People Explain Which Things Aren't A Religion But Everyone Treats Them Like One
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Various organizations can have any number of followers who are totally devoted to their respective missions, it seems like a cult.

Religions are known for having so many followers who abide by a lifestyle that comports to supporting the faith.

But the same dedication can apply to non-religious organizations.

These were explored when Redditor DrLizardLover asked:

"What isn't a religion but people treat it like it is?"

People in the big picture have their insanely dedicated followers.

Elon, The God

"I spoke vaguely against Elon Musk in a reply to a comment on a video."

"The video has gone viral, and the comment I replied to was pinned. So I get about 3-4 notifications a day of musk simps acting like I've insulted a deity. I've just rolled with it and reminded them he's essentially an oligarch and is inherently not a good dude. They froth."

– Goatfellon

Matinee Idols

"Celebrity worship."

– VisualSeaweed5927

Actor Adulation

"Whatever Jared Leto’s got going on."

– SirMooncake

People find a sense of belonging in social media groups and communities.

Following With The Flow

"People who worship streamers."

– The_bombblows12

Gaming Culture

"Steamer/Twitch culture freaks me out. I've been a gamer my whole life (only 30,) but the gaming scene is so strange to me. I truly hope the people in Twitch chats are nothing like that in real life."

– kamWise

"Poggers Dude"

"Take this with a grain of salt. But I've met a few other people who have watched twitch. Most of them are a bit nerdy, but nothing crazy."

"But one guy, he was like an attractive, active dude, who you might see on the beach in California going for a surf. He and I were at a barbecue and he was talking about something non gaming related and he said 'poggers dude'. I had to take a second to realize what I heard. Then I started to notice him saying things like 'PogChamp' and some of the other popular twitch phrases. Later come to find out he is like a die hard fan of some esport, can't remember which."

"I realize this isn't quite like a typical twitch chat of what you see on big streams like xqc, mizkif, or others. But still I imagine there are probably some people out there who act like those chats."

– CaptSprinkls

The FB Matriarchy

"Mom groups on facebook."

– Swift_Lad

Anonymous Tippers

"There was a streamer poker game the other night and seeing these guys dump half a million in an hour made me wonder, why are people donating to these people? It's like that Kylie Jenner thing where one of her employee got an accident and she started a gofundme for 150K instead of paying it herself."

– Zorops

Power Play

"Cricket game in india."

– RayTrader03

"Cricket in Australia, too, lol."

– CalypsoContinuum

People flock to this popular financial prospect.

"Multi level marketing."

– Voice_of_Season

Predatory Endeavor

"What upsets me is I sometimes meet people who are genuinely motivated to change their life but completely misguided in what they invest their time and money into and mlm sorta preys on that."

– ultimaIV

A "Sunny" Reference

“ It’s a Pyramid scheme!”

“No, it’s not a Pyramid Scheme, it’s a Reverse Funnel system!”

“…turn it upside down”

“Goddamnit! Sh*t!”

– doobydoodle

Pitch At A Party

"Dude.. I was just at a child's birthday party and this douche was telling my aunt about his wellness products. She said sounds like MLM. No it isn't though because I really believe in the products. Do you have someone encouraging you to sell. No I don't I sell it because it's a high quality product at a reasonable price. Do you make good money? Not yet because we are brand new. What else do you do for work. This is it right now. I'm happy with my regular wellness products. How would you know until you try these? This went on for the entire birthday party. She said I'm Not Interested. And turned the other way. He still pestered her."

"After the party he was asking people if anybody knew my aunt's phone number."

– lumberjackpat19

It's one thing for a person to join a community of like-minded individuals to feel a sense of belonging.

But it's another thing when they lose a sense of themselves completely for their blind devotion.

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