Proud Children Share The Most Badass Thing They've Witnessed Their Dad Do.


Everybody would like to look up to their dad, and it makes it super easy when he does the kind of stuff you'll read in this article.

Here are fourteen of the most awesome things have witnessed their fathers do.

Many thanks to the Reddit user who posed this question and to those who responded. You can check out ore answers from the source at the end of this article!

1/14. He defended my room against a bee's nest in the closet in only his underwear and brandishing two fly swatters. Didn't get stung.


2/14. My sister had a falling out with another girl at school. One night the girl and three dudes drove over to our house and starting throwing beer bottles at my sister's window.

My Dad came out of the house, walked up to their car and told them to go away. The three guys got out of the car and surrounded my Dad. My Dad told them, last chance to get in your car and leave. The three guys squared up on him and my Dad proceeded to beat all three of them into the dirt. They literally crawled back to their car.

Later that night, the dad of one of the kids my Dad whupped came over and challenged my Dad to a fight for what he did to his son. Big father, like son. He crawled back to his car too.

Oh yeah, he also won the Silver Star in Vietnam for saving two crew members from a burning helicopter, even though he was on fire too.

My Dad = awesome.


3/14. For 20 years he woke up every morning at 3:30 AM, so he could get to work by 6AM, so he could be home by 7PM, so that we could afford nice things.


4/14. My brother, cousins, and I were having a water fight in the back yard of our lake house. Water guns, water balloons, etc.

It was winding down, and my mom and aunt were moving in to clean up the mess from busted balloons. All of a sudden my dad comes streaking up from the dock with a huge bucket full of lake water.


He's making a beeline straight for me but, right before he gets within striking distance, he executes a perfect high-velocity no-look shovel pass to his right and bullseyes my mom in the face with 2 gallons of lake water.

He just kept on running.


5/14. About 5 years ago my dad was driving on our boat on a lake we have a house on and happened to see a small (about 50 people) tour boat capsize, with nearly all senior citizens on it He rushed over, called 911, and started tossing life vests like it was his job. He grabbed a number of people into the boat and got others to grab onto the boat to stay afloat. Thanks to him, 27 people survived the accident.


6/14. I have two, one that I experienced and the other is a story my mom tells all the time. This one happened about 2 years before I was born.

My parents were dating at the time and were at a bar together. My dad went to go get drinks for them and a group of guys began to harass my mom. Apparently they were grabbing her and just being douchebags in general.

My dad came back from the bar with his drinks and proceeds to approach my mom and these group of guys. As my mom tells it, he sits down and acts completely cool about the whole situation. He asks everyone what the problem seems to be. One of the guys tells him to mess off and that he's trying to have a conversation.

Without saying a word, my dad grabs the guy by the nose and slams his face down into the table. He then looks at the other guys and says "who's next?", to which the other guys, with the most shocked look on their faces, help their buddy up and proceed to book it out of the bar.

This one I was personally there to experience.

I was about 13 and my parents had just given me a brand new bike for my grade school graduation. It was a really big deal because we didn't have much money growing up and my parents spent a lot of money for this bmx bike I really wanted.

I was hanging out with some friends when some kids came up to us. One kid put his hands on my handle bars to block me from leaving while another came from behind and pressed a knife against my side. He told me to give them the bike or they were going to take it.


Being scared, I just got off the bike and gave it to them. After they left I ran to the nearest phone booth and called my parents to tell them what happened.

About 5 minutes after I get off the phone with my mom, my dad comes screeching up to us in his car. He pops open the passenger side door and tells me to get in. As I sit down he asks me what the kids look like. I tell him and he starts to take off, and we go winding through the side streets of the area.

I wasn't really sure what was going on because I was still a bit scared from the whole ordeal. After about 10 minutes of driving my dad notices some kids sitting in the park with bikes. He drives past them slowly and asks if I recognize any of them or my bike. Right away, I saw my bike and I tell him.

He slams on the brakes, reaches behind his seat and pulls out a huge metal pipe. In a manner I have never seen him in before, he proceeds to fling the door open and rush these kids. He starts screaming like a mad man and runs after them.

The kids begin to scurry but my dad was too fast for them. In what seemed like slow motion, as the kids begin to pedal away, he grabs the one on my bike and shoves the pipe into the spokes of the wheel. The kid flips off the bike and his friends just left him there.

My dad grabs the bike and walks over to the kid on the ground. He proceeds to tell him "don't ever mess with my family again, you got off easy this time, next time you won't be so lucky."

He then walks back to the car with the bike, throws it in the trunk, gets back in the drivers seat and drives away like nothing happened. On the ride home he just looked at me and said "I'm not a violent man".


7/14. He weighed in at about 290 for quite some time. On his annual checkup the doctor told him that, basically, both of his parents died of Type 2 diabetes and he will suffer a similar fate.


He basically said, "No I won't and you will tell me what I need to do". He started immediately on only veggies and a little bit of bread each day combined with a minimum of 5 miles walking, 10 on weekends.

Within 2 weeks he had to go to the tailor. By a month, I outweighed him for the first time ever. Five years later he still keeps to the same regimen and looks great.


8/14. My Dad is a very laid back, quiet man. I did not learn stories of his exploits until well into my late teens and early twenties.

My Dad grew up in a very rural area of southern Louisiana. At the age of 9, he walked into his living room and told his mother that he was going outside. He disappeared for three days, during which the local sheriff's department (of which my grandfather was a member) searched constantly for him. On the third day, he walked back into his house like nothing had happened. He had a fishing pole, a .22 rifle, a pocket knife, matches and a thick blanket. For three days at the age of 9, my father sustained himself in the wilds of Louisiana on what he could catch and kill.

In Vietnam my father worked in search-and-rescue operations and survived two helicopter crashes. One from almost 1,000 feet up.

My Dad runs an electrical supply store. In the early days of his business, he sold about $950 of materials to a local wealthy lawyer who was building a beautiful new home. The lawyer stiffed him on the bill and when my Dad called, the lawyer said "I don't pay bills that are less than $1000. You'll have to take me to small claims court." My Dad promptly went to the guy's home (which was under construction) and put an axe through the gorgeous custom oak door. "I figure that was about $1000 worth of door," he told me.

When my Mom told her parents she loved my Dad and they were going to get married, they forbade her from seeing him again. Word got back to my Dad and he showed up at their house to help her move out. My grandfather met my Dad at the door with a shotgun. My Dad said, "I'm either leaving here with your daughter or in a pine box. So if you ain't gonna kill me, get out of the way." It took a while, but my Dad and my grandfather became good friends.

The rural Mississippi community I grew up in used to have genuine Turkey Shoots around Thanksgiving. It went like this: you paid $2 for 3 shots (with your rifle) at a turkey in a wood box 50 yards away. The turkey could stick its head up through a slot in the box, but that was the only exposed part of the turkey. If you hit the turkey, it was yours. My father decided to participate and proceeded to bag five turkeys in 6 shots. He donated all of them to local families who didn't have a turkey to put on the table for Thanksgiving.


9/14. Most weeks my father worked 10 hour shifts Monday through Saturday and an 8 hour shift on Sunday in order to support our family.

That is why he's a bad mo fo.

I wish I had half his work ethic.


10/14. My dad was being dragged by a horse and he reached up and punched it in the face.


11/14. My dad jumped a car over an semi-open drawbridge in Alabama when he was 16.

He was also brave enough to step in and adopt me after my father took his own life when I was one.


12/14. I once saw my dad do a backflip from a high dive board and land square in the nuts on a swimming lane seperator...the backflip was legendary but his landing had me in stitches for 30 minutes with my bro.


13/14. My dad may not be one in the traditional sense, but he's the wisest, most knowledgeable, intelligent dude I've ever met.

Once a lawyer tried to contradict him by quoting from a certain book, and my dad said "You're misquoting that; turn the page and read the other half of the sentence."

My dad literally wrote the book.


14/14. My dad is an exceptional person, Physics and Chem teacher for 30 odd years, hall of fame wrestling and football coach. He did however put the fear of god into me one spring day during my junior year of high school. I was a relatively well behaved student, had to be I had my dad as a teacher and coach. One day however I crossed a line. I did what kids from the stix do, went into the country and drank at a party.


I had an old ramshackle handmedown '79 Chevy Scottsdale and was driving home from the party having partaken in very little alcohol, 2-3 beers max in a 3 to 4 hour period. A broken tail light spelled my doom.

The highway patrolman who pulled me over said he smelled booze on my breath, but I swore that I was in the clear, no way was I over the .08 limit for drunken driving. I passed the field sobriety tests as only a terrified athletic teen can, with flying colors. Mr. HiPo however said I still had to tae a breath test. .01. I guess that any trace of alcohol on a minors breath is considered impaired driving though. To the pokey I go.

Dad picks me up saying not a word. We get home and he says get to bed, "You're going to pay for this in blood and sweat tomorrow."

The next morning I get up well before the sun and just lie in bed dreading the moment he walks into my room. 7am he says time to go, and we head outdoors. He outlines the start of my punishment, rearranging the giant rocks that we use for landscaping.

As I sweat and struggle with the stones I hear him muttering behind me, then comes the most ungodly horrible sound I have ever heard. He grabs the tailgate of my 79 Chevy and physically rips the tailgate from it's bolts and throws it ala the Hulk through the back window of my truck in a display of strength who's better I have yet to see. He then without a word walks into the house and leaves me to my task. Upon further inspection I found that he sheared the metal to tear that Detroit beasts tailgate off, astounding.

At any rate he helps me pay for the window and we weld the tailgate back on, but his status at that high school went from legend to myth in one fell swoop that day. Incoming freshman are forewarned not to mess with Mr. Martin lest they suffer some horrible fate.

On a side note I drove that truck up until my soph year in college and before I sold it I cut off the tail gate replaced it with an air gate and put that momento in storage. I cannot wait until he retires! It will be an epic retirement speech and gift let me tell you what!


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