We always want to be right. Some people take being right far more seriously than others.

And those people may do something over the line, crazy, or completely out of left field in order to prove their own points and show just how right they are.

If you've ever been at the receiving end of one of these, get ready for even more secondhand embarrassment.

u/Sextuple_Pog asked:

What was the furthest you've gone, just to prove your point?

Here were some of those answers.

New Skillz

I struggled to get something I needed from another coworker (CAD design drawings) and it was taking months. I told him that I could go to night school and learn AutoCAD and do it myself in the time it would take him to get the drawings back to me. He said whatever.

So I went to night class, learned AutoCAD, produced my own drawings, and cut him out of the equation. A few months later he was fired, I guess other employees were having the same difficulty.


Gathering Data

I threw a bottle into the recycling. Dickhead co-worker said that particular bottle was trash and not recyclable.

I was rippin' pissed and was gonna prove his dumbass wrong.

Contacted the manufacturer of the bottle who confirmed it was recyclable. Then looked up the plastic code on my recyclings county's website to confirm it was recyclable in our area.

Printed both out stapled together and hung it on the wall next to the recycling can.


Years Gone

Years ago I told my wife I wanted to create a home media room in the basement with a really big TV and premium sound system, etc, the whole works. Problem was the basement was undeveloped. She said sure, you can have that - but you have to develop the basement yourself. She knew full well I had exactly zero knowledge of anything to do with that, and was therefore smugly assuming I would give up on the idea.

I did not. Instead, I spent the next 18 months of my life down in that basement every day after work and all weekend long. Framed it, wired it, ran the plumbing, hung the drywall (okay I did hire out the mudding and taping), put down the Lino and the carpet, installed the cabinets, all the plumbing, all the painting, you name it. And I took my time and did it right, so that when it was done it was close to the same quality as if I had had it professionally developed.

The home theatre — which I bought and had set up by a high end retailer — was awesome.

Naturally, we moved a year later.


Two Unstoppable Wants To Be Right

As a teenager, I went to the movies. Movie ends, I called my mom to come pick me up.

My mom's young (comparatively) and pretty playful. I was standing outside the movie theater and she decided to drive really close to me to try and freak me out. One of my feet was sticking out further than the other, and she drove over my foot.

I opened the door and gave her the what-for. She told me she couldn't have run my foot over because it would have been broken. I told her she absolutely did. And to prove that you can have your foot run over and not break, I stuck my foot under the wheel of the car and told her to run it over again. She did, my foot was fine (if a bit sore, considering).


Rocks Without Borders

I kayaked a mile across open water to and island in the great lakes to get one rock. And now I can say I was an illegal immigrant to Canada for like thirty minutes.


Hopefully All Lessons Were Learned

This is a story my family tells all the time.

I was seven, I think, and we were on our way home from a visit to the Badlands of South Dakota. We stopped at Wall Drug to gas up and grab snacks. When we got back into our camper van, I noticed that my younger brother (five years old) wasn't with us.

No problem. I'll just tell Mom and Dad. But all of us kids had been utter jerks the entire day, so they weren't listening to any of us. I was told to "sit down, buckle up, and shut up."

So I did. We got all the way to Sturgis, SD. That's nearly 100 miles away. My mom turned around to ask if anyone needed to use the toilet. That's when she had her "Kevin!" moment. (His name is Bruce, but you get the point I'm sure.)

When they asked me why I didn't tell them my brother wasn't in the car, I patiently explained that they told me to shut up. So I did.

Those were the days before cell phones, so my parents had to call Wall Drug to ask if they'd found a five year old boy. They had, and he was at some police station (I can't remember exactly where). He had actually started running out toward the highway when thankfully some adult saw him and dragged him back to the store, kicking and screaming (my brother was a scrappy little dude).

So we went there to pick up my brother from the police. His trauma was minimal. They'd kept him happy with ice cream and even let him sit in a jail cell with bars and everything. I vaguely remember even being a little jealous of him.

The totally unfair thing, though, was that my parents were more angry at me for not telling them than they were with him for wandering off. And worst of all, they didn't even consider it their own fault- which I adamantly insisted was the case of course.

So to answer the question: About 180 miles. That's the furthest I've gone just to prove a point.


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What's On The Menu

Not me, but my mother in law. Her husband passed away long before I was part of the family, and I would have loved to hear his side of this story, but anyways.

He really didn't like eating healthy. I've been told the closest he got to eating fruit was gummy fruit snacks, and vegetables? Forget about it. Well anyways, they adopted my husband and my brother in law, and MiL really, really started pushing him to eat greens and veggies. "If you don't eat them, neither will the kids! You need to model healthy eating habits."

He refused. This went on for months and months. They got into a big fight about it and he said, "I'd sooner eat moldy green roadkill than spinach and broccoli!"

So the next night at dinner time, MiL went out into their driveway, where she had run over and killed a frog the previous day. She puts this squished, dead frog on his plate, then serves it to him at dinner time.

"Okay. I see your point. I'll eat the salad."


Hustlers (2019)

I was 21 and at a club and told my friend I could dance better than the go-go dancers. Got a phone number to call from a bouncer and told someone named Barbie I wanted to audition.

8 months later, I was about to graduate for college, and I got an email saying they were holding auditions. I've commited to the bit this far, so I go to the auditions and completely bomb it. I'm only good at dancing to songs I actually like and the boots they dance in are heavy af. I have a lot of respect for professional dancers.


Why Not Start A Fire To Prove It

My ex was making popcorn and went to push the popcorn button on the microwave. I told him that the button is bull and will burn the popcorn. He didn't believe me so we argued and finally I said just push the button and we'll see. So we wait and I can smell the popcorn burning but I don't stop the microwave because I'm so mad. It eventually stop and he takes the bag out, there was a hole burnt into the bottom of the bag and the popcorn was very burnt. Then he got mad at me for not stopping the microwave.

It took me forever to clean the microwave but it was worth it. We broke up soon after.


99 Bottles Of Milk

"You're not getting this bottle of milk until you stop screaming."

74 minutes. Never, ever, underestimate the appetite for conflict of a two-year old.