Rebel Wilson Has A City She'd Much Rather Try To Date In Besides Looks-Obsessed Hollywood


Rebel Wilson's new movie, Isn't It Romantic, is all about rom-coms, so she knows what she's talking about when it comes to love. In her expert opinion, however, her home town of Los Angeles isn't the best place for a love connection.

The 39-year-old actress told People she'd had much better luck while shooting on the other coast:

"L.A. is a bit of a challenge. I remember when we shot Pitch Perfect 3 in Atlanta. Boy, was I popular there! I should move to a city like Atlanta. I was considered a 10 there. Not to say the people in Atlanta aren't good looking. But Hollywood's beauty standards are very unrealistic."

Wilson also spoke about how proud she is to be bringing a more realistic perspective to the cinemas:

"I think the good thing about 'Isn't It Romantic' is that I am representing real women as a romantic lead and it's really refreshing. Seventy percent of American women are plus-size. Which is considered Size 14 and over. I am actually the average for an American woman, which is 16-18 yet in representation in films…it's less than 1 percent where you see plus-size girl starring in a film."

What does Wilson look for in a man? She got into specifics with People:

"I look for someone who is physically bigger than me. It makes you feel more feminine. If I feel like I'm going to crush a guy in a cage fight, then they are probably not the guy for me."

But more important to Wilson than their physical attributes was finding someone who's kind:

"It's wanting someone who is kind person. I've been so lucky to create this awesome life for myself that I want to find that person to share it with. It can be a roller coaster being in the public eye, so I guess I [really just want] genuine niceness and supportiveness."

Rebel's new movie is in theaters now, and fans are loving it!

Isn't It Romantic Trailer #1 (2019) | Movieclips Traliers

Hopefully Wilson finds the perfect man before long!

If she's lucky, she may be even be able to snag the right guy before her next movie, The Hustle, premiers this spring!

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