crisis in its history.


They Can See Everything You're Doing Wrong, Sir.

Like many people, I voted for trump for mainly two reaons. I was excited for a candidate that broke the norm and I wanted a President that was, in my opinion, the lesser of two evils. Trump seemed to be the better fit. I was also excited for someone to come in with a fresh attitude in politics and a strong goal in making America great again (though I didn't have the full realization of what this meant at the time).

While my outlook on Trump wasn't an abrupt change like some peoples, it was more like an exponential curve that seemed to gain traction and pick up speed as time went on.

The abuse of power (in multiple situations), bigotry, meddling in business deals, his outlook on the emoluments clause and not understanding the severity of it, obstruction of justice....the list just goes on. More recently and definitely the most impactful to me, was how he handled Covid-19 since the emergence of its ugly head and the "riot" control. Granted I realize he doesn't always have all the facts and explicitly give exact orders, but as the President, these immediate and pertinent situations needed to be handled in a more serious manner and definitely with better decision making.

I know these are just my opinions and are in no way meant to influence anyone, so take it for what it's worth...


Nothing You're Saying Is Sticking, Sir.

I unfortunately fall into the camp of people who voted for him because I hated Clinton. It's not really a situation of where I "realized when I wouldn't vote for him again," it's more like when I realized I f-cked up.

I can't think of a specific moment but I think it was the realization that he wasn't just saying things and enacting policies that were opposed to previous Democrat ideas and policies, he was just saying whatever crazy sh-t came to mind. He is also a horrid racist and bigot, and honestly not mentally healthy.


Everyone Can See You're Obvious Lies, Sir.

When he tweeted about a Fake Russian Propaganda bullsh-t article about how the old man that got pushed over by the cops and in the hospital for a week was a spy. Cant even believe how stupid Trump is, Cant believe that people still support him


They Can't Trust What You're Saying, Sir.

When I realized his words had no meaning. You literally can't trust anything he says. It could be blatant lies and he wouldn't care at all. It's dangerous.

I was on the executive board of my college's Republican Party organization. It's been a long couple of years.

My family and some friends though will still try to justify what he says. "He's just trolling the liberals", "He's getting back at the fake news".

Edit: I commented this further down, I added it up here for more context on my post.

The last presidential election was the first time I could vote. I've grown up in a red state. My family watches Fox News. I went to a really conservative church. It took a couple years of college to snap me out of it. I'm pretty moderate now.

It's a microcosm of thinking and hate where you have to keep making excuses and justifying his actions to continue to be sane. That's where the alternative news networks come into play. They make people think their the victims. That the liberals and George Soros are trying to take our guns and disrespect our flag. All protestors are rioters. Etc.


You Probably Shouldn't Attack War Heroes, Sir.

The way he treated John McCain.

The whole, he isn't a war hero. I'm a war time president. What a limp, weak, sad excuse for a person.


Some People Actually Read, Sir.

Conservative Centrist here - historically a Republican voter in blue states.

Actually reading the Mueller Report last year was a big turning point from disliking Trump to actively hating him.

His musing about pulling out of NATO and imposing tariffs during the 2016 election were my reasoning behind voting Libertarian then.

His all-out assault on American Democracy is why I'll be voting for Sleepy Joe in 2020.


That Was All For A Picture, Sir?

I was a diehard trumper in 2016. I have always been a libertarian leaning conservative, so when I couldn't even come up with some BS excuse as to why he violated people's 1st amendment rights when he wanted to walk to the church, i wouldn't allow myself to be a hypocrite to my principles and Values any longer...


You're Not Doing Anything, Sir.

[His] completely toothless response to the rampant lawlessness and insurrection we've seen over the past few months. shameful. in addition to his failure to secure victories on immigration restriction and ending the wars and his excessive focus on tax cuts and other establishment republican agenda items like the embassy in [Jerusalem].


This One Comes Up A Lot, Sir.

Ending support for the Kurds, and pulling out of Afghanistan.

Basically my breaking point was when Mattis broke.


Stop Turning Them Against Each Other, Sir.

My breaking point was the tweets to Michigan and Virginia stating they were coming for their guns during the primaries (or something similar). You simply shouldn't purposefully turn your own citizens against each other. That really scared me.


You're Firing The People Who Are Supposed To Be Helping You, Sir.

Well I just changed my affiliation 2 weeks ago, but had been a Republican since I first registered 25 years ago.

When he had so many people removed from their jobs in his "team" because they came out and said something he didn't agree with.

No one expects the President to know everything, you are supposed to find the best people to get you the information needed.


You've Had A Lot Of People Leave Your Side, Sir.

Mattis stepping down.

I respect that man more than almost any other. I can't fathom what the breaking point was and I am terrified to read the memoir when it comes out.


You've Left Evidence Of It All, Sir.

When he posted a tweet about not going to be a bad president that would go golfing for a month but that's what he did.


Pretty sure he has golfed more than any president in the past.


Life Isn't Ratings, Sir.

Comparing his Coronavirus briefing ratings to the Bachelor.


Was that the one where he lost his sh-t at a reporter asking a softball question of "What do you say to Americans that are scared?".

He went on a rant about a terrible reporter he was for asking that and how good his ratings were for these speeches.


You're Turning And Losing Them, Sir.

I was raised in an ultra-conservative family. I only started to pay attention to politics during Obama's presidency, which I was promised would result in Sharia law being imposed on America. I saw Fox, my parents, and those around me rail against Obama every day listing off the various ways he would destroy the country. I cast a vote for Trump "knowing" that in a blue state it didn't really matter, so I didn't have to question/research it (and figured he would lose anyway, absolving me of any blame for a Clinton presidency).

My biggest regret is making the popular vote closer. My family, Fox, and those around me have all completely rejected their values to follow Trump--every day he does something they VOWED Obama would do to ruin the country and they twist themselves explaining why it's actually a good thing. My 'good wholesome Christian' family members are now some of the most genuinely racist and least intellectual people I know. (But there are other siblings like me as well! And they give me hope).

It took me about 3 months of being a casual follower of politics to start being involved in local elections, driving an hour+ to vote, and actually paying attention. I've (hopefully) started to make up for my mistake by voting more intelligently in the last primary and having discussions with the siblings that are asking similar questions.

I can say without hesitation that people who are voting for Trump are either utterly politically apathetic (formerly me) or filled with hate (whether they think about it or not). He simply isn't an intelligent vote with all we've seen.


You're Weak, Sir.

The way he talks to world leaders is an embarrassment to our whole country. Some people are just too dense to see it.


That's one thing I'll never understand about some Trump Supporters.

One of the reasons they choose to elect him is because they genuinely believe Trump is a strong man and projects American Strength internationally...

They also believe Obama was weak and the world made fun of him.

The reality of a Trump Presidency is this.

The U.N. laughed in his face.

World Leaders talked about him behind his back like girls gossiping at work, and laughing.

And for the most part, he sat alone with no one wanting to do business with him during I believe meetings with the G7.

After all that? Now Trumpsters say perception is irrelevant.


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