People Describe The Weirdest Snacks They Enjoy Making
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People can get pretty creative when it comes to food, especially snacks.

There's just something about the quick, utilitarian nature of snacking—which often involves whatever you can find around the kitchen—that leads to some really individualism.

Redditor ThrewTheDoor asked:

"What’s a weird little snack you like making for yourself?"

Blue Milk

"A glass of whole milk(skim, low fat etc... don't work) and an ungodly amount of frozen blueberries in a tall glass."

"The milk like freezes to the blueberries In a cool way and it sounds wierd but I've been doing this since I was like 10."

"Also I eat it with a spoon, I don't just drink it."

- Rock_Pond

"Put frozen blueberries in a bowl. Pour half and half or cream on top, it solidifies almost as good as those hard-shell ice cream toppings!"

"Sprinkle a bit of sugar on top and it's a freakin' delicious dessert."

- TangoDeltaFoxtrot


"Vanilla ice cream, maple syrup and cinnamon."

"I call it French Toast Ice cream. Soo good."

- Tiefighter21


"When there are only a few tortilla chips and crumbs at the bottom of the bag, I crush them all really well and pour them into a small bowl. Then I add a couple spoonfuls of salsa, stir, and begin shoveling."

- Greigh_flanuhl

"This is essentailly chilaquiles. Some time try it for brunch with an egg."

- stuck_in_traffic

"My dad used to call it Mexican cereal."

- corpsreviver


"Mashed potato pizza."

"I spread some mashed potatoes on a pizza tray and bake them at 400 degrees until they are golden brown on top, then add pizza sauce, mozzarella and whatever leftovers I've got laying around. Then bake in the oven for another 15min at 400."

"It's kind of like a Shepherd's Pie Pizza."

- GoliathPrime

"Croutons. Just croutons. Maybe I'll dip them in some ranch if I'm feeling fancy."

- CatLadyGrip

"And other salad toppings: wonton strips, tortilla strips, crispy jalapeños..."

- 3plantsonthewall

"I’ll have all the sesame sticks, thank you very much."

- Crunchy__Frog

"Funny story, when my brother and I were kids (in the early 80’s) salad bars were starting to become a big thing. My brother always wanted the salad bar when we went out to eat."

"He would only get shredded cheese, croutons and bacon bits. That’s it. No lettuce. Just a bowl of cheese, croutons and bacon bits."

- DogsCatsKids_helpMe

"The Italian War Crime"

"Take a tortilla"

"Put pizza sauce on it, add Italian seasoning, apply 6 pepperoni"

"Roll a cheese stick in all of that"

"Throw it in the microwave for 25-30 seconds"


- placeholderNull

Dip In

"I dip nacho cheese Doritos in cottage cheese."

- SSDestiel

"ME TOO!!!! Sour cream too."

"Cottage cheese is an underrated thing to mix other stuff with; it also actually melts decently well. I sometimes put it in burritos and melt it."

- ThrewTheDoor

"I use Fritos Scoops to eat cottage cheese. Edible spoons."

- LakotaGrl

Legit Weird

"Quaker Oat Squares cereal eaten one-by-one with a piece of cheddar cheese."

- aabbboooo

"Me and my grandma used to eat vanilla wafers with slices of cheese on it. Such a good memory I was just reminded of."

- clovercharms

"Most of these snacks aren't actually weird. But this. This is weird."

‐ jams1015

PB & Pop

"PB&J except it's peanut butter spread between 2 toasted strawberry poptarts."

- AllHailGoomy

Chocolate Cheesy Crunch

"As a kid I used to put Cheetos in a bag and mix in some hot cocoa powder. Like half a packet of hot chocolate mix."

- scooties2

Some of these weren't too weird, but others...

What's your favorite creative snack?

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