Proud People Share Their Best 'Well, Someone Had To Do It!' Moment.


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where someone had to take action but no one was stepping up to the plate? Here, proud people share their best "well, someone had to do it!" moment.

These people deserve a high-five at the very least.

1/28. In elementary school, my class went on a trip to a campground/nature reserve thing. They took us on a tour and stopped around various plants to inform us about them. When talking about one of the plants, they told us that they didn't know whether or not they were poisonous. I ate some. It had no discernible effect on me. I got sent home.

I did it for science.


2/28. Reporting my father for molesting my sister. I was twelve.


3/28. New Years eve when I was around 14 years old at a friend's house with no parental supervision. The older brother pulled out a quarter stick of dynamite to light off at midnight.. It was a cold Michigan winter and so the smart thing to do was to open the door-wall, light the stick, and throw it from inside the house. Well, he dropped it.. lit.. on the floor.. after we stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity, my soccer skills rushed in and I kicked it out the door. It went about 10 feet and then exploded. Could have lost a leg but.. well somebody had to do it.


4/28. Leaving first from friends' houses. That moment when everyone is huddled at the front door, pointless conversation, hand on the doorknob... I'll be ten feet down the drive clicking my doors open.


5/28. I used to work for a college. My route to work took me through the college library. While walking through, I happened to glance down the stacks (that's what library folk call the rows of bookshelves) and I see a girl having a seizure. I yell for help, drop my books and my jacket, and go run to her. I see she is about to bite her tongue, so I jam a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird between her teeth to stop that from happening. I talk to her, letting her know than someone is there for her, and I asked her if she knew I was there, if she could see and hear. I told her to blink if she could understand me.

Thank God, she blinked enough to signal yes. I've never seen anyone blink that much, she had genuine relief in her eyes to see me. The campus nurse finally started to arrive after I had taken the book out of her mouth, and the spasms were calming down, she could move independently, and she was shaking from shock at what happened.

The nurse started asking her questions, and she said something I thought was odd. (continued)

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She said it had happened once or twice before, and she had been having headaches for the last few years, always in the same place. The nurse asked her if they wanted to call an ambulance for her, and she said no, that her parents' insurance wouldn't cover it. I jumped back into the conversation and said that I would happily drive her to the emergency room. She just looked at me for a few seconds, and nodded.

In the car, I talked to her for a little while, telling her it would be ok, all that stuff. We also introduced each other, she had the same name as a Disney Princess. The campus nurse had since called her mother, and she got to the hospital shortly after we had gotten to the emergency room. Well, this woman lit into her daughter immediately, saying things like "oh, it's just your headaches again, you're such a drama queen" and "why can't you just suck it up!", not listening to a damned word her daughter said. She just stood there, looking at her shoes sadly. I didn't even really think, I grabbed the mother by the shoulder and wrenched her around to look me in the eyes. "M'am, with all due respect, you're dead wrong. I have seen people have seizures before, I have someone in my family with similar issues. Your daughter was having a full blown episode, I had to jam a book in her teeth to keep her from biting her tongue. There is something seriously wrong with her, and if you even pretend to love her, you WILL get her looked at today." Then I turned around and walked out.

It wasn't until 2 weeks later that I found out the last part. I was at my desk at the college, and the same girl comes walking in through the door.

Wearing a bandana on her head.

She told me that after I left, her mother had the docs give her a CT scan of her head. She had a fluid pocket build up, and she said they told her she would not have lived out the week if they hadn't caught it that day. The two weeks I hadn't heard anything was her recovery from the surgery they performed that day. She told me I saved her life with tears in her eyes, and to this day I have never seen eyes so full of gratitude.


6/28. I chose to make the phone call to my roommate's dad to tell him he died, rather than having the police tell him. I still feel horrible about it, because I told him, "Greg had a medical emergency." His dad had to ask me, "Did he die?" because I couldn't bring myself to say so.


7/28. Sometimes I'm that dude that writes correct answers on the book or the dude that erases the wrong answers on the book.


8/28. We had this strange rule growing up where we weren't allowed to poop in my parent's bathroom, so I tried to time my poops for when they weren't home. Nobody tells me where I can and can't poop. Nobody.


9/28. Reported my boss for harassment, bullying and blackmail, and being generally incompetent. Nobody else wanted to so I thought, screw it, and proceeded to make her life a misery.


10/28. I accidentally signed up for a workshop on how to work with people who had cognitive impairments. Not many people sign up for these workshops, and the instructors said they had an immediate need for another teacher at a school for young adults with severe cognitive impairments. I was the only one in the room with a teaching certificate, and I was only waiting tables at the time, so I volunteered. I ended up working at that school for a year before they found a permanent teacher. I learned so much about humanity in that classroom.


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11/28. I recently attempted suicide and came very, very close to achieving that. When people see me they often don't know how to respond, so I take it upon myself by singing, Guess whos back? back again..."

Someone has to break the silence right?


12/28. Fighting 3 guys at once to defend a very small pacifist. I got my butt handed to me, but I kicked the crap out of one dude's testicles, because screw rules, that's why.

And screw bullies, would do again.


13/28. I pushed a girl into the lake while she was showing off her fancy little cartwheels. It got annoying fast, and well someone had to do it.


14/28. At a kid's party, I was the only adult not drinking and having a good time, because there was a pool with no fence around it. I stood there watching it like a hawk while trying to act like I wasn't judging everyone. Everyone was surprised when I fished a four year old out of the water. They all just stood there while I hopped in to get her.


15/28. I told friend of mine that he was being cheated on by his girlfriend. A lot of people people knew and I hesitated to do it because she was friends with my girlfriend at the time, but I remember a guy I knew that did the same thing for me when an ex was cheating on me while she was at college and I thought it was the right thing to do because I definitely appreciated it. It made things a bit awkward for a bit, but I don't regret it at all.


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16/28. That last piece of cake in the lonely, someone had to put an end to his suffering.


17/28. In eighth grade, there was this girl who thought it was totally ok to punch, kick and sac guys because "guys aren't aloud to hit girls". After going through a year and a half of this I thought screw it, and Sparta-kicked that jerk. I kicked her hard enough to knock the wind out of her (obviously I didn't mean to hit that hard, but a guy can only get kicked in the bits so many times) and I had literally zero repercussions. The one teacher who saw didn't do anything because he knew what she did.


18/28. Standing up to the principal of my high school for making a very anti-gay comment to the only gay kid in my school.


19/28. Fishing out a giant turd from the bathwater after my 1.5 year old son cranked one out at the end of his bath tonight.


20/28. I was walking back to class from lunch during my senior year of high school and saw this mentally and physically disabled girl in her wheelchair. I had seen her around before during high school but didn't know her name and knew little about her because she was in special education classes and we never ran into each other.

She was in the middle of this ramp that everyone walks up when leaving the cafeteria and it didn't look like she was going anywhere. It became apparent that her arms weren't strong enough to wheel herself up the ramp and I wondered why she didn't have a special education teacher or aid with her to help her get around. Everyone was walking past her and going back to class as if she wasn't even there even though she was right smack in the middle of the ramp. (continued)

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I'm not sure why no one helped her until I did. I walked up behind her wheelchair and asked her in a hushed voice if she needed to be pushed up the ramp and to her classroom. She didn't turn around to answer me or look at me because she had limited physical mobility and had trouble moving her neck but she did nod up and down for me.

I pushed her up the ramp through the sea of other students and wheeled her to her classroom. She probably could have wheeled herself to her class after I got her through the trouble of getting up the ramp but it wasn't a big deal for me so I wheeled her there anyway.

I left her at the door of her classroom, waved to her special education teacher that I didn't really know, and then went to my class and never saw the girl again. I didn't know that the girl would never look at me that day or know who I was since she couldn't tell by the sound of my voice and since she never looked behind her to see who it was that wheeled her to class, so I guess that my story fits well enough for this thread.


21/28. This didn't happen to me, but to my grandma.

She currently works as a bartender for the American Legion, and one day some random guy walks in, and runs straight into the bathroom without saying a word to anyone.

After about 20 minutes, he walks out, goes to his car, and leaves. Some other guy goes to the bathroom after him and runs out swearing like a sailor.

It turns out the mystery man that had just left had released the inner contents of his bowels all over the bathroom. On the walls, the floor, the door, everywhere. He even left his underwear sitting in the trash can next to the door.

So what does my grandma do? She goes in there and cleans it all up by herself because nobody else wanted to do it.

A couple weeks later the same guy comes back, my grandma recognizes him, and perma bans him from the bar.


22/28. Tell a kid who kept following me and my friends around that "we" weren't friends, that he was not part of the group, and that he was no longer welcome to our lunch table. At first we tried to include him, but he kept trying to pick on one of the kids in group "to assert dominance and carve a spot for himself in the group's hierarchy" (we found his blog). At first we just ignored him and stopped inviting him when we hung out, but when he showed up to our Christmas Party uninvited, it was the last straw.


23/28. My dad had announced that he was unhappy with his and my mom's marriage and that he was leaving. A month and a half passed and he still hadn't left so I took things into my own hands. My mom was still in love and emotionally broken and even though we all knew my dad was seeing someone, mom didn't have the heart to tell him to leave already, so I did. I was 14 when I packed my dad's bags and told him to leave.

After that my mom became bulimic and started smoking like I had never seen her do before. Sure, I had to step up and carry the weight my dad left behind, but still I don't regret doing what I did.


24/28. I was driving on the freeway with my girlfriend and this car came out of nowhere and almost hit us and 2 other cars near us while swerving recklessly. I got my girlfriend to call 911 as we went to catch up with him and I was talking about how we would see that guy flipped in a ditch if he kept driving like that.

Sure enough when I caught up to him he struck another vehicle going about 90-100 and it sent the other car rolling and his car off the road into the embankment where his car cartwheeled twice and rolled two more times before landing back on the wheels.

The driver of that one jumped out and took off running leaving a woman and her 5 year old son in the back of the car. I stopped and ran up to the (now on fire) car yelling to make sure nobody else was in it which there was. The door wouldn't open so I had to break the glass out and help pull the two people out. I turned around to see every other car just keep on driving by and looking. Not even willing to help. Somebody had to do it since apparently everybody else is just there to watch the show. I have pictures of both cars that rolled. Turns out the guy that ran had outstanding warrants.


25/28. I was in college I saw someone standing in the middle of the sidewalk when everyone was headed to class. People kept passing them and they weren't really looking at anything so it seemed odd.

I went back and it turns out they were blind. I asked if they needed directions or help and she told me she was lost. Helped her get to the building she was looking for.


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26/28. On my school bus this kid got a really bad bloody nose. All his friends started laughing at him and this girl handed him paper as a joke to mop it all up.

So after about 5 minutes of deliberation of whether I should help him cause I was incredibly shy, I finally decided to give him a packet of tissues I had. I was bloody shaking as I did it and was so nervous, cause I'm just like that.

It was a pretty proud moment for myself.


27/28. I work at a motel, and the local police doesn't bother with our calls due to the fact that their priority is the airport and high-end hotels. One night, I was making my walk around, picking up trash and making sure everything was sound and safe when I looked over to a window that had the blinds half open, I saw a man holding a woman on the bed with his hand on her neck, choking her, and his other fist in the air. She was fighting him off and I knew she was in trouble.

I dialled 911 and reported it, only to be told "we'll send someone as soon as we can". Which in this area means "we don't care". So, I threw my phone in my pocket, with the operator on the line and broke into the room and tackled the guy assaulting the woman down. I secured his hands behind his back, nearly dislocating his shoulder.

What I didn't see was the other 4 guys in the room. They proceeded to pull me off and beat me half to death. The woman tried to pull them off of me, but to no avail. After 3 broken ribs, severe bruising to my lungs, sides and face and a sprained wrist, I hobbled back to my office after everyone (including the woman) had ran off leaving me bloody and injured on the floor of the room.

The cops showed up 5 minutes after I had started bandaging myself up. They asked, "Why did you go in there?" And I swear to god the only thing I said was, "Well, He could have killed her, and if you guys wouldn't show up, someone else had to do it."


28/28. Someone I wasn't particularly friends with got way too drunk at my ex's house party and passed out in the bathtub. He pooped in the bathtub. I pushed the poop down the drain with a spoon. Lost a part of myself that night and he still doesn't know he did it.



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