People Describe The Quirkiest Things Their Partners Do

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Every person, and every relationship, is unique, and that includes what makes each partner deeply and truly happy, or annoyed.

Since all of us have our little quirks, it makes sense that our partners would enjoy some of them but not others.

But it's hard to tell how each behavior will be received.

Redditor HotWife_Aisha asked:

"What quirky thing does your partner do?"

Nightly Comfort

"She makes this cute nasally 'hmm' when I get in bed after she's asleep. I don't know why but it makes me happy."

- cranberrystew99

It's the Effort That Counts

​"My wife never screws a lid back on a jar. She just gives the lid a 1/100th of a turn so that it just sort of, kind of, possibly latches just long enough to make it halfway from the counter to the fridge."

- EconomistOpposite908

Unexpected Collections

"She hoards gas station cups. The disposable ones. That most people would throw away."

"She's not re-using them, either. She just empties them in the sink and then leaves them next to the sink."

"I regularly go in and throw them away, but I think my record disposal at one time was like 15. Just chillin' in our bathroom."

- ThePhiff

What Personal Space?

"My wife is native Italian."

"Italians are weird. It's like they have ZERO concept of personal space."

"I, am a New Yorker. Personal space, is our thing. You don't get too close... you don't rub up on people on the Subways... you leave a little space between the person you are talking to."

"Italians, will get up like nose to nose with you. Stand RIGHT behind you. Like leaving NO space."

"Often I will be in the kitchen, making tea or something and I turn around and BAM, it's like my wife wants to stand in my shadow. Or I am getting something out of the closet, and back up, and BAM, she is like right there... trying to become ONE with me or something... instead of walking around, and just leaving that inch or two of personal space to allow movement."

"All her relatives are like this too. When they talk to me, it's like they are standing on my toes... that close. Like, back the f**k up a step or two. D**n, it's creepy."

- The_REAL_McWeasel

It Gets Better Before It Gets Worse

"Any recently decluttered area becomes new grounds for more cluttering."

- CriticalStation595

His Version is Better

"He cannot properly remember the lyrics to any song. And he insists on singing it his way even after he’s been corrected about the lyric."

- bambi__eyed

Personal Dictionary

"He stutters for a word, and when I give him the word he's looking for, he says, 'YES! THAT!' and goes on with what he was saying."

- harmicistt

Sharply Endearing

"She literally cannot stop dropping and breaking things like plates, sunglasses, etc."

"She's a really talented athlete and smart to boot but oddly clumsy. I think it's cute... But it gets expensive."

- Agreeable-Change-400

Make It an Experience

"He likes a special kind of spoon for his coffee."

"About two years ago, when I realized that our set of cutlery was missing several parts (where the h**l do they go?!) I bought a new one, but since the old cutlery was alright, just incomplete, I didn't throw it away. Now we have two sets of cutlery in the drawer, but always use matching ones for the table."

"Before that, my husband had complained that sometimes he won't find a clean teaspoon because they were either dirty or in the dishwasher, so I bought a separate set of six teaspoons that look different from both of our cutlery sets."

"We have also a few of these teaspoons that you sometimes find in the big teabag boxes of Ahmad Tea, which I drink daily, as a freebie. So all in all, there are four different kinds of teaspoons in our household."

"He only uses the fancier ones from the second set of cutlery for his coffee, because they look nicer, he says."

"He's never asked me for it, but he did mention it once when he was making coffee for himself."

"Since then, every time I bring him coffee, I make sure that it's served with his favorite kind of spoon. He's over 60 and some would regard it childish, but what's the harm in considering his preference?"

- Halazoonam

Surprise Kisses

"One day I went to kiss my wife and she just started breaking out laughing. She tried and tried to keep a straight face to kiss me back but couldn’t."

"When she could finally contain her laughter enough to talk, she asked, 'What if I just blew into your mouth when you tried to kiss me?'"

"Just the thought alone had her in stitches for a solid minute. Predictably, she blew into my mouth when I went to kiss her after this exchange. That was a couple of years ago and she still does it here and there, but not often enough that I keep my guard up. It catches me off guard every. Single. Time."

"Anyway, she’s hilarious and I love that she keeps me on my toes!"

- Puzzleheaded_Ad6097

Comfy Blanket Burritos

"She wraps herself in a blanket and adorably says that she’s a burrito."

- kvndubbb

Cute Ulterior Motive

"Every time SHE wants to do something, she will say it in the form of a question directed towards me."

"Like, 'Hey, do YOU want to have a bite of one of these cookies?'"

"Or, 'Babe, do YOU want to try this wine?'"

"I don’t actually think she realizes she does it every time."

"To clarify, this isn’t a bad thing. It just makes me laugh every time before I inevitably say, 'Yeah, sure.'"

- camehereforfriends

That One Time...

"When she’s telling a story and says 'the other day,' it can mean any time from this morning to five years ago."

- Hotel_Porcelain95

Internal Dialogue

"He talks to himself. Homeboy's internal monologue is external."

"It's kinda nice never having to wonder what he's thinking."

- insertcaffeine

The Good Outweighs the Bad

"The annoying thing: uses every knob as a hanger for some bag or kitchen towel. Every time I have to use a drawer, I have to move something."

"The cute thing: she is very excited about the little things in life. We went on a walk today with rain boots to jump in each puddle on the way."

- jbensh

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