People Break Down The Red Flags That A Woman Never Grew Up
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Let's face it. There is nothing sexy about a significant other who has a lot of growing up to do.

But as people scroll past profiles on dating apps in search of the perfect romantic partner, they will have a lot to learn beyond just a pretty face.
That's what dating is for, and unfortunately, the process isn't always peachy keen. People might show their true colors well past the period where you've invested in the relationship, and by that time, it's too late not to expect eventual heartbreak.
One example of a person's true colors could be their immaturity.

So Redditor _Hellosh helped us identify signs of people, women, in particular, who may not be the right dating material.

The Redditor asked:

"What are signs a woman hasn't matured?"

Some believed that in relationships, women who avoid having an adult conversation do not make them adults.

Turning To Social Media

"when instead of communicating she makes a status about you or tweet 🚩 immediately cut off."

– pingponggawd

Can We Talk?

"Not communicating when you do or don't want something and then holding resentments about it later."

"Edit: to people lamenting that they are like this, I’ve been through this journey myself and know how deep rooted this behavior is. Still working on it myself but feel free to DM to chat about some tips and strategies."

– youneedsomemilk23

Blame Game

"And any relationship failure isn't her fault and blames the other party. 'If a man knows your worth, he will treat you right' kind of Instagram stories."

– king_booker

Let's Discuss This

"Lack of empathy and listening skills. Thinking you are 'less of a man' for being emotionally vulnerable and expressing your feelings, and later weaponizing these insecurities."

– velvet_thunder999

Redditors suggested drama breeds more drama.

Pot Calling Kettle

"She’s always going on about cutting out all the drama and toxicity from her life. Hint: She’s the drama and toxicity."

– an_ineffable_plan

Petty's Not Pretty

"If she still gets into petty drama as an adult."

– DrunkTomte

One Big Competition

"Many of my mom friends compete with their own daughters. Talent, success, male affection. It’s all f’ing disgusting."

– dr_uggist

Forever Plastics

"Making unneccessary drama and stating you don't like drama. Then, you're probably toxic and your entire group of friends are just like you. You never left high school mentally."

– TheNothingAtoll

No Time For Games

"When they do constant 'tests' to see how you will react."

– Nicodemu5

Women who elevate themselves in this way were seen as undesirable.

Rotten Way Up

"When the only way she can get ahead is by bringing you down."

– Wrexis

"Last woman I dated was like this. She would constantly talk down to me and call me stupid. I was in college for a bachelors in Aviation Management and she was getting her Masters in Organic Chemistry."

"I would ask about her studies as I found green chemistry interesting, but she’d answer me in a really degrading manner every time. Took time to piece it together, but I got out of that mess before it took off."

– Thewombocombo91


"Putting others down for fun."

"One of my friends started dating a girl and he brought her to dinner with us. She attached herself to me because I was the only girl in the group. She spent the entire night commenting negatively on the clothes and appearance of every single person we passed and thinking she was so clever for it. Sorry, but I'm in my thirties and don't feel like hanging out with someone who has the mentality of a middle schooler."

– MadameBurner

Proving A Point

"Shout out to that girl who blew my friend after 3 days together to prove I wanted her monogamously."

– AEWPackers

A person wanting to be in a healthy relationship should keep the above tips in mind.

Not only should the person, male or female, keep an eye out for red flags indicating immaturity, they should also check themselves before analyzing the egregious behavior others.

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