People Break Down The Best Reasons Everyone Should Visit Their Home Country
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With certain countries slowly reopening their borders after a brutal health crisis that is gradually on its way out, the travel industry is ready to thrive again.

People in their native countries desperate to welcome travelers in a near, post-pandemic era made their cases for why their homeland should be on your bucket list of places to visit.

Redditor kushnair asked:
"Why must everyone visit your country at least once in their lifetime?"

The local cuisine and beverages can't be beat.

Straight From The Source

"Guinness does not travel well."

– wowsers808

"As an American, I thought I liked Guinness on draft in the US. Then I spent a few weeks in Ireland and it’s completely different. You’re right, Guinness does not like to travel."

– georgia080


"Many people would say for the beer, but I am of the opinion: For the bread! Seriously if you grew up with mainly wheat based breads, it will be an enlightenment."

"Edit: for people who are interested, this is a picture of the bread variety in a regular german bakery (but which sorts of bread are sold depends very heavily on the region). As side note, the breads are actually very soft in the inside, on the outside you just see the crust."

"And for people who are very interested, I found this overview with a little bit of history of German bread variety."

– Nordseefische

Alles Ist Gut

"Everything that's basic is probably best in Germany."

"Sausage. Bread. Beer. Jam. Cars. Houses. Health care. Cheese is an western European thing not a country specifically."

"Also we are experts in wasting money. Just look at our GDP in proportion to our size and Population....but still worst digitalization in western Europe. (Also worst military even tho we probably still build the best tanks/weapons. We just sell everything to the middle east and Asia while still using the equipment of 1990)"

– TheGalator

For The Gravy Fries


– iLickedABattery

"Poutine sure. Legal weed, Beaoooootiful mountains and parks, excellent craft beer, better."

– rlikesbikes

You can't beat these locations sculpted by history and nature.

Stunning Nature

"The national parks."

– EdwardPackard

"I cannot recommend visiting the Grand Canyon enough. It is incredible."

– Angel_OfSolitude


"The history. Castles, palaces, cathedrals, neolithic monuments and our museums are the best in the world."

"Just don't ask us why our museums have so much cool stuff in them 😬"

– TumTumerson

The Phenomenon

"Stonehenge is certainly a henge of stone."

– johnnydoe1224

Pictures don't do it justice.

See It With Your Own Eyes

"So they can actually see it for themselves instead of just assuming Reddit is giving them an accurate picture."

– scottevil110

More Than One City

"And to folks who want to visit the US, going to ONLY Los Angeles or ONLY Miami or (God forbid) ONLY one of the rather more homogenous middle areas, does not give a real picture of the country. LA is vastly different than Chicago. Miami is vastly different than Seattle or Portland. NYC is (I dare say) even more different than a lot of the rest of the US. It’s a big place and the experiences could be very contrasting from place to place."

– musicNYC1

Better As A Visit

"Nice and beautiful people, stunning beaches, hands down the best food, music. The whole country is so rich with such different cultures, all of them very unique compared to the rest of the world. Brazil truly is an amazing country to visit, but awful to actually live in."

– SmartButNotMuch

Totally biased here, but as a Japanese American, visiting my homeland has always been nothing short of extraordinary. Every time.

Most of Japan is clean, people are very respectful towards each other and to visitors, and public transportation is very reliable, punctual, and easy to navigate. Yes, it can be very crowded, but it's a tranquil chaos, if that makes any sense.

Japan is also rich in culture, with temples everywhere, locals wearing traditional, stunning garb, and food that comes nowhere near as close as the ones sampled by Americans in food courts across the country.

If you go to Japan, you MUST visit Kyoto. It will change your life.

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