People Divulge The Real Reason 'That One Guy' Hasn't Been Fired From Their Job Yet

Much as we might try to deny it, who hasn't found themselves dealing with one of "those colleagues" at work?

The sort of colleague where work gets done in spite of them, who doesn't seem to possess any of the basic qualifications their position requires, who uses up all their paid sick days at the very beginning of the calendar year.

The kind of employee where we're often left wondering, "how did they get that job?"

Then, when we actually do a little digging, we might learn the answer to that very question.

Often resulting in our making a surprising, if not downright humbling, discovery.

Redditor LetFreedomRing- was eager to hear stories of why people's seemingly incompetent colleagues hadn't yet lost their jobs, leading them to ask:
"Why hasn’t that “one guy” at your job been fired yet?"

Unfortunate Timing

"He ended up leaving work the day management was going to talk to him about his behavior and got into a severe motorcycle accident."- eatsbrainz

Just Not Possible

"Cuz he’s the boss."- Hotline-Furi

A Little Manipulation Goes A Long Way

"Because his supervisor is in love with him."

"He’s 'charming, charismatic, and everyone loves him'."

"He’s really close to the manager and his mom used to work for the company as well."

"She left a path for him to walk on."

"As my co worker once said, 'he harasses us but gets rewards'.”

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"If you were ever to meet him, he makes you feel like you’re the king of the world but he’s really scummy."

"He’ll make you believe you’re incredible and valuable but will talk sh*t about you to other people."

"It’s a shame because he’s taken advantage of a lot people and a lot of things at work."

"I thought he was the coolest guy around until I started observe him and his demeanor around others."- Low_Excitement_5339·

A Sign Of The Times

"We are so short-staffed and ratios need to be met in classrooms."

"A body is better than no body, in the eyes of admin at least."

"Some days I'd rather work short-handed than work around a useless/annoying person."

"I end up doing their job anyway."- quietly_anxious

Just The Way Things Are...

'Office politics."- defensiveminded2020

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...Rather Not Answer...

"What if that one guy is you?"- dizzyrazor


"Because he goes to my boss's church."

"My boss has somehow hired at least 8 people from his church."- SparklesLuvsScotch

"She’s the boss's daughter."

"In the past 6 months, they have hired over 100 people, 3 of them are still working there."

"Every one of them quit because of her and very outwardly expressed that but no one will fire her."- Reddit

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Do We Really Want Them To Get Fired?

"The one guy at my job just got fired 3 days ago, after years of doing nothing."

"Now I can't use his continued employment as my assurance of job security."- i_make_potholes

Who Knows?

"I legitimately don't know."

"I've been sending my bosses emails about her dropping the ball on many things and even causing several catastrophic failures for our customers."

"They promise me they are documenting everything and to be patient but my boss has his head in the sand and is not really doing anything."

"I think it's catching up to him though because corporate is starting to look at this office more closely."- CamStorm

"IDK, he sits and f*cking texts WHEN PEOPLE ARE IN LINE FOR THE REGISTER."

"Pisses me off."- Public_Living_3344

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Charisma Overshadows Many Flaws

"He’s 'nice' and chatty and gets along really well with our customers."

"He will go into an office, not do anything or make something worse than it was before the repair, bill them hundreds of dollars, someone else will have to go in and fix it right and bill them more, and they’ll still request him."

"They’re actually more likely to complain about the guy who went in and fixed it correctly and would have billed them half as much and been done in trip had they started the job."- makenzie71

Fear Of Feelings Getting Hurt

"Because his boss avoids conflict."

"So we get to deal with the sh*t for brains creeper instead of him being thrown out on his a**."- No-Patient1365

Hopefully, Just A Matter Of Time...

"You don’t get fired for being bad at your job, you get fired for making a scene."- sleekandspicy

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Everyone deserves a second chance.

But if people are incapable, or worse unwilling, to learn, is there really any chance their work will improve?

When "that employee" is your boss, then the question is ultimately irrelevant.

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