What is it about someone that captivates you instantly?

Could it be the twinkle in their eye as they talk about their passions? Or perhaps its their overwhelming sense of humor that draws in everyone in the room?

Whatever it might be, everyone has that one trait, that one quality, that can make them instantly interesting to someone listening nearby.

Reddit user, _GreyX, wanted to know what snags your attention in someone when they asked:

"What's one thing which makes someone interesting to you instantly?"

It doesn't even have to make sense why that person is interesting to you.

If they're only funny to you, and no one else, doesn't matter.

You'll sit, listening to them, for as long as you can.

Make Me Laugh

"Sense of humour"


"I have entire relationships that are built on mutual humor. Sincere humor is the best, when someone can be their full selves with you - serious moments are appreciated and occur but our love language with one another is our ability to laugh together."


You've Seen Things Others Haven't

"If they have traveled outside their home country or have lived/are living outside the home country."


"As someone who spent the last 15 years outside my home country, this is normal for me, or that they’ve learned a second language.(I have too just not always the language of my host country)."


Math And Numbers All The Way

  1. "If they're interested in math I instantly love them. Haven't met anyone tho"
  2. "Funny sarcasm a bit situational, but if someone is good at using sarcasm in a gunny way I want to be they're friend."

Totally Got Into A Fight With A Bear

"Facial scars, and not ones done intentionally. If you got a big ol scar on your face, you've seen some sh-t, and I am dying to hear about it."


"I have a fairly prominent scar close to my eye that I got from walking into the corner of a table as a 2yo."

"Can't say I've seen sh-t, but I sure as sh-t didn't see that table."


Conversations are tricky to navigate, especially when you think you'll do nothing but bring the group chat down.

That's why when someone perks their ears up to give you the floor, it's intriguing.


"They draw people into the conversation by finding topics of mutual interest."


"A great tip for doing this is to abandon any embarrassment at knowing nothing about someone's passion. Instead of trying to change the subject or staying quiet, ask the basic questions that come to mind."

"You'll find there are two types of people - those who delight in explaining why they're so passionate to you in a way that makes their passion practically contagious and those who can't be bothered making an effort. The first group are the ones you want to talk to anyway, as they not only match the effort you made but make it effortless for both parties."


Take Your Time. I'll Listen.

"People who can find the sentence through all the stuttering I do and are actually interested to chat for an undetermined amount of time"


"Hang in there buddy! It's a shame how society treats people who stutter! I'm a speech therapist and the biggest problem for my patients isn't the stuttering, but the inability of other people to just take a little bit more time and let them finish their sentences on their own time"


Or Maybe We Don't Need To Talk At All

"Ability to enjoy and appreciate comfortable silences without having the need to constantly talk."



"Nothing's more annoying than someone who constantly talks just to fill the air."


You don't know why, you just know how it feels.

It's a gut thing, deep down inside, that lets you know this person is something special.

Let It Out

"Passion. Doesn't matter about what, they could be passionate about installing toilets and I'd listen to them. I find it infectious."


"YES fully f-cking agree. My friends always apologize when they go on about something I’m not into/haven’t even heard of, but I could listen to it for hours. Just hearing the excitement in their voice and seeing their eyes light up just soothes my soul."


"They’re not afraid to like things. I’m so bored of people whose personality is based around not liking things or being too cool for things. Coming from someone who used to be extremely cynical — cynicism is boring."


Eyes That Make You Feel

"Their eyes. Some people have very kind eyes and I’m extremely attracted to that."


"Omg this. So far I’ve only met one person with really kind eyes and there was a time when I was in bed just crying about it cause whenever he looks at me it’s like all the mistakes I’ve made in my life doesn’t matter"


Speak Your Truths

"Honesty. Even at their own expense. Extremely attractive trait in friends or significant others."


"Double this. It comes down to being able to accept wrong and being unafraid to open themselves up to judgment, criticism, and consequences of action, which is a huuuige display of strength, and == hot. Dishonesty is insecurity at best, malice at worst."


Trust your gut.

You never know what kind of fascinating individuals you'll be lucky enough to interact with.

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