Protective Parents Share The Most Maddening Stories About People Mistreating Their Children


What did you say about my kid? "Hold my purse!"

Don't play games with people's children. Always plaster on your phoniest smile and reinterpret your inner thoughts like so... "They're so cute and so well behaved," Yeah right.

"I wish I had ten just like them." Then walk away. Or be sincere in your words, then walk away. It's the only way to roll. Now also taking it upon yourself to discipline or touch other's children is just a human no-no. It doesn't matter what they're doing, you don't lash out or manhandle at other's children. Set an example, you're the adult. Plus that can lead to some messy trouble.

Redditor TlGHTSHIRT asked Parents of Reddit, what's been the most WTF moment that you've witnessed with how someone interacts with your child? Some Do's and Don'ts to live by.

50. A Gypsy Curse?


An old Italian lady came up to me and my wife and my 2 month old baby girl as we were leaving a pizza place. She asked to see the baby, said something in Italian and kissed my baby's hand, leaving old lady lipstick all over it. Then she left before we could say anything and we stood there dumbfounded.


49. All the Colors.... 

Pulled into Target parking spot at the same time as an elderly man who smiled and spoke to my 10 year old and toddler as I loaded the baby into the cart. "tell your Mother to turn down that colored music, too loud for your eardrums." It took me at least 10 seconds to even process what he said. I was flabbergasted.

Of course, the plus side is my kids had no idea what "colored" meant, so there's a +1 for today's youth.


48. That Seat is Taken! 

My parents took my then 12-year-old self and 11-year-old brother to see the movie "1408" when it first came out. We got to the theater really early so we were sitting at a table in this arcade area that the movie theater had. My brother was playing at one of those crane machines about 5 feet away from our table.

This creepy, dirty, and disheveled looking guy comes over and starts playing at a machine next to him, just kind of looking at him at first and then starts to talk to him. My dad quickly ushers us away from there and into the theater. We were seated so that my mom was in the seat next to the aisle, then me, then my dad, then my brother.

About 15 minutes into the movie we see the same creepy guy walk in and enter the row we were in at the opposite end, sitting right next to my brother. My dad then made my brother switch seats with him and the guy got up and left the theater.


47. Meet the Girls! 

I was at the post office and a man could not for the life of him realize that my girls were girls.

He came up to me and my piggy tailed, and pink glittery coat wearing girls and said "oh what good boys you have!" So I nicely corrected him and said "no actually they are girls this is (girly name #1) and (girly name #2)." His response was to look at me incredulously and say "those are weird boy names." Then turned around.

I was at the counter when he left with a wave and said "see you later boys!" I actually yelled back "THEY ARE GIRLS" as the door closed. Got a couple chuckles from the patrons that witnessed the whole thing.

One lady actually commented on how cute my girls were and how she wasn't confused.


46. Stranger Danger.... even for adults! 

I was nursing my son in public. He was about 9 months old. I was using the two shirt method so my breast wasn't exposed but it was obvious I was breastfeeding. A stranger sat down next to me and started complimenting my son's strawberry blonde curls. Next thing I know, she is stroking his hair. I don't even like strangers touching my baby under normal circumstances but while my nipple is in his mouth... That's not okay.

Another incident that comes to mind is a strange visit I got a couple days after he was born. A woman from a local church (my husband and I don't attend any church, let alone the church this woman was from) showed up at our doorstep. She brought a gift for the baby (a bandana. Not sure what use a baby has for a bandana but ok.) Next thing I know she is standing over me while I'm holding him, stroking his cheek.

He wiggled a bit and then smiled. She then proceeded to tell me that when newborn's smile, they are talking to angels. Without even thinking, I blurted out "that's a nice thought but in reality, he just farted and feels a lot better. He's a gassy baby." She pulled her hand away like I had just slapped her and said "no, it's angels" before storming out of my house. I still have no idea who she was.


45. But he's so soft....

An acquaintance (female, late 20s) had a weird obsession with my son (3 years old at the time). We went to church together so often went on group outings. It started with her following us around and getting lifts with us so she could sit with us and chat with my son during the drive or during meals, progressed to her immediately grabbing his hand once our outings were over so she could walk with him to our car (this happened every single outing, and she never asked permission either so it was weird... ).

Then she started following him around at parties, touching and stroking him. She would literally stand and seemingly unconsciously stroke his back like he was a cat, for minutes at a time. We started avoiding her, at which point she moved onto another baby with the stroking. Last I heard, that mom had also really cut back on their interactions.


44. Mullholland Drive is not for kids.... 

Not a parent but I know the moment. Homeless dude, like guy behind the diner in Mulholland Drive looking homeless dude, approached me when I was maybe 5 years old aggressively begging me for change. Thought my mom was going to rip my arm out of the socket how fast she got me away from that dude.

This was outside the Baltimore Aquarium in the late 80s, he said surprising no one who has be.


43. Have a loaf.... 

Someone barged my daughter when she was 2 into the bread stand at the supermarket. On purpose. She was running around as I was shopping (I was literally next to her) and some guy thigh checked her into the stand. It was on purpose cos he just looked at her. I think he thought she was away from her parents. He moved along.

Until he took the step into me. She started crying which snapped me out of the next move of throwing him into the bread stand. My ex came over, so I let my daughter go with her before she saw me do what I planned. I threw him into the bread stand. Looked at him and asked if he wanted to do something about it. He said no, then got up and sheepishly walked away.


42. You're Gonna Hear Me.... 

We ate out for dinner and there was an older man eating alone a few tables away. The old man stared a lot. When we left my son roared at him cause you know dinosaurs, and he roared right back without missing a beat. ZamorakHawk

41. 10 Feet too Far! 

About ten years ago, I took my 3-yr-old son to Barnes & Noble because he was crazy about the Thomas the Train play table they had set up in the children's book section. I could grab a few books and kick back while he killed an hour just happy as hell.

This one night, about 7 pm, I was sitting in a chair near the train play set. The chair was semi-hidden by a post and a book display. I was pretty well hidden unless you were right there in the little play area. He was oblivious to anything outside that play set.

A well-dressed older man comes speed-walking into the children's section and makes a straight line toward my son. I see him coming, but he is so focused on my kid that he doesn't notice me until he is within maybe 10' of where I'm sitting. He catches sight of me and, without missing a step, turns on his heel and speed walks back the way he came.

This throws up all kind of red flags, so I set my book down and tell my boy to come with me. We walk though the entire store and don't see this guy anywhere. I mention it to a manager kid, but he doesn't seem too interested. I figure I disrupted his kid-snatching mission and he bolted.

I wasn't much for letting him out of my sight, but damn... I sure kept close to him after that.


40. Unleash the beast!


I was at my best friend's house and her boyfriend had a guest over... My son was maybe 6 months old, and in his scream at the top of my lungs phase. It was annoying, but harmless. Her boyfriend's friend walked over to him and said "hey baby, if you don't shut up, I'm gonna scream too!" And proceeded to mock my son's screaming for a good minute or two. My son just stared at him... And shut up.


39. She is not a toy! 

Years ago when my daughter was around 2 or 3 we were at an arts festival. She was up ahead, running and generally having a grand time when out of nowhere this lady swoops in and picks her up and starts twirling around, arms outstretched with my kid up in the air. When I ran up to her and was like wtf! she said she was French and that's how they do things. It was pretty shocking to say the least.


38. A Generational Fuss... 

I have a 3 month old, so not a lot of stories yet. People always click at him like they would when calling a dog or cat, which I always think is beyond strange. My mom also babysat him for a few hours during our vacation, which turned out to be a bad choice. I wrote down instructions on approximate times for naps and feedings, and demonstrated to her how to comfort him, put him down for a nap, cues to look for, my husband's number in case she was having trouble etc.

I'm very in tune with my son, and respond to his cues quickly, so he hardly ever cries. So I guess she misses a cue for a nap and he gets to the point of screaming and she panics and keeps putting him down? Which makes him scream more hysterically. Security comes to do a wellness check and she tries to hand him to the guard. Then a neighbor lady comes over, rocks him to sleep and feeds him.

Later he again begins crying and my husband happened to call around that time. He can hear her on the phone putting him down and walking away to talk to him while his hysteria amplifies. After, my mom told the family what a brat he was and told me that I need to be less responsive to his cries. So now she's not allowed to be alone with him and I'm quick to take him from her if he fusses. But her feelings are hurt?


37. Oh America.... 

Not me but happened to a friend of mine and pisses me off to no end...

Friend is from Puerto Rico and somewhat light skinned, wife is much lighter skinned. Have a beautiful baby that's light skinned with blue eyes. He takes the child into the store leaving the wife to relax in the car. As he's entering the store he nods to a police officer as he's ex law enforcement himself.

A bit later he notices a woman speaking to the officer and points at him. As he's exiting the store the officer approaches him and explains that he's been told he was reported for having STOLEN his child. My friend produces his phone with photos of his wife, his child, the family together, and pics of the newborn in the delivery room with the three of them too! Officer says thank you and he's on his way, he doesn't tell his wife as she already worries about him.

I told him if I'd had this happen to me I'd have gone ballistic and confronted the racist b***h. His response brought me up a bit short... "BLKMGK I've found that as a black man in this country it's not wise for me to lose my temper in public." Ouch! He told me about,this weeks ago, my blood is still boiling!


36. Can't even turn away for Candy!

Went to Walmart with my 3 month old daughter. While waiting to pay, I decided I wanted a candy bar and turned my back to the baby stroller. After a couple seconds I heard the clip unsnap to the car seat and I turned to see a woman in her 50's trying to lift my daughter. I'm a nice guy and usually brush stuff off but I started laying into that woman and probably called her every name in the book. I don't care if she was nice, trying to say hello, or had grandkids. I didn't know her and felt violated.


35. Some people need a smack! 

When my daughter was 3, she went up to her aunt, my SIL, to playfully exclaimed "I'm gonna tickle you !" Like most 3 y/o kids have learned and gladly emulate. My lovely SIL who "just adores kids" and is a teacher, told my 3 y/o, "If you come any closer, I'm going to smack you !" To which I replied, "seriously, you could have replied any other way, there is a thing called tact you know !" To which she looked to her mom, my MIL, and said "are you going to let him talk to me that way!" As if I was the problem there.


34. Where is the smoking toy gun?

My 12 year old daughter had a fight with the neighbors daughter. Nothing serious, just kid stuff. The kid's mother gathered some "evidence" and started to bad mouth my kid to other neighbors in the community. A 40+ year woman took it on to bully my kid.


33- How Nun like....

A teacher spanked me, multiple times. I think my mom almost ripped her head off.


32. Oh Auntie! 

"Auntie" takes care of my kids one night each weekend so I can take my wife on a date (or did, when life allowed...)

One time we ended up having a quick dinner, got home while they were all awake. We snuck in, hoping to hide out in the basement and get some bonus alone time.

Heard her tell them it was bed time in 10 minutes. Then 5 minutes. Then it was bed time. And they proceeded to put themselves to bed.

It was WTF cause it never works for us, not that I mind reading to them or whatever else but it's never that easy. But it worked for her.

Then like a half hour later I thought I heard screaming, wife mutes the TV and I make it out immediately, it's not screaming, it's moaning, the girl is watching porn in my living room! With my kids upstairs.

It was totally a WTF but like my wife said "I don't know how I feel, it's not like you don't watch porn on your computer after the kids go to bed... do you think she's j**king off in your lazy boy?"

So we just did it in the basement. Seemed like the thing to do.


31. Don't play with the Poppins! 

I'm a nanny, but I spend 24/7 with these kids, so...

My 4 year old has gorgeous, dark curly hair. (They all do, actually, but her's is to her waist.) Once had a 40-something lady on the subway try to pull her into her lap. When I yelled at her, she whimpered and pouted about how she was a hairstylist and 'just wanted to play a bit' with her hair. poiuylkjh2345

30. You Carrying Any Treats As Well?


Some guy came up to my son (before haircut) and started petting him and scratching behind his ears, saying I want to get myself a pekingese too. Cheeez-Please

29. You're Out, Coach! 

5 year old was on the city rec soccer team. First time in an organized team sport. He wasn't good. But he was trying, and he wanted to learn. There were a couple very good kids on the team. During a game, after a kid tried to pass the ball to my kid, the coach grabbed my son by the arm and pulled him out of the way. He screamed at the other kid, "Don't ever pass to him! He doesn't know what the hell he's doing!" We scooped my son up, quit then and there, and reported him to the league. ajkuhlman

28. Get Your Own Friends

This happened to me. I was 12/13 at the time and there was a power outage. Wanting to investigate i went to a next door neighbor and asked if their power was out as well and he said yes. A couple days later he knocks on my door and my mom answered. Its an older man and said his son is depressed and would like my company to cheer him up. My mom closed the door. AllyGLovesYou

27. You may need a CT scan, lady! 

Not as the parent, but as the kid themselves... When I was a kid, I had a hygienist throw an x-ray machine across the room because I was gagging so hard. She tossed it and started to yell at me. I was pretty shocked. The dentist was so nice, but that lady had issues with me for some reason. (I was five.) brown_eyed_frog

26. People are Cray!  


I have a few, though I only witnessed one firsthand.

  • Shortly after she was born, I took my daughter to my mom's house. I ran into my mom's neighbor while carrying her to the front door. He stopped to say hi, then told my daughter "I'm sorry you were born, sweetie. Life is going to crap all over you, you'll learn that soon enough."
  • My husband was at the grocery store one day, and had our daughter (then about a year old) in the cart. A woman scooted over on an electric scooter and told him she was cute. He said thanks, and she followed up with "but she's so skinny she should be in a concentration camp." He immediately texted me what she said, and we both pondered over the "should" in that sentence.
  • Another one from my mother-in-law: my daughter, mil, and husband went out of town together and were staying at a nice hotel. While taking the elevator to their suite, another passenger told them that she's afraid of "little people." She then apparently screamed at my daughter "you're going to kill me!" over and over for the rest of the ride. My daughter was three.


25. Slow down!

I've been the wtf person. I grabbed a child and sped off with him.

I was ice skating and zoomed unintentionally towards this kid. He wasn't small enough to go under my legs so I grabbed him and we both slowed to an awkward halt.... I apologized profusely to the parents.


Hey, you apologized! And it was a total accident. At least you didn't plow him over. You saved him from getting a face full of ice after your directional screwup. callmeAllyB

24. Hands to yourself!

I had my 11 day old out at a restaurant for my sister's birthday. I was wearing her in a wrap. A woman came up to me, commented about the baby, and tried to lift her out of the wrap saying "It's okay, I work at a school."

No lady, it isn't okay.


breaking into someone's house Oh hey it's okay I work as a housekeeper.


Note that "working at a school" doesn't necessarily mean that she was a teacher, or even works with the children.


23. Coloring starts at 3 silly...

When my son was about 2 my husband was at the store with him and a lady came up and said, "Your son's hair is gorgeous, where do you get his highlights done?" Husband came home and asked me if people actually get their toddler sons' hair colored. No, not sane people . . .


22. Kids should carry mace...

My siblings are twins. When they were very little...maybe 6 months, we went to Walmart. People are fascinated with twins, so we got random strangers asking us questions about them all the time. One time, mom and I were fastening them into their carseats and this little old lady wanted to see how cute they were so she CLIMBED into our mini van to get a better look. She didn't mean any harm...but still 7 year old me was creeped out.


21. Stranger Danger!


We were invited to a neighbor's party. At this party is another woman I'd never met before, who asked if she could hold my six-month old boy. No problem, he's adorable. She then proceeds to kiss him on the mouth and said, "There, remember that I was your first kiss!"

I immediately took him back and had to avoid her the rest of the evening without being seen as the rude one in the party. She didn't take hints well either.


20. Mrs. Bates is that you?

Nothing as bad as the rest of these, but at age 4 or so, my kid asked a 5 or 6 year old at the public pool if she wanted to play. And the kid gave her a look like the question was insane. But the WTF was the mom's reaction.

"Why was that girl talking to you, do you know her?" And then the mom looks at my kid like she's got 3 heads for daring to ask another child in a public pool to play.

By their appearance and lack of accent they were Midwestern Americans, so there wasn't a cultural reason for the WTF.


19. Traveling can get make you famished...

Apparently when I was a baby, a woman came up to me on a train and said hi to me and played with me for a second then took one of my feet and put it in her mouth.

My parents switched carriages after that (thank God).


18. Near Amber Alert

We were at Walmart during a serious regional water outage, so it was absolutely swamped with people looking for bottled water.

A friend of my mother in law was there, unknown to us, and without any warning, came up from behind and tried to lift our infant son from my wife's arms.

This of course sent my wife into a panic, since she thought it was an attempted abduction using the crowd for cover, and she was still on edge even after recognizing the woman.

Neither MIL nor her friend understood why my wife was so upset with the woman. We don't really talk to the woman or her family anymore, and MIL still thinks we're too hard on her friend.


17. Don't Tell Dad The Babysitter's Dead

When my oldest was about 2 months old and I was still on maternity leave, I had a homeless (I suspect) woman approach me and ask if she could have my baby.

We were living in a not so great area of a suburb of Dallas. A place where we'd sometimes get homeless 40+ year olds trick-or-treating by themselves on Halloween. I had just taken my baby to the doctor for a checkup, it was probably a week after I'd been cleared to drive after an emergency C-section.

This crazy woman, who I'd never seen on my street before, and who looked and smelled like she hadn't bathed in at least a week, approached me as I struggled to get the baby carrier out of the car. She said my baby was beautiful, and asked if she could keep it for awhile. I said no, so she asked if she could babysit. I said no thanks, and made a limping break for the front door. I locked the door and called my husband for help. She hung out around the front porch for the half hour before he made it home. We moved away from that area a month later.


16. Ummm... thank you?


When my son was around 8 mos and I was changing him in the bathroom a woman came out of a stall, strangely surveyed my diaper change practices then proceeded to tell me how my son has a big penis before leaving without washing her hands.


15. If You See Something, DO SOMETHING!

I was at the park with my then 4 yo and my ex and our friend were both there with us. We were letting him run around but we sort of made a perimeter just in case he fell or got too far away, when all 3 of us immediately noticed a couple following him around the park. Now, it wouldn't have been terribly strange to see other parents sort of keeping an eye out on other peoples small children- but these weren't parents.

They were at least in their 50s and visibly on drugs. Every time my son would move- they would move. And they kept closing the distance a little more each time. Until eventually they were calling to him, and beckoning him to come over to them. The man kept staring over at their van- I can't make this up, it was the creepiest windowless van I've ever seen- and that's when we scooped up the boy and left the park.

There wasn't any way I could have proven they were going to try to steal him- but every single bone in my body- as well as his dad's and our friend- pretty much told us to get the hell out of there. We didn't even mention that we were all 3 watching them until we were all back in the car- and almost all at the same time we said to each other "did you see those people watching the kid?" So. Creepy.


14. He's not your Precious!

I took my 4 yo and 1 yo nephews out to the park a couple months ago. While they were running around chasing each other in the grass this woman comes out of no where, grabs my older nephew and starts sort of petting his hair.

I bolted towards him as soon as I saw her reaching for him and grabbed him within 5 seconds of her picking him up and then grabbed younger nephew Incase she tried to go for him next.

I'd never seen this woman before in my life and have no idea why she thought it was okay to grab a stranger's child.


13. Not for a penny under $11,000, Sir!

When i was a little over a year old my parents took me to a blockbuster so they could pick up a couple movies. An elderly man approached them and offered to buy me for $10,000. They thought he was joking at first. But no, he was dead serious trying to buy me.


12. You are NO Phd my friend!

This happened to me when I was about 3 years old. My mom told me about this like a year ago: Some guy who was known as Dr. House in our village (because of his insane drug use and his appearance), walked up to me in a park and started talking to me in baby language: goo goo ga ga blah blah blah, etc... My mom thought he was just being funny, but he became really angry when he heard I could actually talk. He lifted me in the air and stumbled away with me in his hands, yelling: Little liar! A guy who was also in the park then tackled our beloved doctor and brought me back to my mom.


11. How about I smack you sweetie??


One of my ex husband's aunts was obsessed with my daughter. She was constantly trying to separates my daughter and I so she could be alone with her. Like she'd offer to change or feed her then take her to separate room away from me.

I can honestly make a list of some of the weird things she's done.

Probably one of the most wtf thing was when my daughter was 2. She was toddling around being her normal cute self. Aunt reaches out and slaps/grabs my daughter's bottom and says "Such cute little butt." I start yelling at her, everyone thinks I'm blowing it out of proportion. That was probably one of the most wtf things I've seen.


10. Wanna lose an appendage?

My daughter is my biological daughter. We are American. She was born in Atlanta, Ga. She's now an adult. However, she and i have both been asked her entire life if she is adopted. Complete strangers when they see her in person or in a photograph will always ask where she is from. They never believe us but oh well lol.

Once when she was around 13 we were in the mall and a female employee approached us in a store and started making small talk. She then starts asking about my daughter's ethnicity and commenting on how exotic she looks, how beautiful she was, etc.

She starts asking if my daughter was a dancer? Not sure why. My daughter says yes. Then the woman starts asking where she danced, if she has recitals, can she come watch sometime. I mean she's just staring at my daughter like she's in a trance. Then she starts touching her face and rests her hand on her shoulder. I grabbed my daughter by the hand and left. Touching my kid crosses the line. Wtf!


9. Twerk, twerk, twerk, twerk, twerk...

My husband, son and I had just moved to Las Vegas and were at the Walmart grabbing a few things we needed for our new place. My son was 1.5 and caught the attention of an older lady, who was there with her adult daughter. As we were talking, the daughter's daughter (in her 20s) showed up. She heard we were new to town and said "ahhh yah, I'm bout to twerk it out for your son real quick, welcome to Vegas, little man!" and then she twerked for my child.


8. Save it for therapy Nana...

First time my mother in law met my son, he was maybe 2 weeks old. She walked in the front door from the airport, sat down and I let her to hold him.

She smiles and then stares straight into his eyes and turns to me and says, "He's so beautiful. I want to see him cry! <turns to baby> Will you cry for Grandma?"

We all just stared at her, dumbfounded. Who does that? I can't even remember how I responded, honestly.


5. Rude. 


I moved a bowl of peanut M&Ms out of reach for my 16 month old (at the time) who is highly allergic to peanuts. It was from a low table on one side of a walkway to a higher counter, literally 2 feet away. My sister in law then says to me, "you can't keep her in a bubble forever."

No kidding, a**hole, but she's a baby and doesn't understand that those beautiful little pieces of candy will kill her, and she can't talk to tell me if she eats one and has a reaction. With about million kids running around and chaos all over, I'm not taking any chances. My sister in law also has food allergies so you'd think she'd understand, but it turns out she's just rude.


7. A Mother Scorned 

My 3 year old daughter is allergic to strawberries, my mother-in-law and aunt-in-law both know this and have been asked multiple times to not keep them where she can find them.

A few weeks ago I went to pick her up from their house, and I find her sitting at the bar eating strawberries with them. I went ballistic. They said they "didn't see the harm" and of course not. They weren't the ones who had to comfort her for the following 24 hours while she was covered from head to toe with hives and having explosive diarrhea.

I no longer allow her to be over there unless my husband or I are there too, I can't trust them not to do it again. Reddit

6. Beauty Can Be Painful

My sons are all very good looking. My first eye-awakening moment came with my oldest. By the time he was in high school, I got use to girls his age and slightly older making comments but I was left speechless and shocked when I overheard the Mothers of my daughter's friends... people my age and older talking about him in the same sexual way. It was sickening and then when they noticed I heard them, they laughed and tried to pass it off as a joke or light-hearted banner. Still upsets me.

The other issue I had to deal with is the amount of pictures other girls would take of my sons and spread them online. Learned through the grapevine some of the hashtags used. At one baseball game, there where some high school girls making rude comments about one of my sons and taking pictures of his butt everytime he bent down as a catcher. I didn't say anything to them as his girlfriend went after them and after she was done, she had managed to embarrass them in front of the entire crowd enough that they quickly left. Tbjkbe

4. I don't want him! 

This isn't creepy and probably doesn't belong here but it's funny. Whenever my mom and us kids would go to the grocery store, my baby brother would find any empty shelf and sit down and say, "Free boy for sale!" (I know but it was cute) Anyway, one day he did this and an older women said, "I'll take him!" to be funny. We laughed. My brother ran to my mom and wouldn't stop crying because he didn't want her to take him.


3. Teachers Should be Patient, No?

I didn't witness this, but I heard it from my son and his classmates. Apparently, a substitute teacher made my left handed son write with his right hand. In 2018. She also made his stand at the board in front of class and practice writing his 3,7, and 9 the correct way. He's in 4th grade and of normal intelligence, so he shouldn't be writing his numbers backwards anymore, but he does. It's an occupational disability and we're working on it. Did she think she would suddenly cure him by forcing him to practice? Like nobody had thought of making him practice before? Wtf.


2. College Funded by Looks! 

We were visiting Galveston TX when my daughter was 2. She looked like a doll. Big blue eyes and bouncy curly hair. The entire day Hispanic people would come up to her and give her money! I would say oh thank you but that's not necessary. To which they kept saying yes yes it is custom. Good luck to give beautiful children money. At the end of the day she had 50.00! Is this a common custom?

blueirisheyes, REDDIT

1. You're Not Peter Pan! 


My mom's boyfriend has never had kids, but has a TON of nieces and nephews. So you'd think he'd know how to interact with my kids, right?

Once, he came out of the kitchen, yelled "look guys!" and put a plastic bag over his head. I had to explain to him why not to do that.

Another time, we were camping, and he yelled "look guys!" again, and began throwing large rocks at our tent. Again, confused about why I was concerned. He's not allowed to be alone with my kids.


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