People Describe The Most Refreshing 'I Don't Give A F***' Moments They've Ever Witnessed
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We all have our moments of giving in to a situation.

Because fighting against something that inevitably won't end well or winds up causing more stress is ultimately not worth it.

So it's refreshing when someone refuses to abide by an expected code of behavior to "keep up with appearances" and instead opts to flip the bird to an undesirable situation and go about their day.

Curious to hear how about people who couldn't be botherd, Redditor sakil-food-lover asked:

"What's the most refreshing act of " I don't give a f**k" that you've ever witnessed?"

Calm Defiance

When people are pushed over the edge, they can care less about what they're about to do next.

Angry Phone Call

"This guy was on the commuter train when he got a call. There was a woman on the phone screaming at him. He just kept saying 'Ok. Ok. Ok.' for about 2 minutes. Then he says 'Ok. We are done. Get your sh*t out of my house. We are done.' and he hangs up."



"Once I was downtown and there was this guy that was about to jaywalk. A cop car then pulled around the corner as the guy stepped onto the road. The cop then stopped and gave the guy a mini lecture. The guy nodded his head, and the cop started to get ready to pull away. Then, the man walked out in front of the cop car and jaywalked across the street. I think the cop was just done with his sh*t cause he pulled away without another issue."


Impatient Customer

"I was super slammed working at a restaurant waiting tables. People were going to a show around the corner. One table, the guy tells me that they've been waiting for their food and they couldn't wait any longer (not true), so unless I brought the food right away they were leaving. There was a line of people waiting for tables. I said, 'Goodbye' as sweetly as possible. I went to pick up his drink and silverware. His friends told him to stop it, he always does this and just asked me to bring the check with the meal. They had a lovely evening and made it out in plenty of time."


Disposable Art

"My 5 year old's teacher was harshly criticizing her art work so 5 calmly gathered up her supplies and threw it all in the trash. Sat back down and waited for the next lesson."


Keeping It Clean

People who littered were met with individuals who had zero F's to give in confronting them.

The Hippie

"I was in a public park and some douchey piece of shit finishes his cigarette and drops it on the ground. An aging hippie picked up the cigarette butt, caught up to the douche and said 'excuse me, you dropped this'. He didn't even say in a sarcastic way, if you weren't watching it you would have thought he was handing the guy back his wallet. Douche had no idea how to handle it, he just took the cigarette from aging hippie and put it in the trash can where it (and he) belonged. It was fantastic."


This Is Yours

"I saw someone do this too! My wife and I were hiking in Colorado and there were two groups slightly ahead of us, one of teenages and one late twenties. One of the teenagers finished their can of Monster or whatever and dropped it into the bushes, and then one of the late-20yo people picked it up, walked up to the teenager group, and said 'hey, you dropped this' and handed it back to the kid. The kid took it without saying a word, just looked sheepish and embarrassed (which, he should be). It was honestly one of the most subtle, cool, f'k you' things I've ever seen."


During Traffic

Car accidents suck. But dealing with insurance is worse.

Quick Assessment

"I was backing out of a parking spot in my old civic and a guy was driving down the aisle real fast in an equally old car and we collided. We both hopped out and looked back and forth between our mild damage and each other, then without saying a word we gave eachother one of these 🤷, hopped back in our cars and carried on our days."


"All Good"

"One time I rearended a guys car while pulling out of a parking space near my old house. He was standing in his lawn, watched the whole thing, and when I hopped out to apologize and give him my insurance he just goes 'it's all good baby, we're in the hood' and goes back to his Dos Equis."

"That's about all I miss about my old place."



"A guy with a grill in the back of his truck cooking some burgers while stuck in a traffic jam."


Reclaiming Space

"Bus driver found a taxi in his bus stop spot. The spot was often used by taxis as they'd pick up passengers from the mall across the street. The bus driver slowed down until he kissed the taxis back bumper, then hit the gas and pushed the taxi forward until it was completely out of the bus' space while the taxi was still in park."


Work Place

A consistent paycheck is not usually worth sticking around for.

Peace Out

"When a departing colleague sets up meetings to hand over his responsibilities before his last day."

"Then he doesn't even show up to the meetings."


Consequences Of Being Late

"I had a coworker who gave a month notice and his boss didn't set up any hand over meetings until the Tuesday before his last day. Apparently the Important one was to be had 9 am on Friday (his literal last day), but he was 15 minutes late to work due to an accident on the highway (and thus 15 minutes late for a 3 hour handover session). Boss started screaming at him, and he just said 'Yeah, I don't need this.' and left."


The Last Shift

"I went to work at 11pm on xmas eve to pull a 12 hour shift at the steel mill in the lab. There was a note on the door that said, 'check the schedule"

"i had been laid off as soon as that shift ended. i called my wife and told her, locked the front and back door, took the phone off the hook and went to sleep."

"i woke up to someone knocking on the door a few hours later, just turned the chair a little and went back to sleep. I did 10 or so hours of my 12 and since no one was coming in to let me go i just left and started filing unemployment when i got home."


It's Been A Pleasure

"Chick at my old job got a new job. She spoke with management and everyone was aware."

"She left early and sent out an email saying ' I've enjoyed working with you all. Except for...' and went down a list naming people."

"She just didn't give a f'k."


Leaving On My Terms

"I had a grocery store try and tell me I couldn't quit, that they were going to fire me. I said nah, I quit and took off my smock."


One comment stood out from the rest.

You know that uplifting quote, "dance like nobody's watching?" According to one commenter, the person they witnessed believed in the opposite and gave a performance because there was an audience.

Redditor The-Dapper-Duckling wrote:

"A woman pissed herself in public and everyone was staring, so she did a little dance."

Her fearlessness and courage to acknowledge an awkward situation epitomize being a spirit animal.

If only we can be so bold and courageous like her...

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