You see, dating can be fun and all, until you run into someone worth running far, far away from.

It's nice to know, once you've returned home from another disastrous or disappointing date, that you're not alone, that other people have also had trouble meeting people.

Or does dating just suck? Hmm.

More research is needed on this.

People shared their most cringeworthy stories after Redditor AnimeReaperGirl asked the online community:

"Men and women of Reddit, what made you NOT want a second date with someone?"

"I paid for our coffees..."

"Many years ago I agreed to meet a lady in a coffee shop for a date. She turns up with four screaming kids in tow who climb all over the chairs and just about wreck the place. I paid for our coffees and took my leave."


That's annoying and so awkward–good thing you were able to make a quick exit!

"She spoke really loudly..."

"She spoke really loudly all through the movie in the theater yet hushed at anyone who made the tiniest of sounds."


People who talk at the cinema are the worst.

"On a first date..."

"On a first date at a coffee shop, the guy picked up my foot (I was wearing cute sandals). He rubbed my foot for a second and I was like WTF, then he put my all of my toes in his mouth."

"At the table."

"In the coffeeshop."


Okay, this one horrified me.

Did you call the police?!

"I met a girl at work..."

"I met a girl at work who decided to invite me over to her house to hang out. Everything was cool until I went to the bathroom. The bathroom was an absolute wreck, hadn't been cleaned in maybe years, there was scum and hair everywhere."

"I could have dealt with all that but when I raised the lid to take a piss I saw a turd floating in some water and pee with a piece of toilet paper over it. She had just been in there a bit before myself. I flushed, peed and then called it a night."


Something similar happened to me once.

The bathroom smelled horrible, too.

I made a quick excuse, grabbed my things and left.

"We went for a one hour walk..."

"We went for a one-hour walk and during that time he let me say about a total of 10 words and spent the rest of the time talking to me about his money or answering his own questions."


Ah, yes.

The constant talker.

You're not missing much.

Hope you've found someone worth your time who actually listens to you.

"He boasted..."

"He boasted about driving drunk and crashing his car."


There are red flags, and then there are RED flags... and the red lights he likely drove through on his way to you. 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

"She had already put our pictures through..."

"She had already put our pictures through one of those 'what would your baby look like' apps and started talking about how we would raise them."


Oh, no.

Oh, no, no, no.


"At first I thought..."

"Met a girl on a dating site. We chatted about two weeks, got along pretty well. She invites me to come to her place for a date."

"When I get there, theres a U-haul truck outside. Turns out she's in the middle of packing up and moving to another state, and just wanted help with the heavy lifting. She hadnt mentioned any of this in our conversations."

"At first I thought maybe it was a roommate moving out or something like that. When she made it clear she was the one moving, I just said, 'Well, good luck with the move then!' and got the heck out of there."


Wow, the nerve of this woman.

If she wanted some movers, she could have paid for them!

"Her boyfriend..."

"Her boyfriend that I knew nothing about showed up."


Something tells me this didn't end awkwardly like some silly romantic comedy.

How awful.

"At the end..."

"I was telling a story about airport security trying to confiscate a brick of cheese that had become quite soft after a few hours out of the fridge and how I just ate the whole brick out of spite. He kept interrupting the story to make jokes comparing the cheese to his flaccid penis."

"At the end, after he tricked me into hugging him, he looked me dead in the eye and said "Next time, vagina."


What is WRONG with people?

Sounds like a total incel.

Why does dating have to be so complicated?

You know that saying about there being plenty of fish in the sea? Unfortunately, you sometimes need to do A LOT of fishing before you find someone worthwhile because of stories like these.

Have experiences of your own that you'd like to share? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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