People Break Down Their Absolute Favorite Guilty Pleasures
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Some people like sweets, some people like alcohol, some people are willing to spend extra money a month just to have full access to all 14 seasons of their favorite obscure Canadian detective show.

You don't judge us, we won't judge you.

Reddit was asked:

"What is a guilty pleasure for you ?"

...and ... like ... we honestly feel kind of bonded in non-shame over this stuff.

Because it's all just SO GOOOOOOOOD!

It's Britney ...

"Playing Britney Spears’ music on 11 when I’m in the car all by myself. Especially 'Work Bitch' when I’m on the way to work an extra shift."


"Toxic is an undeniably fantastic song."


"It's such a weird mix of elements. Obviously you have Britney's pop singing, but it also mixes harsh strings with synth electro and a lot of rock elements. It blurs several genres together, and accordingly fits well next to other genres of music."


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Those Golden Arches


"I regret my choice right after finishing my meal. But not enough to prevent me from going back the next week lol"


"Why did you say the word? I've been clean for three months straight!"



"I get a craving 2-3 times a year. Same damned order every time. Large #1 value meal with a coke and a cheeseburger."

"I love their little chopped onions"

"Did you know that the Coke syrup formula for McDonald’s is different than what you get at home or other restaurants? It’s actually sweeter per McDonald’s request and specifications"


Can't Run

"The Tremors anthology. Bad B-rated horror but god DAMN do I love me some graboids."


"The first movie is legitimately excellent. The rest are stupid syfy level movies that are still a ton of fun."


"The second one is also not terrible. Felt like a well measured escalation. The 3rd one on, though... SMH."


"You ever have something be so bad that it loops itself back around into being awesome? That's this."

- [Reddit]

Perfect Mood Lifter

"Watching kid shows or disney movies even though I'm an adult."


"Phineas and Ferb."

"I honestly love to cruise the country side with my biker group, smoke half a pack, get home crack a beer and see what Phineas and Ferb did today."

"I'm a 28 year old man."


"Cartoons are good for the soul. Visually pleasing to watch. Good stories. Usually have some safe humor. Always end on a feel good tone. The perfect mood lifter when you're feeling down."


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Go Go Power Rangers

"Power rangers lore."

"I'm 28, can't get myself to sit through the kids shows anymore. But man did I love the series growing up and like keeping up with the new stories and seeing how it's going."

"My significant other would pretty much leave me if she found out how much I'm still addicted to keeping up with a show that I should have dropped 20 years ago."


"Full stop, check out the comics. They were made for people that watched it as children and are adults now and they are honestly nothing short of incredible between the art and storylines. They do some really rad stuff."



"Picking my nose. I know it’s a bad habit but it’s nostalgic"


"Kinda same it's not just gross but I also feel like it makes my nostrils bigger so I feel even more guilty 😭"


"There are two kinds of people in the world. People who pick their nose and liars"


Terribly Delicious

"Bad coffee."

"Like you go to a chrome-plated diner by the interstate and the coffee is made of cheap, stale grounds that has been on the hot plate or 3 hours. Something about it is super nostalgic."


"Hell yes. I'll get like 5 refills on that tiny ass cup, tyvm"


"Just terrible enough to want another cup."


Black And White Coffee GIFGiphy


"Procrastinating….I hate myself for it"


"I was going to comment the same but figured it could wait."


"I usually have two or three things on the go at once. So when I feel like procrastinating, I switch to one of the other things. My job has become literally me always procrastinating."



"I, on some occasions, belt out Taylor Swift’s 'Our Song' when I’m alone"


"I do it too but with 'The Story of Us' "


"Taylor Swift's old songs are the best songs"


"It’s this or 'Teardrops on My Guitar' because wow. Hit me in my teen feels."

"Who is Drew? I don't know, but I’ll sing about them regardless"


Taylor Swift Hair Flip GIF by MOODMANGiphy

Hipster ASMR

"Before I discovered ASMR, I used to secretly watch videos of makeup tutorials because they made me feel relaxed. I'm a guy who's never worn make up in my life."


"I'm a man in my 30s. I love the cosplay tutorials from Alyson Tabbitha."


"Literally same!!! I watch NikkieTutorials or Naomi Jon! Like I personally don’t wear make up but I love the art behind it"


So tell us, what's your pleasure? And do you HONESTLY feel guilty about it?

Go ahead and talk about it in the comments, I've got a certain Canadian Detective to check up on.

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