People Divulge The Real Reason They're Actually Single


Being single is a strange beast. After a rough breakup or a non-ideal relationship, solo time with no accountability to any romantic partner can be a valuable, productive space of freedom.

For many, though, soul-searching has its time and place. For them, solo forever isn't great.

But some people do remain in the solitary place for prolonged periods of time.

The cause is often paralysis: some array of personal attributes that create barriers constantly, leaving one sequestered again and again. Acceptance, in rare occasions, may even arise.

Others carry a different hot take, giving their brand of solitude a little more agency: they do not like people and are fine without them.

Regardless, to explain in words why a person is single and remains so is a moment of brutal honesty with oneself.

CaptainRonny asked, "What's the real reason you're single?"

See-Saw Out of Whack

"I'm uglier than my inappropriately high standards." - savngtheworld

"You joke, but you can. Better hygiene, new style, going sporting, learn to dance ... are all ways to not only become more attractive to others, but also yourself." - RobinMcDie

False Starts > No Starts

"I am unable to make the first move. Some kind of fear prevents me from doing it. I wait too long and lose the girl and heartbreak ensues. I'd give anything to break this shi**y cycle." - CaptainHindsihgt

"Do the old count to 3 and just do the thing. You only got 1 life to live, take chances and see what happens, it's better to get denied than to regret it after the fact and put yourself into a rut." - MOABchoochoo

Calling a Spade a Spade

"I'm a pretty bad boyfriend to be honest. I get tired of people and want to be left alone for long periods of time. That's not great for relationships. Mix that with some trust issues and well.... at least I got my hand."


Mourning Casts its Net

"Because my wife died and I'll probably never meet anyone as amazing as her." - ccrawsh

"You'll meet someone else who is amazing for different reasons. Don't try to replace her. Move forward my friend, life is short and she would have wanted you to be happy." - jimbobjabroney

Choosing a Path

"Because I can't seem to believe that any man would want a woman like me. So I just bury myself in work and focus on getting degrees instead." - CrispyChocolate

Some People Just Need a Breath

"I took care of my late papa for 6 years and nephews for two of those. I didn't want to make anyone feel that they had to sign up for what I did. Now, I am adjusting to life without my Papa and being alone for the first time in my life. I have come to like being alone.

"I also wouldn't know where to begin looking."


The Worst Kind of Venn Diagram

"The girls who are interested in me aren't the ones I'm attracted to and the girls I am attracted to aren't interested in me." - anari500

"Time to start "looking" with your heart. I was always going off of looks and would meet guys I found hot. But they had no depth. Or at least not enough. Then I decided what I wanted was to FEEL a certain way, sexy, funny, smart etc, I met a man who makes me feel this way." - miz303elle

Trauma Rears its Head

"I am extremely scared to hurt another person. Also by that I'm not willing to be vulnerable, to open up, after a few relationships I'm scared of my own energy and how intense can I be.

"I know that someday I'll have to open up and I'm sure it's coming, but I'm not ready."


Evasive Maneuvers

"I think I subconsciously go after people that I know are unavailable because I'm too scared of a relationship actually working out." - uniqueusername1171

"I'm the same way. Or maybe I feel like I don't deserve to have a happy relationship so I only choose guys that will inevitably lead to nothing. Self fulfilling prophecy." - bubzeeez

Unmoveable Barriers

"Autism and a dislike of parties. It's not other people's fault I dislike the largest sort of social function people my age go to." - Confusum

"Parties and bars are the worst places to find a wife. Moses found his wife at a well. That's where people in those days found their wives." - nothibro

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