Oh, it's finally over, thank goodness. And you know what? That's the last time I will ever have to do this, and I could not be happier about it.

u/codenameZora asked:

What's your "thank god that's over with and I never have to do it again" thing in your life?

Here were some of the answers.

Never Again


Working in a restaurant. I spent ten years of my life in that business both serving and managing. Fives years and 40k in debt later, I finally just started my new career. No offense to anyone that works in the industry or truly loves it, but I came to despise the hospitality business. I could feel it sucking the energy from my soul..

For everyone asking, my 40k in debt is from tuition costs after earning my engineering degree, not from working in restaurants. It's the best money I have ever spent.


What A Mess

I used to work in this absolute sh*t medical job. It was the absolute worst because there wasn't a single good thing about it. The people I worked with were sh*t, the people I interacted with were sh*t. You could go into that place at 5am happy as can be and leave the place after 6 failed bathroom noose'ings just to try again the next day.

When I put in my 2 weeks those feelings amped up to 11. It was like everyone who was sh*t the entire time I was there decided it wasn't enough and leaned into it. Like you got a heaven pass to leave hell and all the demons were pissed that you're getting out and they have to stay behind so they claw at you the whole way out in hopes that you die before you leave.

F*ck hospitals, man.


Keep Going

When I got in my accident I just wanted to be independent again. Had to move back home with my mom and stay in the main floor cause of my wheelchair. They said I'd never walk again. Lots of hard work later, I walk unaided most days. Five years later I'm fully independent and living in my own place with the love of my life!

Just for more info, I broke both my legs and dislocated both knees. Also had heart failure and was resuscitated at the hospital. Unfortunately the army didn't help much, but I had an excellent lawyer to help with the auto insurance company.

There's lots to be thankful for in this life, sometimes you just have to look harder, but you'll find many reasons to keep going.


Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring


I worked for two weeks in a call center and the entire time I spent staring at my desk. I did this for ten hours a day because the company president was out of the office and they refused to get me setup with a password or let me browse the web etc etc.

After two weeks, I came back the following Monday, started my day and then with nothing changing, I just walked out of the building and went home. My car was broken down at the time, so it took several hours to get home.

Glad that is over and done with. No way I'll ever work in another call center.


Exams Are The Worst

As of yesterday morning, I passed the most extensive and difficult of my three professional licensure exams, and I had this exact thought as I sat in my car outside of the testing center shedding tears of relief. I've been studying for my licensure exams in every free moment since January of this year, now all I have to do is submit the extensive documentation needed and wait for board approval! THANK GOD that's over with and I never have to do it again!

I'm in mental health counseling. I've now passed the NCE (National Counseling Exam) and the NCMHCE (National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination), and am set to become an LPC-MHSP (licensed professional counselor with a mental health service provider designation).


What Goes Around

Child custody court.

F*ck and run mother wanted a child and a check and didn't want me to see our kid.

Fortunately, the judge saw otherwise but the process took 2 years and lots of manipulation by the mother.

Now that he's grown, he wants nothing to do with his mother.


Pushing Through

Running a marathon. Mentally it messed with me and beat me down. I am a VERY slow runner and they had opened the roads back up and the course was no longer marked (they kept finish line up). I was heartbroken and embarrassed that I was literally last. I also didn't know the official course so I ended up running 27miles. I was determined to finish but I will never do that again. Checked off the bucket list!


Family Ties

Caring for an elderly then dying parent. My mom was relatively young when she developed liver cancer (58) and I would take my kids to school and then go to her house and care for her, buy her groceries and meds, take her to chemo and do housework. I'd go pick up my kids and depending on what shift my husband was working I'd either go back until her boyfriend got home or come back the next day. Eventually wound up changing her diapers and sponge bathing her. Read to her when she couldn't talk anymore. About 6 months after she died, my father in law went into the hospital and when he came out, moved into our house. He was a really difficult person to live with and an even more stubborn patient. He lived with us for almost 7 years (he passed at 90) getting more and more ornery and crazy.

I took care of him medically and emotionally, cleaned his room and fed him until he had a heart attack and didn't tell anyone about it for a couple of days. Came out of the hospital in hospice and the last couple of weeks I walked him around the house until he couldn't walk anymore, pushed him in his chair until he couldn't sit anymore, and then rolled him over every couple of hours. Changed his catheter bag, gave him his meds and took care of all the family and friends (and their kids) who came to visit him. I'm all out of parents/inlaws/grandparents and the one good thing is I don't have to do that again. Don't know if I could. It's so darn hard.

I think the thought that made kept me going the most was how I was going to feel about myself when they were gone, did I act in a way that I could live with and not feel guilty. I have absolutely zero regrets in how I treated my parents and that's probably the most freeing thing about their passing. Another coping mechanism was swearing, loudly and creatively where nobody could hear me, and an overly dramatic double middle finger flip off to a closed door. Thank you again for all the nice thoughts and I hope everyone who has to care for compromised loved ones makes it through relatively unscathed. <3


I Did NOT Peak


Middle school, and to some extent, high school. Rarely, there are days when I fantasize in becoming a kid again, but then I quickly remember the amount of BS and pain I had to go through during middle school and high school and I immediately tell myself, "You know what, adulthood isn't so bad after all."


Not A Proper Bakery

Working in a bakery at a grocery store. I was basically doing 3 people's worth of work and going back and forth between the -20°f freezer that I could end up being inside of for up to an hour if circumstances decided to screw me and our two 400-600°f ovens that were 7ft tall and caused a fairly sizable gust of air that was so hot I couldn't look into the oven while it was open because it felt like the liquids in my eyes would boil.


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